World of Tanks T14 Guide


World of Tanks T14 Guide by skorpion777

Heres your pointers for armor and the brief overview.-The T14 is like an oversized medium. The speed is somewhat faster than most of the other tier 5 heavies, especially the KV. This tank has a great MM and you will never see a tier 7 tank, the lowest you will see is a tier 3 without a platoon. The basic overview of this tank is that it can fill almost any spot. TD for defense, heavy for attacking, medium for supporting others and sometimes, very rarely, a scout. Notice the words ?very rarely? that I used. I find the T14 very bouncy on the front when angled properly. I find that I can troll the hell out of a Churchill when he bounces his ammo off of my front armor due to my angling.

We are now going to move onto the gun.-The gun is sub par for its tier, but is very potent when used correctly. When I say that I mean aim for obvious weak points in the enemy?s armor, and use HE if necessary. The gun has some great elevation/depression, and makes for a great ?hull down? position behind a destroyed tank on top of a hill, or using the hill itself while you are moving up it. The great part about the gun mantlet is that its thick. VERY THICK. Iv?e had KV?s bounce their 152 AP and 107 AP rounds off of it.

Now lets move more into tactics.-The best tactic for this tank is the ?blitzkrieg?. Move fast, and attack with speed and numbers. You can take a few hits being just shy of 700HP by 10HP. Your also able to bounce some of the weaker guns rounds and your reload speed (depending on the loader) is about 2.9-3.5 seconds. Your best advantage is the speed of the tank. You can keep up with most tier 4/5 medium tanks if you have a competent driver and are rolling on a good surface such as brick/grass. When the enemy sees you they will immediately shoot the tracks if they are smart. Keep those repair kit consumables handy people. They seriously are life savers.

Onto the mounted equipment now.-The equipment you should mount are the gun laying drive, improved ventilation and a medium caliber gun rammer. These 3 pieces of equipment make you a force to be reckoned with out on the battlefield. These 3 equipment pieces can make you (if you have them) or break you (if you don?t). The amount of shells you can fling out and your aiming time will be perfected in synchronization (HOLY CRAP!! SPELLED THAT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! Lol I win). When I say that I mean the reticle will be completely ?aimed? by the time the gun is loaded.

Overall, the T14 is a deadly tank and can take some serious punishment while face f**king the enemy with a chainsaw. The speed and maneuverability help this tank be a ?blitzer? and can win the battle when needed. I think the T14 gets put down a lot because people aren?t sure how to use them. They die a lot in one and complain that its pure shit. Once you can get the correct tactics down and you use them to their full potential, you are in for one heck of a surprise.

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