World of Tanks Tracking Tips


World of Tanks Tracking Tips by Asismii

Tracking is a much debated aspect of WoT, and it can be a real game changer. Here are some tips on how to track effectively and prevent being tracked yourself:

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1. Know who to hit. Everyone. Especially those pesky scouts and powerful TD. Immobilizing them prevents them from scouting into your arty or turning to tear you up.

2. Know what to hit. Obviously you have to not be using auto-aim so don?t bother right clicking on them. The best way to ensure a track is hitting it from the front or rear of the track, so your shell penetrates further into the track hit-box. Doing this is also significantly more difficult and can only be done when your target is head or back on to you. If this isn?t the case then you will be aiming for the direct middle of the track. KEEP IN MIND that your target is generally moving, and if you?re aiming for them you will have to SHOOT AHEAD of them in order to get a hit on the tracks. Your gun should be leading your prey.

3. Know when to hit. If your target is far off tracking will prove difficult so it is best to get them when they are most vulnerable. When they crest a hill is a great time because they will be slowed down. If they are in between buildings or rock formations they will have a hard time dodging your shot. If they are in a wide open field travelling perpendicular to you a couple hundred meters out, it?s gonna be less than easy.

4. Turning your enemy. Depending on speed, tracking them will turn them varying amounts. Do this to a leopard going full tilt and watch him twirl. Seriously though know which track you want to shoot because the tank will turn that way. If a JagdTiger is travelling towards you but at an angle to your left, then shooting the track on your right will make him stop and face right at you. You can imagine what will happen next. Shoot the track on your left and it will open up his whole flank to you. This will be a bit harder of a target, but at least you won?t get wrecked afterwards.

5. Stopping the circle of death. Get to a wall, building, cliff, whatever. Make it so that blasted T-44 can?t do a full circle, he will eventually have to cross your gun or leave you alone. Once he does, read tip 2 and enjoy! Tracking will be what saves your butt.

6. Ram-tracking. You CAN ram a tank and not be tracked yourself. All you need to do is line up the corner of his tank with the middle flat front surface of your tank, this will hit his tracks leaving your track hit-box unscathed. This is the way you should ALWAYS ram a tank if you can, however: A head-on ram should be used to track small quick scouts that might be too agile to risk the smaller opportunity of the afore mentioned strat.


1. Don?t give them a chance. The easiest way to prevent yourself from being tracked is to not let them have the opportunity. Stay behind a ridge-line or hill so that your turret can see over but your tracks are hidden by the geography.

2. Shields. Rocks, tank-husks, and building rubble can all make great low barriers that keep your tracks hidden, and also your hull which is less armored than your turret.

3. The quick and the dead. If you are going over terrain that provides little or no cover, then don?t stop. Try to keep their turret moving so that it?s harder for them to get a good shot on you.

4. Counter-tracking. Yes I just made that up, but the idea is sound. If you track them first it will throw their aim off for precious seconds, allowing you to get the jump on their turret rotation and save your tracks and tanks from getting hit. Shooting their gun will also prevent a shot coming from you, but this is more risky because the target is generally harder to hit and there is less of a chance of breaking it.

5. Strategic advance. Try to follow paths that keep your tank under cover, especially your lower half. Go cover to cover behind rocks or buildings. You?ll need to mix it up on how long you wait to move so they don?t know when to expect you.

Those are a few tips to help you track more effectively, let me know if they help.

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