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10 Minute TradeSkillMaster Setup for the Absolute Beginner By: ElGoblinoGuides


For a better viewing experience, visit: ElGoblino.net

https://imgur.com/gallery/RVwlBN6 <– images will be mentioned throughout the guide

What is it?

TradeSkillMaster is the very best addon for anything related to the auction house. No other addon comes close.

Once you have a large enough number of items you post daily, gold making becomes capped by how much time you put into posting, managing prices and storage. TSM will save you HOURS every single day by making basically everything semi-automatic.

Though, for a beginner, it may look as if you’re put in front of the Lich King with nothing but a fisherman’s hat and a pointy stick, for how complex it looks.

Worry not, this guide will show you everything you’ll ever need to know and set you up within a few minutes.

Get the Addons and Desktop App

TradeSkillMaster – the main addon

AppHelper – makes it so the addon pulls information from the desktop app

Desktop App – provides the addon with up to date prices

image 1

Once you’ve downloaded the app, follow these steps:

1. Go to settings

2. Choose the realm you play in

3. Turn Windows notifications off (optional)

In game

1. Open up TSM by clicking the minimap button or by typing /tsm

2. Go to Settings – Custom Sources

3. Take a deep breath. Don’t be scared by the hieroglyphics that come next. You’ll only have to copy and paste them.

4. Create these 3 custom price sources:


  • sheymin – max(first (105% max(crafting, avgbuy)/0.95, 70% first(min(dbmarket, 150% dbregionmarketavg), dbregionhistorical)), 110% vendorsell/0.95)

  • sheynorm – max(200% max(crafting, avgbuy)/0.95, 150% first(min(dbmarket, 150% dbregionmarketavg), dbregionhistorical), 110% vendorsell/0.95)

  • sheymax – max(500% max(crafting, avgbuy)/0.95, 500% first(min(dbmarket, 150% dbregionmarketavg), dbregionhistorical), 110% vendorsell/0.95)

What does this do? Magic.

You can go here to see what each keyword means. Or not.

These strings make it so you will never post items for too little and will rarely post for too much.

Credit goes to our goblin queen Sheyrah – TwitterYouTube

5. Create 3 more custom price sources:


  • singlemin – max(105% max(crafting, avgbuy)/0.95, ifgt(dbregionmarketavg, 50000g, 70% first(min(dbmarket, 150% dbregionmarketavg), dbregionhistorical), 70% first(min(dbmarket, 150% dbregionmarketavg), dbregionhistorical) * (27/(20+numexpires))), 110% vendorsell/0.95)

  • singlenorm – max(150% max(crafting, avgbuy)/0.95, ifgt(dbregionmarketavg, 50000g, 150% first(min(dbmarket, 150% dbregionmarketavg), dbregionhistorical), 150% first(min(dbmarket, 150% dbregionmarketavg), dbregionhistorical) * (27/(20+numexpires))), 110% vendorsell/0.95)

  • singlemax – max(200% max(crafting, avgbuy)/0.95, ifgt(dbregionmarketavg, 50000g, 200% first(min(dbmarket, 150% dbregionmarketavg), dbregionhistorical), 200% first(min(dbmarket, 150% dbregionmarketavg), dbregionhistorical) * (27/(20+numexpires))), 110% vendorsell/0.95)

More Magic.

These are essentially Sheyrah’s price sources adapted for single stack items (transmog, recipes, pets). They have the added functionality of progressively lowering the price as you repost the items to ensure it eventually sells – but only for items under 50k gold.

6. Go to Macros.

image 2

Choose any or all of these options.

You now have a macro that clicks “Cancel”, “Post” or “Buyout”, all in one button. I keybind this to mouse wheel up and down, on my bank characters.

This is all you’ll need from the “Settings” menu.

7. Go to Operations.

image 3

(2) Rename the default operation to max 50k

(4) Set these values

Scroll down:

image 4

Make everything look exactly like this.

Now create 2 new operations. “Pets” and “Xmog, Recipes, Mounts”.

Both of them will have a duration of 48 hours.

Post cap for “Xmog, Recipes, Mounts” will be 1

Post cap for “Pets” will be 69 😉

Set this posting price for both operations:

image 5

Pay close attention and make sure everything looks exactly like this.

8. Go to Groups

image 6

These are some example groups I’ve been using for my vanilla items auction toons.

Make sure you toggle “Ignore variations”.

For the materials group, press operations above “Ignore variations”.

Press “Override Parent Variations”.

Press “Add more operations” and choose the “max 50k” operation.

For the pets group, choose the “Pets” operation.

For all other groups, choose the “Xmog, Recipes, Mounts” operation.

image 7

(1) Open the items tab

(2) Here you’ll find any items in your bags

(3) Add any items relevant to the group you’ve selected

9. Save everything by logging out of your character, in case WoW crashes.

10. That’s it! All ready to go post items!

image 8

(2) Select all the groups.

(3) Click to prepare to post. Once search is done, you can spam your macro for 1337 korean APM posting speed.

(4) Click if you want TSM to see if you’ve been undercut and cancel the auctions that have been.


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