Hey there guys this is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re taking a look at how to farm up the new pets in patch 8.0. This is a goldmaking channel, so we’re gonna be looking at prices but if you’re just a collector, I’ve got timestamps down in the description so you can hop around to what you care about. We’re gonna start off with the Tap Taf. This little guy is a soooeeeeet way to make some extra cash. He sells for between 10,000g and 100,000g with a median price of 35k. Head out to the east side of the mountains in southern Drustvar and you’ll find a little path leading up.

You’ll see a cottage and a fire mage who can’t light a fire, which is just hogwash. Spam your abilities, chop him down. Now that Taptaf’s master is dead, he doesn’t want to be left a loin, and thinks you’re a nice enough porcine. So you learn him as a battle pet. He’s super easy to get, but is expensive because going all the way out here is boar-ing. You can do this on every character but just post one up at a time, don’t hog the AH. Next we’re gonna look at Baa’l. This demonic goat pet is the most recent discovery of the secret finding community and those guys are insane. For this one you not only need to go around and click on freaking camoflaged pebbles, but it incorporates two previous secrets.

A full guide on how to get Uuna and then Baa’l is way outside the scope of this video, but I’ll put a link down in the description. I also just wanna say, I finally did the Uuna questchain, and I think that’s officially my favorite quest in the game. Like, when you save her from the darkness, it just tugs on every heartstring. The secret goat pet itself isn’t sellable, but you can still make gold from this. To collect all the stones, you’re gonna need goblin gliders, invisibility potions, swim speed buffs, and water walking. With this pet, these are selling more often, and for a higher price than normal, so if you have an alchemist or engineer, get to it. A big server like Zul’jin or Illidan is selling 3-5000 gliders a day for 20-100g each. You could actually make 200,000 gold a day just from selling gliders. Even if you’re a lowbie, things like the stormwind fishing dailies reward swim speed potions so you can make a little extra gold here.

WoW secrets aren’t just a waist of time. We’re gonna switch gears from specific pets to talk about farming routes. Arathis highlands is the new gear-up spot in battle for azeroth. I went out on my dual gatherer after hitting cap and in 1 lap of arathi and 1 round of world quests, I went from 230 ilvl to 320. Arathi Highlands has 28 rares and 9 of them drop pets. There are waypoints on WoWhead and you can use an NPC scan overlay, but if you’re just doing these 9, they’re the only one’s that drop sellable items, then it’s pretty easy to learn. Here’s a map. Feel free to screenshot it. These rares are up pretty much all the time, but you can only loot them once per cycle and the cycle resets whenever your faction retakes control of arathi.

So it’s not every tuesday. As far as prices go, I look at TheUndermineJournal.com. The Aldrussian Sproutling drops from the tree boss and if we scroll down to the current regional prices and price to population scatterplot, we can see every one posted on every realm. The doesn’t necessarily say what it’ll sell at, but you can get a good idea. This pet is up for between 2000 gold and 30,000 gold. When you look at the scatterplot, you can see a band where people are more comfortable posting it. Looks to be about 10k. On something volatile like this, a shortcut for that is to just look at the US Median Price. And if we tab through the other pets, you can see that they’re all about 10k as well. One thing I’d like to note though is that Scabby, from the bear boss, is a really good battle pet.

He’s a Beast and they take less damage from humanoid attacks. And he has the stitched pup abilities with an anti-humanoid debuff and hard hitting attack. I’m calling it right now, this is going to be the go to pet vs humanoids. Get him. And finally we’re gonna end with Island Expeditions. There are a TON of battle pets available in island expeditions and they’re all worth 100k right now, so I grouped up with a few people from stream and tested these out.

We were all about 360 geared and were able to clear Heroic Island Expeditions in 6 to 10 minutes, so you can do 5-10 of these an hour. But I believe the rewards are the same regardless of difficulty, so you should be able to just farm normals and get the same loot. In 25 island expeditions I got 4 pets, and also got 5 pieces of transmog that are selling for 20-50k each. That’s 1 pet every 6 runs and about 500,000 gold worth of stuff in 3 hours. Prices like this only stay high if you undercut by 1 copper. If you undercut by more, the pets won’t sell faster because that’s not how people buy pets. They’re one time use not repeat consumables. If you undercut by 5%, then your competition undercuts by 5%, and within 2 days, you’re selling at ½ the price you could be.

If you undercut by more than 1 copper, then you’re the reason your server sucks, and you’re the reason prices fall after youtubers put guides out. It’s rude and inconsiderate to tank an entire market because you fallaciously think that lowering the price will make things sell faster. So, what’s the plan? How do you actually use all this information. First, use your professions, make everything profitable you can, even if it’s old content. I’ve been hearing a lot of complaining from alchemists recently, and y’all can make 10k a day from draenic water walking elixers. Second, on every character you have who has access to the BFA zones, go get TapTaf. On every max level character you have, do a lap of Arathi every two weeks or so, whenever it flips.

And then for a solid repeatable farm, hop into the WTBGold discord or battlenet community, grab some friends, and run a few island expeditions. Just post one of each pet at a time, and make sure to only undercut by a copper. I hope you enjoyed, make sure to subscribe if you did, check out some of my other videos, and /sigh smash the like button. Have a great day guys, good luck, and happy gold making. .

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