World of Tanks Tiger Aggressive Driving Guide

World of Tanks Tiger Aggressive Driving Guide by Battlecruiser

I see them everywhere, these cowardly tiger tanks that do nothing but sit at base and complain about the tiger tank being terrible. complaining that the only way to play is by camping behind a small bush shooting the enemy from as far away as possible, being no benefit to the team what soever. Oh sure you can drive it defensively(defensively=/ camping), and it works rather well if you?re into being a sissy dandy boy. I personally prefer the less sane approach of driving my commander close enough to hit them with his sword. Since I don?t see many people even attempting to do something other than camp with it i wrote up some stuff i hope is helpful

I enjoy driving this beast of a tank in an aggressive style. At first I was terrible at it and thought ?wow this tank is terrible?- well in many ways it isn?t that good but it is definitely far from terrible. I had over 600 battles in my tiger tank before I sold it for my ferdi, and through trial and error and lots of experience I have nearly perfected my own style of aggressively driving this tank. Driving it in such a manner that it can swing the tides of battle, if it isn?t any lower than halfway on the list. I don?t expect for any of you to hold onto your tigers any longer than it takes to get the Tiger II, but I hope my experience and views with this fickle tank will provide at the very least, some inspiration. and feel free to bring your own input because there?s more than one way to kill a tank.

Lets go over the pros of the tiger tank:

  • 1450 hitpoints with upgraded turret
  • Lots of torque for consistent speeds on nearly all terrain
  • Neutral steering
  • Small distance between drive and idle wheels means quick turns
  • A high dpm low penetration gun with okay precision thats amazing at killing mediums close range and breaking modules on heavier harder targets.
    A lower dpm high penetration gun with great precision that?s not as good at killing mediums close range but is much, much better at penetrating heavy tanks with convenience.
    Both of these guns are fast firing compared to other same tier guns and you can use this to your advantage because you can out fire/out hit point other tanks such as the is if done properly
  • decent view range and slow speed means shooting on the go is more consistentand the cons:
  • no sloped armor
  • slow with even slower reverse
  • easy to lose tracks
  • no gun depression
  • side hits are prone to ammo rack you
  • low alpha damage

I may have missed a few minor details but that about sums it up, and as you can see it?s relatively even matched between pros and cons. So now here are the things I think will help you play to the pros and play around the cons:

1. Peekaboo : Yeah, Don?t do this in an active engagement. What I mean by active engagement is when your enemy is trying to kill you exclusively, this means they are actively trying to engage and destroy you and your slow reverse speed will get you murdered. If you?re outnumbered your best bet is to SIT and WAIT until you either get help or in the case of no help, you take down as many as you can with you, which leads to my second point.

(With help from virtusx , Kophka, and Maggoty) Spotting and Disengaging from Peekaboo:

virtusx, on Jun 22 2011

The spotting depends on distance.
Link World of Tanks Camo and Vision Mechanics Guide* within 50m range ? every 0.1 sec
* within 150m range ? every 0.5 sec
* within 270m range ? every 1.0 sec
* within 445m range (maximum indirect visibility range) ? every 2.0 sec

Kophka, on Jun 20 2011

What this means is that if you can stay behind hard cover, you vanish from the enemy minimap. They can?t look at your beacon and tell if you going backwards, forwards, left, or right. This can give you a chance to disengage and fall back without having someone following you with their gun, waiting for a gap to shoot through.


Maggoty, on Jun 21 2011

(So if you?re getting shot don?t stay there and hope to disappear!) The Tiger has bad reverse, this means should you find yourself in a bad situation, you should not under any circumstances reverse if you can turn. Wait until they are reloading (If there?s more than one wait for the worst threat to be reloading) and then turn to face the nearest cover and and don?t stop till you get there. This movement is the hardest part, after this you can just continue to drive back to friendly lines in a judicious manner. But to be sure you don?t have to disengage like that, it?s always better to just keep an eye on the minimap, a lone tank is a dead tank. And remember to take the situation into account before you go rushing towards someone. There are situations where a Tiger in the back row is a powerful and potent piece of direct fire support.

2. Aggressive Strategy; Always moving when possible
: The tiger tank is basically a slow medium with a lot of hit points for it?s tier, so what does this mean? It means you?re too slow to function as a medium, and you certainly don?t have the protection to slug it out with everybody on the other team by yourself like those Russian tanks seem to do.
So what you need to do is one of the following unless you have devised something better;

A. Distracting by being Aggressive in a team push: Be distracting for the other tanks with you. nothing?s more distracting than a tank getting in your face and driving around you, making you chase it with your turret. and as a Tiger tank you have plenty of hit points to take a few large hits to get in close and get around your target. Because while you?re doing this your teammates (if they are wise, intelligent, or experienced) will be taking advantage of the lack of guns pointed their way, to shoot at whatever they can see.

or in the event of a lack of wise, intelligent, or experienced teammates;

B. Distracting by Waiting and Aggressively Flanking: To do this you simply need to observe what your teammates are doing, and figure out how you can either get around the enemy and pester them, or by making a presence in a choke point so the enemy cannot pass without taking shots (hopefully you?re not doing peekaboo like an idiot with every enemy in the choke point looking at you as you back up at 8 km/h). In the event you are playing a map with no flanks. You can either push with your team, or if you have a camping team you?re probably going to lose anyway so just find a waiting spot that compliments your teammates and provides a good crossfire until you have a chance to make a flank without getting molested by 15 tanks. if that chance never comes just try to take as many with you. nothing wrong with sitting tight if moving will get you excessively shot up

But Siege! being aggressive in a tank with no armor? Just camp instead because it?s safer!
That kind of negativity will blind you to the possibilities! Instead, contemplate the following:

3. Aggressive Tactics; What to do when you?ve found your enemy alone: The short version of this is ?Is he nearby?? if the answer is ?Yes? then rush him. If the answer is ?No? and it?s not worth the loss of hitpoints to rush him, then snipe at your convenience, otherwise rush him. this will probably take some trial and error to figure out but it?s worth a shot. With that said, when you feel you are outnumbered our outgunned and you think you will get obliterated, waiting in cover or just grabbing their attention so they are looking away from your teammates is a better idea. But what do you do when you?ve rushed him and now there he is sitting 20m away?

4. Infighting; how to drive around like you have attention deficit disorder: Many people say angle your armor by sitting diagonally from their gun, for the most part I agree but it will get you killed fast if you just sit there and try to angle your armor while you?re getting shot at by 5 tanks. Always try to stay away from the enemy?s big gun, turning your tank with the neutral steering to make getting a straight shot difficult. I cant tell you how many times I?ve made people miss because i turned my back end out of their crosshair at the last second, or caused a bounce due to an extreme angle. but in case you cant run away from his gun, don?t worry. The Tiger is a big heavy girl, she can handle a dicking or two, so dont be afraid to wiggle back and forth as you keep your front armor slightly slanted to the next big gun ready to fire.

This is very important that you always position and wiggle back and forth, and if you notice he is aiming for your turret then rock back and forth as well as wiggling left and right both the body and turret, usually in opposite directions or however you see fit although if your enemy has such a large gun that overmatch always happens no matter what you do, all that wiggling and rocking will just make you look silly and distracting while serving no actual function. Finally, CROSSFIRE! Don?t get distracted by the guy you?re trying to distract. Always remember there are other people out there somewhere, probably invisible, who are trying to get a good line to shoot you while you?re busy, UTILIZE COVER whenever possible so you don?t get shot in the sides and back frequently by people you can?t see. so lets recap;

*Don?t Peekaboo
*Move forward every opportunity
*Try to avoid shots whenever possible
*Wiggle back and forth and rock forwards and backwards when driving around the tank isn?t an option (keep your sides away from guns as much as possible)
*Always play with your team
*Don?t forget about the invisible enemies trying to shoot you
*Don?t forget to aim, if you have trouble aiming adjust your mouse settings, turning off mouse accel in the control panel may or may not help as it normalizes mouse movement no matter how fast you move it up until failure of the optical device

I apologize if this guide is a massacre I don?t write these often, I did try to include everything I could think of for the moment and remember; Camping isn?t a strategy, It?s an excuse for a shitty player.

some other stuff I couldn?t really find a good place to pack into that wall of text above

Equipment: I typically use vents rammer and camo with camo skill or gun laying drive. (With camo net and 100% skill It hides well in bushes but it still lights up like vegas at night after every shot, due to the naturally poor camo values).Vents make a very visible difference on acceleration, overall speed, and hull traverse. using octane instead of first aid is also viable because it the extra consistency of speed will help you on hills. on the other hand health kit can help you phoenix down your gunner or commander, so it?s up to you.

Guns: the 8.8 L/56 does a lot of damage over time compared to the L/71 8.8, but with 132 penetration of the L/56 you run into some situations from time to time where it?s difficult to get out of alone. I personally prefer the L/71 these days but there is nothing wrong with the L/56 if you like being an annoying he lobber.
basically I?d put it like this:
L/71: heavy and high tier killer from any direction
L/56: good at killing mediums and flanking heavier tanks (although if you get pulled into a close encounter your speed may make it difficult to get around side a tank). I recommend only using this one if you plan to be in a group of tanks, or if you have gold ammo

and as long as we?re talking about tigers, the King Tiger is also a mediocre tank due to the fact that It fails to take on tier 9+?s well, but it is so forgiving compared to the Tiger you will think you are driving a good tank(you can peekaboo in a king tiger sometimes, you?ll figure out whens a good time through experience) until you get the E75 (which is fricken? awesome by the way). Just apply what you learned in your Tiger to your Tiger 2 and you will do very well as long as you aren?t actively trying to take tier 9?s head on.

and here are some screenshots of when i still had my tiger on the 31st of may (this was when I didn?t have premium in case you?re wondering about the low credits)

Take note that someone on the other team got top gun and that team still lost. It?s not always about the power solo, people!

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