World of Tanks Tips before Starting to Play


World of Tanks Tips before Starting to Play by Churn

I have been playing since uh, a week ago me thinks, and here is a list of things that would have been helpfull before playing!

Tip 1: Save your gold for monthly premium and if you never waste more then 1500 gold a month then you can always get the monthly premium of 2500 gold that gives you 50% extra credits and experience.

Tip 2: You can hide behind bushes! standing in them might be less sneaky I heard, behind is good!!

Tip 3: Tap R a few times or F and you will notice a Green or Orange number of stripes going up in the bottom left window with your tank, this is cruise control for those long rides or if you want to keep moving slowly and still be accurate shooting with one or two stripes.

Tip 4: You get XP by just damaging tanks, finding tanks and capturing the enemy flag! So getting a tank to 10% health gets you more XP then the guy that does the last hit.

Tip 5: Don?t blow your credits on good crews on low tier tanks such as T1, T2 and T3 which doesn?t need alot of grinding to go up to a better tank.

Tip 6: Artillery can shoot you in most open maps unless you hide behind rocks or other solid things, and I mean hug them rocks! (Note: some buildings can be torn apart and you WILL loose your safe spot if that happens.)

Tip 7: The icons above tanks mean the following: Diamond without stripes = Light Tank, Diamond with one black stripe = Medium Tank, Diamond with three black stripes = Heavy Tank, Triangle pointing down is a Tank Destroyer and the Cube is artillery/SPG/arty.

Tip 8: Use the terrain to your advantage, hide behind buildings and spot tanks in the open so your team can also engage for an easy kill and one kill extra to victory!~

Tip 9: Play well the first round of the day because you get a double bonus the first battle! (Will change to first victory I have been told!)

Tip 10: Once you get with higher tiers, stay behind them and next to them, arty likes to hit them first so you have mucho time to shoot enemies for XP and Credits! Altough? If you are a light tank in a high tier fight, most people will one shot you for easy kill!

Tip 11: I know that with a beta key from MMOHUT gets you the Valentine tank, this tank is a proper money maker for starters since it?s cheap in use but it also sells for 200,000 CREDITOS! Woot.

Tip 12: If you play a tank destroyer, you should stay in the bush somewhere behind your front line or in the base and wait for enemies to show, TD?s (short for Tank Destroyer) are the snipers of the game, they can shoot accurately and still pack a punch.

Tip 13: Light tanks are for scouting purposes! They can go fast once upgraded so you can scout enemies for your team and dodge incoming shells with your agile movements! Be warey tough, I see alot of scouts rushing before his team is near the enemy or the arty is in place, that is stupid. Wait till your team is into place so you can go scout!

Tip 14: Medium tanks are hybrid Light tanks and heavy tanks, with less speed and manouverability then a light tank you make up for the more armor and firepower then one. There is a big variety between medium tanks tough, you got good scout mediums, damage dealing mediums and well armored ones.

Tip 15: Heavy tanks are well armored and can pack quite a punch! But move slow and their turret traverse speed is also slow. Once you get to these tanks I think you don?t really need to read these guides anymore, so no info on them heavies!

Tip 16: Artillery! They are the back bone of the teams, they can look across the map and almost shoot everywhere if they position themselves well. You do alot of damage on a direct hit but you have the lowest armor in the game! But you can get nice kils as artillery and you also learn how to hide from artillery when you play one, because you get to learn the spots you can?t hit on the maps!

Tip 17: If you can?t see them, they could be able to see you! So don?t be suprised.

Tip 18: You got this little reticle where you aim at, if you aim this at the enemy tank it either turns green, orange or red.

Green being penetrateable.

Yellow/orange being will most likely penetrate but is able to bounce off.


Well, that?s all my tips for now on things I would have wanted to know before I started playing!

I hope that they help you!

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