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ARTIFICER XY’MOX FULL Boss Guide – Normal & Heroic Castle Nathria Raid Guide


Hey folks, this is kalani. Welcome back to the castle nathria raid guide for normal and heroic in this video, we’ll be taking down artificer zymox. This fight consists of three phases, but are a few abilities. The artificer will use throughout the entire fight. The first one is glyph of destruction. This will be applied to the tank with aggro and you’ll need to tank swap every time this happens. The glyph deals heavy arcane damage over 4 seconds and when it expires, the tank will explode dealing massive raid wide damage, but the damage is reduced. The further away you are from the raid, so the tank needs to run this debuff out as far as they can. Let it explode and then come back into the raid afterwards, the glyph will leave a damage increasing debuff on the tank, so you have to tank swap for each glyph. The raid will have to watch out for rift blast. Big white lines appear on the floor.

This marks, where the blast will occur, just dodge out of those lines, and you should be fine. The boss will also use hyper light spark. This deals damage to the entire raid and you can’t avoid it so just heal it up on heroic mode. The boss will also throw down some stasis traps. These are white swirls on the floor. If anyone steps in these traps, they’ll be stunned and take damage over time until the trap is dps down. You have to avoid these. If there are too many traps up, assign a dps with an immunity to clear them all, but the most important ability the boss uses is dimensional tear. This will mark two players and after eight seconds each player drops a teleport zone on the floor. You can step in one of these zones to zip straight to the other one which is going to be vital for dodging and dealing with mechanics phase. One lasts from 100 health down to 70 health, and a big green crystal will appear in the middle of the room, which deals constant damage to the entire raid.

During this phase, fleeting spirits will spawn periodically these fixate on random players and chase them down. If you’re being chased, you’ll have big green eyes over your head, so it’s pretty easy to see. If they catch their prey, they will mind control them and you have to dps them down to break the mind, control these spirits move fast. So the only way to kite them is to use the teleport from the dimensional terribility. For this first phase, we recommend you tank the boss over to one side, place one end of the portal near the boss and take the other end as far over to the other side as you can. This gives you plenty of space to hop back and forth to kite the spirits you have to avoid the spirits for 11 seconds and then they disappear when the boss gets to 70 health.

You start phase two, and this lasts until 40 percent health. A big root will appear in the middle of the room, which deals damage over time to random raid members, so be sure to heal that up. The boss also summons four seeds around the encounter area that explode after 20 seconds. The radius of this explosion is huge and it’s a guaranteed one shot for this phase, stay tanking at the same end of the room and keep placing the portals in the same way, one near the boss and one at the opposite end. When the seats pop up the seat near the bus needs to be picked up taken through the portal and dropped off at the other side, the other two seeds should be picked up by high mobility classes and dropped off in the same spot.

So you gather all four seeds as far away from the boss as possible to make sure no one gets caught in the explosion when you get to 40 health, the third and final phase will start the relic in the middle, will change again and deal constant damage Over time to the entire raid so be ready to heal that up when the boss activates this relic, everyone will get dragged to the middle of the room and when the cast finishes, a large aoe will explode killing. Anyone who didn’t get out of the big circle you can tank the boss in the same position as the rest of the fight, but drop off that second portal location near the middle of the room, so that, when you all get dragged in, you can actually use The portal to get back out instantly as long as you place the portals properly.

This fight really isn’t too bad, and that’s all you should need to take down artificer zymox on normal and heroic stay tuned for more boss guides, covering the rest of the raid. A big thank you to all of our supporters over on patreon and to everyone who subscribed on twitch. You can see their names floating by on screen. If you want to catch us, live pop on over to twitch.tv kalani tv, we do a bunch of stuff as well as stream, our mythic progression raids, thanks for watching folks, good luck and have fun, and as always and we’ll see you next time.

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