World of Tanks Using Gold and Silver Efficiently Guide


World of Tanks Using Gold and Silver Efficiently Guide by Asyranok

I?m sure the question has been on everyone?s mind at one point or another. How do I use my money efficiently? This is something we struggle with in real life. With an economy, in-game or not, comes funds and with funds comes fiscal manipulation.

Many people will have gold and silver credits, many more will only have silver credits. One is representative of our purchases and the other of our time and effort. So let?s be honest ? you don?t want to waste your money, or your time and effort.

Gold can be used for a number of things in World of Tanks ? some of them more useful than others.

Here are some statistics for you to ruminate over:
* 250 Gold = 1 USD (at best)
* 2500 Gold = 1 month of premium = 10 USD
* 250 Gold = 100,000 silver credits
* 250 Gold transfers 6,250 experience into free experience
* 750 Gold can net you a fairly useful low-tier premium tank like the T2 Light or Hotchkiss
* 50 Gold can buy you premium consumables
* The cost of gold ammunition varies greatly
* 10 Gold can unlock an ?unmountable? module (Patch v6.4.0)
* 200 Gold can train a single crewmember to 100% primary skills
* 300 Gold unlocks a new tank slot in your garage
* 50 Gold can change the name of a single crew member to better suit your whims

When purchasing premium, you can get:
* Three-man Platoon Matchmaking (creation)
* Company Matchmaking (creation)
* Extra XP and Credits earned from each match
* Spiffy new garage

KEEP IN MIND that Gold to USD exhange rates varies from 250 Gold = 1 USD to 170 Gold = 1 USD based on what gold package you purchased! The more gold you get, the more value to the dollar you recieve. Keep this in mind when determining the value of your gold and what you are getting for every dollar. For the sake of continuity, I will assume every 250 gold = 1 USD for you.

All of those perks or exchange rates may be well and good for what you need, but some are better deals than others. While they all might be fair on paper, they are not all equal in reality. Here I will break them down, one by one:

[2500 Gold = 1 month of premium = 10 USD ]
? This is a great deal. As far as the premium packages go in the grand scheme, it is the cheapest.
? One day of gold costs 1 USD. Therefore, 30 single days of premium would cost 30 USD. Getting a whole month of premium saves you 20 USD.
? One week of premium costs 5 USD. There are essentially 4 weeks in a month. That is 20 dollars a month at that exchange rate. You save 10 USD by purchasing a month premium over this option.

[250 Gold = 100,000 silver credits]
-This is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Don?t convert gold to silver unless you can?t muster the patience to play a few games with a certain tank to earn that silver.
? If you have premium, it takes roughly 8 games in a regular low-tier tank to accumulate 100,000 credits. It takes even less in middle-tier tanks: maybe 4-5 games, maximum.
? Essentially, you can earn this sum by playing relatively few battles at all. You are paying 1 USD to skip over what could be earned in as little as two games (if in the right tank).

[250 Gold transfers 6,250 experience into free experience]
? Unlike the credit conversion, converting Free Experience with gold is VERY WORTHWHILE! (Especially in the lower tier tanks)
? Imagine it as thus, the average cost of a tank modification in experience (tier 1-5) is roughly 1/20th the cost of that modification in credits. However, you make roughly 200 times more credits in any given battle than you do free experience. Therefore, while large sums of credits can be obtained by playing a few games, relatively little free experience will be obtained.
? Essentially, the relatively insufficient accumulation of free experience versus silver credits makes converting regular experience to free experience a very lucrative and worthwhile expenditure.

[750 Gold or more can net you a fairly useful low-tier premium tank like the T2 Light or Hotchkiss]
? Don?t listen to the general consensus that premium tanks are, performance-wise, inferior to regular tanks.
? Some tanks are capable of very effective maneuvers and tactical domination if used correctly. Here is a list of premium tanks I find to be effective on the battlefield.
??RAM-II: This tank is capable of total annihilation when the top tank in a battle. The combinations of speed, fast reload, and fair cannon make it a force to be reckoned with.
??PzKpfw 38H735 (f): This is a heavy of the tier 1-2 tanks. It is capable of deflecting most shots from the front and has a powerful and accurate cannon.
??T-14: Like the RAM II, this tank has a serviceable cannon but it has more armor and health at a cost of a reduced speed.
??T2 Light: This is a beast of a tank that serves a purpose from tier 1 battles all the way up to tier 10. It is currently tied for the fastest tank in the game. But it is by far the most maneuverable speedster. It can penetrate most tanks from tier 1-3 with ease and drive faster around an enemy tank that the tank can turn its turret to follow you. In high tier battles, the small size of the T2 Light makes it difficult to hit. With gold rounds, this tank can penetrate the rear and side armors of most tier 6 and 7 artilleries. *Edit* Patch v0.6.07 introduced the T-50-2 among other tanks. It is the only tank that has a better combination of speed AND maneuverability.
??The recent patches have introduced money machines like the Lowe and Type 59 premium tanks. These are incredibly expensive, but a good investment because they last forever (unless you sell them). I would begin by avoiding premiums such as the Valentine, Matilda, Churchill, Char 1BiS, and Pzkfw SF as these tanks require more skill and patience in mastering and making money or experience with.

[50 Gold can buy you premium consumables]
? The superiority of these consumables is obvious, repair modules for the entire battle. One issue arises, however. They are expensive. You can carry three of these consumables every battle. If all three consumables are used in two battles, you have already spent well over 1 USD. Unless money is no problem, I highly recommend using these ONLY during important battles, like clan battles.
-You can still be a wild success without using Gold consumables (or even regular consumables).
? Case in point, I had a 54% winning percentage with 4,000 battles played before the end of the Beta Testing. I got this without every using a single consumable of any type.

[The cost of gold ammunition varies greatly]
? My suggestions here run parallel to the gold consumables conundrum: It will get expensive.
? If money is not an option, then go crazy. If money is a problem, then why not mount a few gold rounds in your favorite tank, to use in a bind when you are fighting a tough enemy.

[10 Gold can unlock an ?unmountable? module (Patch v6.4.0)]
? This is an awesome add-on. If you are like me, your tactics and strategies change. When this happens, I want a new module on my tank. The majority of modules are not demountable which means they must be trashed to replace them. That can be a huge loss of around 500,000 silver credits. Save a dozen or two gold just in case you need this.

[200 Gold can train a single crewmember to 100% primary skills]
-This is not something I would use on tanks unless they are one you intend to keep for a long period of time. This automatically makes a stock tank 2 times more effective. Once you upgrade all of the components of said tank, you suddenly are elite on the battlefield. This can be referred to as instant gratification. Right away, you are a legitimate threat on the battlefield.
-Don?t waste this on tanks that you aren?t sure you will like, or ones that you intend to skip over on your way up the tank tech trees.

[300 Gold unlocks a new tank slot in your garage]
-DO NOT immediately unlock new slots in your garage.
-In many cases, the 5 slots you start with are more than enough.
-Some people will want to have more than 5 tanks at one time. If this is the case, unlock the slots as you need them to avoid the cost of 300 gold.
-This is a good example of crossing a bridge when you come to it.

[50 Gold can change the name of a single crew member to better suit your whims]
-This one is fairly self explanatory.
-It is not as if anyone else sees your crew member?s names.
-This is simply for suiting your naming whims.
-Do this only if you have lots of gold that you aren?t sure what to do with (Or a crew member with a really stupid name that bothers you).

[Three-man Platoon Matchmaking (creation)]
[Company Matchmaking (creation)]
? This comes down to personal preference. If you want to play with small or large groups of friends, this premium option is a must have.

[Extra XP and Credits earned from each match]
? This can be a great way to reduce the grind by up to 2/3rd its typical length.


This one is a lot easier to lay down for you. Silver is the main currency in the game. It buys everything from extra ammunition to the tank itself. Anything that can be obtained in this game is obtained through silver credits (except for gold versions of consumables and ammo, and premium tanks).

Silver is obtained quickly with the help of gold. Premium accounts greatly speed up the accumulation of silver credits. That doesn?t mean that silver can?t be gotten through good ol? fashioned grinding. If you don?t want to purchase gold, don?t fret. Almost everything imaginable obtained by a premium account user can be obtained by a regular user who never pays a penny for this game.

The problem is that it takes longer. Gold can be viewed as an accelerant ? the grind in major motion, instead of inching up. Therefore, there are limited ?superiority perks? associated with users who have purchased gold. Besides the gold ammunition and gold consumables, they have nothing else on the battlefield that will make them any superior to what you are capable of achieving.

If you don?t want to spend much cash but you really want the three-man platoon feature (as opposed to the FREE two-man platoon feature), coordinate with your friends to rotate between premium accounts. Remember, it only takes one premium account to make a platoon. Anyone can join a platoon that is already created. This could cut 66% off the price of premium if platooning is your main reason for purchasing premium.

Hope this helps ? A lot of it might be prior knowledge for you, but a lot of newcomers will certainly benefit from being pointed in the right direction. Thanks for reading!

***** Extra helpful hint #1: When you go to purchase gold through the website, sometimes a security popup will show up. It will have two options? ?Yes? or ?No?. If you choose to display the secured information from this popup, the page WILL NOT load properly. It will got to a white background with scattered and broken links. Make sure you click ?No? on this popup. After this, everything should load correctly.

***** Extra helpful hint #2: It costs gold to create a clan! It costs approximately 2500 gold or 10 USD to create a clan that is recognized by WOT and hosted on this website. Gauge the interest of potential clan members and plan ahead before using your hard-earned cash to register a clan.

***** Extra helpful hint #3: Thanks 2 ConradsLaces: Gold cannot be purchased in user-defined totals. They are sold in several set packages; 25,000 Gold (99.95 USD); 12,000 Gold (49.95 USD); 6,500 Gold (29.95 USD); 3,000 Gold (14.95 USD); 1,250 (6.95 USD). Plan accordingly when you determine how much gold you need. You will likely have gold leftover if you simply purchase gold to buy a premium package.

***** Extra helpful hint #4: Thanks 2 Mr_Duright: SALES! This game has plenty of sales. Most commonly you will find sales on Gold ammunition. Sometimes there are sales on Gold Consumables. There are also intermittent sales on Tank Equipment. If you are eyeing that expensive Ventilation class 3, but don?t have the silver credits ? no worries ? it will go on sale for half price at some point in time. Stock up when these things go on sale.

***** NOTE #1: As of patch v6.7.0, a feature introducing free two-man platoons has been implimented. To make three-man platoons, the intended platoon leader must have a premium account.

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