World of Tanks Wolfpacking Guide

World of Tanks Wolfpacking Guide by fsjd

lately there are a lot of stacked games, with 4 or 5 (or nearly half the team) T59s, T-127s, or any other tank.
We?ve also seen how these attacks have succeeded and failed.

Wolfpack: n, v. A collection of similar tanks working together to push a flank.
?lets wolfpack down left road?
?watch out for that wolfpack?

To wolfpack, one simply sticks with a group of similar tanks, be it the same tank, or just other tanks of the same class.

Goals and directions need to be set before the group starts out, as once you start rolling, DO NOT STOP.
Packs fail when one tank stops, and the others follow suit, or when the group splits apart for whatever reason.
This is especially true for medium tanks, whose primary capability is thier speed and manuverability.
For this reason it is a bad idea to pick a narrow corridor, or chokepoint, to pack through. These are easily blocked.
Five tanks mean five targets for and five guns shooting at the defensive side, but a group of two and seperate group of three is much easier to defeat.
Heavies can wolfpack too, but thier lower speed makes them vunerable to arty.
A group of heavies is much harder for any one medium to counter, while lone heavies often die.

My last battle was in my KV- I and two other KVs were at the top of the list on Fjords.
I simply said KVs stick together.
We than went up the southern road, straight into the enemy base.
The only opposition came once we were capping, from a Hetzer, T40, and PzIII. all were destroyed.
We each killed one of these opponents while the others were reloading/aiming/defending another direction.

When a group comes up against a lone heavy, say 4 VK3601s vs. a IS3, the group should split to either side of the IS. This allows for one to die on approach, then split the target group, giving the IS a MUCH harder time. Same concept applies to random pairs of tanks.

Wolfpacks can still die from heavy opposition, but since it takes time to destroy the pack, the destruction of the group can successfully delay that side and allow for an effective defense or cap rush.

So, stick together, dont stop, focus fire, and above all, have fun out there.

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