Alpaca Mount Guide – How To Get Every 8.3 Alpaca Mount in WoW!


Hi! I?m Hazel. Today, I?ve got a guide on how to get the three Alpaca mounts of 8.3: the Springfur Alpaca, the Elusive Quickhoof and Mollie. First up, the The Springfur Alpaca comes from the Friendly Alpaca in Uldum. Step 1 is to collect Gersahl Greens. You?ll need seven in total, but just one?s fine to get started. The greens spawn through here, along the riverbank in Uldum, and they look like this. If you have Herbalism, you?ll see them on your minimap but you don?t have to have Herb to gather them. They?re pretty easy to find, so I?d just stock up once and then keep them on you. cc Next, you?ll need to find the Friendly Alpaca. It?ll spawn in one of these spots around Uldum. It only stays for about 5 minutes or so once it?s up, but the respawn?s pretty quick at 5-10 minutes.

Keep an eye on the Group finder for raids that have found it or are searching for the Friendly Alpaca. A group can just park people on every spawn point, then call out when and where it spawns. Once you?ve found the alpaca, complete it?s daily quest by feeding it some greens! You can do this once per day, and you need to do it seven times to get the mount. Don?t worry about skipping days, that?s fine, it?s seven times total, not necessarily in a row. To track your progress, you can type this script into your chat log and press enter. I?ll put it in the description. It?ll print out a counter of how many times you?ve fed the alpaca, so you know when to get excited. Next up is the Elusive Quickhoof. This one also involves finding and feeding a rare alpaca, with a few important differences. 1, this alpaca eats Seaside Leafy Greens. It does not require organic hand-harvested farm to table produce, you can get these off a vendor.

Alliance can buy them from Scrollmaster Uro in Boralus, above the Island expedition vendors. Horde can get them from Keto, over here in Dazar?alor. There?s also like a dozen more vendors that have them as well as your friendly neighbourhood Brutosaurs. Difference 2, this one spawns in Vol?dun, and it can patrol around some. The NPC name is Elusive Quickhoof, so pop that into a targeting macro and spam away. These are the known locations. It reportedly has a much longer spawn time of 6 ish hours, so you may be in for a wait. 3, the good news, is that you only need to find it once. Feed it 1 singular Seaside Leafy Greens and it?s yours. While camping, I once again recommend either waiting in a group so that you can park people on each spawn point or at least keep an eye on the group finder for kind souls that have found it.

Our final alpaca mount is Mollie. This one will be either by far the easiest or hardest one to get, depending purely on how lucky you are. Mollie has a chance to drop off of Dunegorger Kraulok, the Vol?dun world boss. The BfA world bosses are on a six week rotation, so you get one chance per 120 character every SIX WEEKS. We don?t know what the drop rate is exactly yet, but reports are estimating it in the ballpark of 1%. The best thing you can do is to kill him whenever he?s up on as many 120 alts as you can. I got quite lucky and got it on my tenth try. If you?re not doing anything else with a 120 alt, you could even leave it out there in Vol?dun to save on travel time. And those are the three alpaca mounts of 8.3! You might be in for a farm, but the mount special makes all of this worth it. If that didn?t sell you, have you seen it?s back legs when it jumps.

It?s ridiculous. Thanks for watching, share your camping anecdotes below and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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