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Hello, this is Dingka. This video is a myth dungeon in the dark land This is a video for each boss’s strategy. Now, let?s see the video of each boss? strategy Let’s get started. First is 1 Nem Plaguebone. Plaguebones random target during battle By casting a hilarious vomit on one Damage within the front sector Dress up and summon 4 Filth Maggots. Subject is to a place where there is no player You need to return the boss head. The filth maggot tracks a random target If the target is within the range of attack, blood predation is cast. If you cast Blood Eat 3 times, oh Cast Water Eruption and deal heavy damage over time, destroying the party. Subject to avoid sticking to filth maggots Must run away You need to quickly catch maggots by using stuns, two coils, etc. Also, if the filth maggot dies, With a weak gas floor Inflicts damage over time in the area for 2 minutes. Plaguebone also casts nasty gas to do The tanker must take the boss out immediately after the floor is laid. Lastly, the main target of plague bones Wagjak is cast on.

Because it deals a lot of physical damage The tanker can return the survivor at this time. Dirt because maggots have not been processed If you don’t get wiped out by eruption, you’re a boss with no big problems. Next is Amas, the 2Nem Harvester. Amas continues to lose during combat Casts the land of the ruler. At this time, 3 types of warrior wizard crossbow The minions will pop up. Mage is a kite that deals area damage Because it casts the foot ice arrow You must block it. The tanker is chewy and at the same time Grab it and attach it to the boss. After Amas casts Land of the Dead After a while, the final harvest is cast. Sewage remaining when the cast is complete Inflicts Annihilation damage in proportion to the number of factors. If you kill all the minions Minions corpses deal area damage within 8 yards. Quickly catch a minion and then Get out of the body. When Amas casts Necrotic Breath It rotates while breathing in front. If you look at the effect and avoid it It’s possible.

Also, Amas casts Unholy Madness The attack speed increases by 50% for 16 seconds. Because it?s a rage effect You can unlock it with Druid’s Soothing. Finally, Amas is a gangrene arrow I often cast Deals Shadow damage and applies Heal Absorption debuff. Because it can be blocked, You can block it. In the current beta, the battle area If you take the boss near the angel that is there The angel catches the boss quickly. Whether the mechanism is a bug yet Because it is unknown I will leave this as a comment after the release of Darklands or as soon as the patch is released. Next is the 3 nem stitch flash. The battle of 3Nem begins with a battle with the creature. Do it.

Poisonous fog spreads in the battle area If you are on that floor, you will suffer continuous damage. The creature cuts the flesh to the main subject Because it deals a lot of physical damage by casting Tankers use their survival time well. You have to. Also, creatures gradually increase their attack power. And inflict total area damage. When a creature remains alive for a long time Tank courier or party heel can be pushed and wiped out. Stitchflash not in the battle area To join the battle Using the creature’s meat hooks You have to. The creature gives meat to a random target. I am casting a hook After a while, throw a hook to pull the target hit by the hook. If the player is right, It will take damage. The hook target is on the stitch flash After adjusting the direction When casting the hook, you just need to get out of the position.

Stitch Flash hits the hook When it comes down, Phase 2 begins. Stitch flash is constantly embalming Splash the sap to lay the floor. Continuous damage if you are on the floor Wear. Also hits the cast of stitches Targets hit deal damage over time for 10 seconds. In the phase of battle with the creature Also, Stitch Flash casts antiseptic sap and stitches. If you fight while avoiding the floor It’s possible. One more thing you need to know is the stitch Wow, if the whole party is far away Stitch all players Cast to. Stitch flash continuously Cuts flesh on the target, inflicting great physical damage. If the tanker uses the survivor at this time, It’s possible. Stitch Flash is continuously bottled Casts Venom Obsession to track random targets. At this time, attack power increases by 100% and movement speed Will be reduced by 50%. Player flees even if movement speed decreases There are many difficulties to go. At this time, stitch the hook of the creature Matching it to Flesh can interfere with the disease’s obsession.

Finally, stitch on the stage After descending, after a certain period of time, it runs back to the platform. The creature’s hook pops up again Use to pull down the stitch and continue the battle. If you use the hook well, the boss It’s an easy-to-catch boss. Lastly, Magnem Naltor. Comet storms that snarl periodically Casts and continuously drops a comet at the player’s location.

The floor falls off very quickly Because It’s difficult to survive once you start hitting it It. You have to get off the floor quickly. Nal’thor’s Ice Bound Aegis When used, a protective film is applied Area that lasts until the shield is removed Deals damage and increases Severe Bound damage. The damage increase effect gradually increases So you have to break the shield quickly. Frozen Redemption is a random player It debuffs the player and makes it impossible to move. If you turn it off, the radius of 16 meters Transmit the effect to my player as well. People around the subject You can check it and turn it off. Naltor gives the primary target a piece of ice Cast. Magic damage when you see only the skill name Same but because it is physical damage Always maintain a defense mechanism. Also use Dark Exile to randomize Teleports a dealer to another battle area. The moved player avoids the floor Move to the other side The Zorramus exploiter at that location You have to catch it before you can return to the battle area. Zorramus Exploiter Casts Weakness It greatly reduces the target’s acceleration and movement speed.

Grab it quickly and go back to your hometown Hey. In the battle area where the player was moved The type of floor to be laid There are blizzards and comet storms, In a blizzard, movement speed is greatly reduced for 5 seconds. In case of a comet storm, Damage taken from the next comet storm is increased. The moved player catches the exploiter Until then, the Cold Frost debuff continues to stack.

This debuff reduces the speed And when the debuff expires Floor size proportional to debuff overlap To the player position. That floor reduces the tooth speed Because it causes continuous damage The player who caught the exploiter and returned to home Before the debuff is over Go to the corner of the battle area You have to lay the floor and return. The boss came after performing a special task If the player lays the floor well in the corner, it is easy to hold it. The dark land mythical dungeon of death Finished the description of each wounded boss. Subscribe if the video was helpful & Likes & comments please. Thank you..

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