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Hello guys and welcome to another video as usual. I am super excited to be talking about the recommendation of the best raid healers in shadowlands, and this one is the specific for castle nathria, which is our first raid tier just a quick disclaimer that the game is still in beta, whereby tuning and balancing works are Still in progress, especially on covenant, it is just at the end of the day. This is more like a roughly ranking or a group of good desired healers to be selected for castle nathria raid from standard rate to high and content aka mythic raid. Let’S say, for example, in my list, your desired class is not in the least, don’t be so sad or being discouraged, because at the end of the day, the most important of all is to play the class that you enjoy the most period as usual.

Guys to ask for your favor, please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more future content and remember to ring the bell. Let’S get it started: [ Music, ], alright, to all my beloved friends before we come up with the ranking thing or i can say the group of healers for raid. I would like to talk about mana and it seems that mana is pretty tight, especially with the new expansion of first tier, whereby we don’t have sufficient gears aka low eye level to begin with, so my recommendation is to consider to bring a restoration shaman into the Table this is because of the return ability called Mana Tide, which can be absolutely strong to regen back the mana. Despite of in new expansion, the cooldown of all potions have been set to five minutes cooldown, regardless you are in combat, or vice versa, and perhaps it might be the boss. Long last, like more than five minutes, might be able to use two mana potions.

Then again, trust me: Mana is going to be an issue and all of a sudden healers needs to control of the usage of mana and heal your allies when required. Aka less over healing spends the Mana wisely folks. Alright, then, we have talked about the mana things, and hopefully you guys understood about it. Let us look into the ranking, but i don’t say that this one is a pure ranking like got this specific order of best to the worst healer class sort of thing. It is more to like a good raid healing group or team that perhaps a lot of guilds will consider when venturing into a castle nathria raid. In my opinion, the first one, is a discipline priest by far the most happening healer from previous expansion as well. Despite that, blizzard just had a few nerves and it’s supposed to be expected due to the insane damage which, whereby converted to heal, whereby heals a lot of value, some of the damaging abilities, have been nerfed as well, and on top of that.

The legendary for shadow word death has been put into nerf as well, whereby it’s only triggered atonement when use it’s on a target. It is pretty big hit and let us see what will happen when we go live on shadowlands. Apart from that discipline, priest is having this mind, blast and shadow covenants spells, which might be impacted by the shadowed, legendary nerf kind of thing. The cool thing about this specification is power barrier which can reduce 25 % of the damage taken if utilized properly using barrier. Everyone needs to stack within the barrier to receive the effect.

Well, folks, it is pretty strong, i would say, especially on a boss fight, which requires a lot of damage to mitigate healing, while dps is something unique whereby all the dps convert to heals kind of thing makes life extra dps to push a certain mechanics in terms Of the complexity of class discipline, priests is the most hardest class to play, in my opinion, due to the rotation and as well to apply the atonement and to track the atonement not for falling off need as well to learn the damage pattern, aka raid damage, so That a discipline priest can preemptive it early on applying the massive atonement and next to execute the burst healing thing, but yeah trust me. This pack is really hard to play.

To be honest, the next recommendation class to play as a healer is Restoration. Shaman resto shaman is really popular with its great utility raid healer in various condition of raids, and i feel that to some extent the shaman performance is similar to other healer class performance in castle nathria. The beautiful part playing as a shaman is when it comes to shadowlands the returning of mana tide totem, which is only on 3 minutes cooldown, and it has an extremely small range to regen other people’s mana. So, whenever a resto shaman wants to drop the mona totem needs to inform early or yell out on dropping the totem restoration shaman also have this spirit link totem, which acts like powered barrier discipline, priests as well. Wind rush totem is the same like stampeding, roar, restoration, druid on giving a temporary speed buff to move fast to escape from a certain mechanics.

Don’T forget that oh shyt button healing type, which is really powerful emergency healing kind of thing. When we look into the detail of castle nathria a lot of stack fights and, of course it needs to spread as well to avoid a certain boss damage. The weakness of a restoration shaman is definitely on heavy movement fights without activating the spirit, walker graceat all times, and a certain fight needs to use the windrush totem. A lot of the fight and maybe you’re spreading healing a little bit weak, hopefully like a certain kind of covenant or conduit, might helping to boost up the hps of playing as restoration shaman. The next healer, which i can say, brings a very useful toolkit to the group, is holy paladin.

When we look back into the history of this spec in bfa, especially in eternal palace, probably the best hps healer, i would say even though devotion aura was not showing up on the hps meters, but they provide an insane amount of passive damage and they have no Mana issues during the past, but in shadowlands it might hurt on holy paladin’s mana intensive due to the crusader strike now costs more mana devotion. Aura now provides the passive three percent damage reduction for everyone within 40 yards, which is very, very strong. The specifications also have a defensive cooldown on 3 minutes cd, which provides the damage reduction for 8 seconds, which is extremely strong. This is due to not require the stacking criteria like barrier or spirit link.

Totem. Blessing of protection is also a strong utility act. As immunity spell to bypass a certain mechanics, which is pretty awesome throughout the positive things on holy pally, there is also the negative part currently in beta. They don’t have a strong selection of legendary to choose from the list, and hopefully blizzard can do something to tweak on or to tune for the legendaries, so that holy paladin got its unique selection of legendary. As usual from the previous expansion. Holy pally is very strong. In spot healing, aka tank healing, and i believed that in castle nathria, there will be something unique that brings into the table. Well, folks, those are the potential healers which i believe that will be viable to be brought inside the raid at the current state.

In my opinion, being a healer is not all about the healing per seconds value, but the most important part, the utility that brings to the party to ease the journey of a progression for other specs that i haven’t mentioned, like holy priest, restoration, druid and miss weaver Monk, it is not that their class are not good or healing or whatsoever, but the performance are still needs to be tuned and rebalance even more as current before the release of shadowlands. Hopefully we might see some changes for these specs. Let’S talk about restoration druid for a moment, this specs provides healing on moving, which has been their niche for a very long time, but in term of hps is really decent as compared to the top healer specs that i have mentioned above, but we will see how It goes on restoration, druid, healing capabilities, hopefully got buff like five to ten percent, even more to compete with well.

To be honest, the last couple of bosses in castle nathria having a few movement fights which i can say good for restoration druid but, like i said before in terms of hps, is it adequate for those who are meaning as restoration druid? Don’T worry tuning by blizzard is still ongoing, so, as i would say in my previous videos play a class that you like and bring to you happiness whenever that you are playing with, since that i play as both discipline and holy priest and as for holy priests. Being a very good raid, healer in term of pure or throughput healing, and i can say that the heals surpassing the other types of healer in previous content, with changes on prayer of mending instant cause as well.

The circle of healing becoming baseline aoe healing aka area of effect healing toolkit is also improving and forgot to mention that holy priest having this strong raid, cooldown aka, emergency healing kind of thing, called divine hymn and holy word salvation their viability in raid. In terms of how optimal they are going to perform in read is going to be determined through final balancing, then we can find the final judgment. Lastly, for mistweaver monk, i can’t give my opinion much, even though i have a discussion with a few of the player meaning as mistweaver and what they can conclude that this spec still needs to have a lot of rework need to have tons of changes. It is like the spec is not finished at some point. I would like to point it out a few things about this spec, but it is still rubbish.

I would say, as claimed from my fellow friends, this spec as well. Hopefully, blizzard will look into something as we’re about to hit near to the finishing line. Magic must be happened soon. I suppose alright everyone as a conclusion that is all i can say about the recommended healing, spec or healing comp for castle nathria raid as a disclaimer. Again, which i had addressed at the beginning of this video, the result is based on beta testing currently and as well with a few discussion among my friends, meaning to their respective healings spec. For those who play a certain class, but not in the recommended list. No need to worry, because there are so many things to tweak, but in my opinion, to speed up the process always report anything unusual bugs or playstyle, which is not working into the official forum.

So that’s that team will take note. At least we have done our part to help as usual folks to end up my story, it is just my personal overview which may be right or wrong. If you have any ideas, concern opinion, anything to add up, feel free to drop under the comments box down below, to discuss, appreciate for your full support. Thank you. Everyone for watching and see you again in the next video. Take care stay safe and have a wonderful day.

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