7 Cool Things Coming in the Shadowlands Prepatch 9.0!


Hi, i’m hazel and the shadowlands pre-patch is coming soon tm, which makes it time to round up the most new and exciting things that are going on in patch 9.0. It’S important to note that the shadowlands pre-patch does not include shadowlands content, so no leveling. Past 50. No shadowland zones, no covenants, but these systems changes are in so in no particular order. Here’S what you can look forward to first up is class changes.

These are going to be ranging from minor to game changing, but every class is, at the very least, seeing some spells unpruned or made class-wide where they were previously spec specific. A big example is shadow priests which are night and day different, we’re seeing substantial changes to how you spend your insanity. We’Ve got devouring plague back. Surrender to madness is kind of sort of back, and the whole thing is just drastically different to the way that shadow priests played throughout bfa in legion. Shamans are another example of a class.

Seeing massive shake-ups you’ve got the maelstrom resource bar being completely just removed from elliott, enhance and there’s more examples than just that. But even if your class isn’t being head to toe redesigned, everybody’s got some abilities that used to be specific to one spec made class wide. So on example, for my holy priest, i’ve got power word shield back they’ve, given me shadow word pain, they’ve, given me shadow word: death over with hunters. Every hunter, regardless of spec, is going to get arcane shot eye of the beast. Hunter’S mark kill, shot, scare, beast and tranquilizing shot. The list goes on and wow head has big big write-ups detailing each and everything that is new with each and every spec. So you can go and dig through and figure out, what’s new with your class, but once pre-patches out your best bet is going to be just to log in and shuffle around uh you’ll notice.

Your talent tree is getting a major shake up. There’S talents redesigned added, removed, shuffled around just kind of come back once pre-patches hit and then look through your spell book. Your talent, trees and your keybinds just to like see what’s new and then maybe tidy up your bars for shadowlands, i’m probably going to be making some new modifier macros to try and just like squeeze all those new buttons onto my bars. Another big feature of pre-patch is the level squish. Our precious level 120s will become level 50s alts between 1 and 120 will wind up somewhere between 1 and 50

You can learn to fly starting at level. 30.. Leveling should be substantially faster with this level squish at least 60 to 70, faster than before, so catching up. Any underleveled alts that got left behind should go pretty quickly and with fewer levels to chew. Through more of those levels will have meaningful upgrades and unlocks almost every level should give you a spell, or a talent or something leveling from 1 to 10 can be done in exile’s reach or the normal newbie zones.

If you like and 10 to 50 can be done within any given expansion using chromie time, the exception to that rule is newbies. If you are brand new to wow and you’re leveling, your very first character, you’re, going to level 1 to 10 in excel’s reach and then 10 to 50 in bfa content. Just so that we don’t show the brand new people like the old old stuff that doesn’t make as much sense right away. You know, get it get them into the game first and then introduce him to outland. If it’s not your very first character, you can use chromie time. If you want crummy time is basically like time walking, but for the old world you choose an expansion to level in. It will scale down to you and you can level all the way to 50. Within one expansion, if you want you’re not locked to that expansion, you can go back to chromie and pick a different one.

If you want, but you don’t have to leave, you can reasonably finish most of an expansion just by leveling within one. There is still a smidgen of zone order involved. You’Re gon na have the early expansion zones opened up at level 10 with the later zones opening up as you go overall, this is going to be a fantastic time to catch up on old, half leveled alts or start some new ones. Next, in the shadowlands pre-patch, we are getting so many new character customizations. I cannot overstate how massive this is. It’S not just for new characters. You can use all of these options on your existing characters by visiting the barber shop. If you are making an alt, though you’ll notice, that the whole character creation screen has gotten a major tune-up, if you were not already talked into leveling again by the level squish, these animations and armor previews might just do it.

So once the pre-patch hits there are new hair styles, new hair, colors, new eye colors, and you can choose your eye color separately from your face. Many races also got more fancy upgrades like tattoos, war, paint, necklaces, makeup, body, jewelry and so much more. Just get yourself to the barbershop, once pre-patch hits and dig through all that good stuff, you might come out a brand new person, while at the barber shop you’ll also have the option of changing your character’s gender.

If you like, and druids will have even more options for the first time, you can change your druid, forms independent of your hair, color and independent of each other artifact forms and glyph options and all the different colors that you’ve unlocked will be available for you to Select right at the barber shop next, we might not be able to dive into the shadow lands with the pre-patch, but we will be able to try out the brand new level 1 to 10 starting zone exiles reach. This is the default experience for new players, but anybody can choose it when starting an alt. If you like, it is a wonderful intro experience, i find that it really eases you into your tool kit. So if you’re trying out a class, that’s new to you, this is a great way to learn the ropes on top of that completing xl’s reach.

Lets you buy these starter weapons off of a vendor that feature these new and upgraded, but still basic weapon models that are transmoggable. I am really excited to use these on some of my lower level characters, there’s something just so satisfying about using a basic weapon appearance that is not straight from 2004. Another pre-patch feature that i’m really excited about an extra special one. Just for the hunters is new hunter, tames and stable slots. Your hunter stable is being increased to 200 slots for a total collection size of 205

If that’s not enough, we’ve got new tameable pet families and models. There’S the mammoth family, including mammoth and alex the camel family that lets you tame, camels and alpacas, and the coarser family, letting you tame, unicorns and horses even more. There were many many more models added to existing families.

A couple of examples for you: you’ll be able to tame giraffes under the stag family, you’ll be able to get those bfa domestic pigs. Those have been added to boars and ram models have been added to goats. There’S a lot more, but my favorite one is cloud: serpents are being added to serpents. Now pandaren hunters will already know how to tame cloud serpents, but otherwise you will need a character. That is exalted with the order of the cloud serpent to buy the how to school. Your cloud serpent tome if you’ve, never touched the order of the cloud serpent, rep and you’re, not a big fan of dailies. This is one of those reputations that you can catch up on with time.

Walking save up a bunch of time, walking badges across different characters, wait for the mop time, walking to roll back around, buy the order. The cloud serpent commendations on all of those different characters – mail them to one character, learn them all. There’S your reputation problem solved. Once you have learned cloud serpent taming, it is account wide. So you only need to do that once and, like i said, there’s definitely more new tameable models than just that those are just my favorites. I will link a page down below with all of the new teams for all those hunters out there.

Next, an exciting thing that is not so much coming to the shadowlands pre-patch as being removed from the shadowlands pre-patch allied race, rep requirements are being removed. You will still need to do the questing achievement to unlock a given allied race, but no more rep requirements, which means they’re, not time-gated anymore. As long as you have a max level character of the correct faction to do the unlock quest line in you can unlock any allied race you want in one day. Maybe you want to try out that new leveling system on a vulpera or a mechagnome or a void elf, with a new skin and eyes and speaking of removed things starting with the shadowlands pre-patch.

You will no longer need warlords of draenor or legion pathfinder to fly in the wad or legion zones, you’ll be able to fly through draenor and the broken isles without having done any of those pathfinder achievements so feel free to choose those to level through. Even if you never did those pathfinders back in the day and the seventh cool thing in the shadowlands pre-patch is the pre-patch event. There are zombies, we’re going to ice crown, there’s going to be catch-up gear, all kinds of stuff. This is a short event to do that includes some story: quests some dailies and some old wrath era bosses spawning around icecrown for a nice little dose of nostalgia. This event offers catch-up gear at item level 100, which is equivalent to normal nialatha gear.

If you’re coming back after a long break, that might be just what you need to get yourself shadowlands ready. So those are the biggest updates coming in pre-patch, but there’s lots and lots of smaller things that you’ll notice as you play, coarser mounts can fly. Raytrace shadows are usable. If you have a pretty decent graphics card uh, you can transmog artifact weapons cross spec. You can scale crafted gear up or down for alts. With these relics of the past, you can mentor brand new players with a newcomer system, lots of stuff you’ll figure it out. As you start to play, the shadowlands pre-patch should be very soon, and it’s going to be a great time to kind of come back and dust off your characters for shadow lands.

You know clean out your bags and your bangs slap together a new transmog or two and get a grip on your bars. Depending on what you play, you may need some new keybinds for all of these unpruned abilities. The shadow lens global release is coming soon. On october 26th or 27th, depending on your time zone, but no matter where you live it’ll be here before you know it, and i can’t wait. Thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye, [, Music ]!

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