Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re continuing our epic quest for the best material farming spots. In this video we’re looking at Foxflower farming. Now, yes, this isn’t the top tier herb. It’s no Starlight rose so it’s not worth farming right? Why should you care about foxflower? Well of course, you can sell it raw on the Auction House.

It’s currently selling for between 20 and 50 gold, and yah, that’s a big range that depends on your server, but the average server sells 2000 to 3000 a day, which means you can reliably sell 20-50k gold a day in just raw foxflower. It’s used to craft a lot with inscription and alchemy stuff. The average glyph these days is crafted with 2000 gold worth of mats and sells for 6k, so if you have a scribe each herb is actually worth 3 times the sales price. So, any time there’s a node worth 250-500 gold, farm the hell out of that. I’ve got TSM import groups for you guys down in the description. But let’s go, let’s do this guide.

All that said, I actually hate farming foxflower. While the highmountain quests are amazing, something about the zone is just frustrating. It’s got lots of different levels of terrain, everything is pretty spread out, and you’re always pulling aggro. I’ve got two routes though and a few prerequisites to make it painless. First, use a sky golem. You can herb without dismounting this way. Second, use the Legion: Herbalism glove enchant or darkmoon firewater to increase your herbalism speed. With these two things combined, you can usually loot a foxflower in between a mob’s melee attacks and still be mounted when you’re done. Third, since we’re running around a lot, increase your mount speed.

Legion pathfinding does this and stacks with either the Majestic Elderhorn Hoof toy or blacksmith craftable Leystone Hoofplates. If you’re still getting dismounted, you can buy stonehide leather barding which is made by leatherworkers and prevents dismounts. Finally I recommend the Addon Gathermate for node tracking, and make sure to download the additional addon Gathermate Data, so you can import every node into your addon that’s ever been gathered. On to the routes! As you can see, there’s defined foxflower spawn routes. The top of the map is filled with falcosaur swarms so we’re going to avoid that little area and just do tight loops around the interior mountain range. Every 3rd or 4th lap, do a big loop to gather up any stray force spawns. You can expect 200-250 Foxflower with this method, about 10,000 gold per hour give or take.

So that’s a basic route, but let’s cheat the system. Every 10 or 20 foxflower you herb, an actual fox will spawn. [EPIC EDM BASS DROP] These drop about 20 flowers each and are generally just a nice bonus, an extra 1 herb per node on average, but here’s something sneaky you can do. The 20 flowers can be looted by you, but they’re phased and are lootable by anyone else nearby. So if you’re in a party with 5 herbalists guildies, that’s 5 times the foxflower. Rather than 3-4 herbs per node, you’re getting an average of 8. On Saturday at 8PM central, I’ll be doing a livestream where hopefully we can get 20-40 of you guys together in a raid group doing this. If we do this right, everyone should be able to get between 500, preferably 1000 foxflower an hour. If you can come let me know in the comments. I’ve got 1 more route but it’s worth mentioning that you can also get these from seeds planted in Fertile Soil.

You’ll get the seeds while gathering and there’s a guaranteed soil patch in every zone. There’s the talking tree in Stormheim, the Grove of Cenarius in Val’Sharah, there’s the Ironhorn Enclave in Highmountain, and there’s the Irongrove retreat in Suramar. When you plant the seeds, everything except Felwort is phased, so you can use the same 5 man group trick here to multiply your results. Simple trick for stocking up guild banks. Finally, my favorite route is nice and quick. There’s a ton of nodes by the murlocs at the northern tip of Highmountain. Do a quick little 1 or 2 minute lap of this place and you’re set.

You’ll get the same results as the full lap assuming there’s low competition here on the murlocs, but I would recommend playing with the sound off because the constant murloc MRGLGLGL can get a little annoying after 3 hours of farming. Fun fact, the murloc sound was originally made by one of the developers gargling a mixture of milk and yogurt. Thanks for watching and let me know what you want to see next by voting on my Twitter poll. If you liked this guide, make sure to subscribe and farm the hell out of that like button. I’ll be putting out a new material farming guide every Tuesday at noon, so I’ll see you then. What does the fox say?! It’s called Gekkering.

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