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3.3.5 FERAL DRUID PvE Guide WoW WOTLK – Rotation


Hello Guys and welcome, in this video i will show you basic feral druid rotation. We have two ways to open, 1st way is when we don’t have Bear tanks in the raid. The opener is looking like this we start with berserk follow by mangle, rake then we use our combo points for savage roar, after that we just spam shred until we have 5 combo points and Apply rip. We continue to spam shred and on 5 combo points we use ferocious bite. By the time we use ferocious bite rake should be expired, we have to reapply rake and spam shred berserk should Be off by now and we can use tiger`s fury to land few more shreds until 5 combo points and we use ferocious bite again. Now our main goal is to keep Savage roar, rip and rake up. 2nd way to open a boss is when there is a bear tank in the raid.

You start the boss without mangle everything else is the same. Good time to use ferocious bite specially if you are not that experience feral druid, is when both savage roar and rip are up and the time that left before they expire is over 12 seconds. The more experience you get with feral druid the more you can lower that time on savage roar and rip. Every 30 seconds we can use tiger`s fury, if you are doing well your rotation you should be able to use ferocious bite at least one on every CD. As feral druid you should track savage roar buff, mangle debuff, and both dots rip and rake.

The most important thing is to track clearcasting and use it only with shred. If you use clear casting with any other spell like rip, rake and specially ferocious bite you will lose a lot of dps..

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