Hi guys, I hope you’re having an amazing day, So, in today’s video im gonna show you how you can get Baa’I which is the first secret pet in battle for azeroth. Most of you are probably here because you want to get the waist of time transmog, and yeah sadly you need the pet before you can progress towards the belt. So, there are a lot of different places that you gotta visit to obtain the pet in fact you gotta visit 15 different places in total so it’s gonna take you some time, luckily if you don’t plan to do everything in one day you can check you’re progress by running a script that I will leave in the description below. Now before we get into the different locations you gotta visit, let’s take a look at some of the hel pful items that I would recommend you to get.

The goblin glider kit will be useful because you gotta drop down on some platforms, The Invisibility potions will be useful to get past some of the npcs that will one shot you, swim speed potions will help you swim faster under the water and you will see why this will come in handy later on, also the water strider or a water walking potion will be needed as well. So now that you have an idea of which items you should bring with you lets head over to the first note and start. Head over to Nazmir which is located on the horde island, and in the middle of the map you will see a big temple like structure where the blood trolls are located, now cross the bridge and walk over to the ledge and drop down to the first note, you can even use a goblin glider here if you want but it’s not necessary.

Now that you have your first clue you gotta head over to the broken shore. When you reach the location you can interact with Drak’thul to make him turn around from the table or use one of your invisibility potions to be able to click on the first out of many pebbles. The 2nd pebble is located in Boralus which is the alliance capital of the expansion. The pebble is located behind a net that y ou gotta walk through to reach the inside of the cave where you’ll find the next pebble. The 3rd pebble is a b it trickier to reach but don’t worry im here to help.

You will need a goblin glider kit in order to reach it so if you haven’t purchased one yet, now is the time. Head over to Atal’dazar which is a dungeon In zulduzar, now follow the path im gonna show in this video to reach the cave. Now that you are done with the 4th pebble its time to head over to drustvar and find a hidden cave behind a waterfall. Once you reach the cave click on the pebble which is located inside of the eyeball of the skeleton.

The 5th pebble is located in Voldun near the Tortaka refuge flightpath, jump down onto the ledges and you will see a hidden cave with an angry clutterback that will one s hot you if you are not careful enough. You can either use one of your invisibility potions so you are sure that the clutterback wont one shot you or just be fast enough and click on the pebble. Its time to head to stormsong valley where the 6th pebble is located.

When you reach the inside of the cave you will be able to see a barrel where the pebble is located. The 7th pebble is located at a sunken ship just above nazmir in the south seas, and this is where you’re increased swim speed will come in handy because we are swimming out to fatigue waters and you might die so the faster you are the better. The 8th pebble is located in an underground basement and the entrance to t he basement I s located inside of the maze in Boralus.

Once you reach the basement the pebble will be located behind one of the kegs. The next pebble takes us to Drustvar, and this time we are heading over to the north western part of the island where the lighthouse is located. Follow the path and drop down onto the ledge or use one of your goblin gliders to get easier access, the pebble is not located inside of the cave so walk out and you’ll be able to see it on one of the ledges. The 10th pebble is located in one of the caves in Tiragrade sound.

The pebble will be surrounded by a lot of clatterbacks so make sure to use one of your invisibility potions to avoid getting one shooted, but if you end up dying don’t worry just release and walk back up to the cave and click on the pebble as fast as you can. Now let’s head over to Tiragarde sound and find a hidden cave behind a waterfall, when you manage to get inside of the cave the pebble will be located under one of the scrolls and it might be a bit hard to see. The 12th pebble is located in an underwater cave in Boralus, just swim through the opening and the pebble will be located just beside one of the rock pillars inside of the cave. The 13th pebble is located in another fatigue area in vol’dun, so once again make sure to use everything you have to increase your swim speed to reach the pebble, but before you go under water you can use your water strider or water walking potion to get just above the cave and swim down to enter it where the pebble will be located. You finally reached the final step so you gotta head over to frostfire ridge on Dreanor and fly inside the volcano where you’ll have to fight Baa’l but in order to be able to win the battle you have to complete the Unna scenario or have someone else in your party who already completed it, and you need unna in order to weaken Baa’l and win the pet battle and you should be able to win with any level 25 pet.

And there you go congratz with your new pet. So that’s it for this video guys, if you enjoyed make sure to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to the channel if you haven’t already, and as always remember to stay positive no matter what, cya next time. .

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