BEST IN SLOT Loot to Get in Phase 2 (Tank & Healer Edition) – Classic TBC Gearing Guide


Hey everyone, phase 2 is around the corner and with that, among many other things comes the new raids, Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep, and when you say new raids you also say new loot to obtain, the great thing about TBC unlike retail is that when a new patch drops you don’t have to replace all your gear, you’ll see throughout this video that a lot of gear from phase 1 is still bis for many specs and classes. Speaking of specs and classes, in this video we’re gonna be focusing on tanks and healers, we’ve also made a very similar video for melee and ranged DPS which you can check too if you have a DPS or if you’re curious what your fellow guild mates will be competing with you on, although we will mention when something is shared between you and DPS in here too. Just like in that first video, we’ll talk about different types of items and discuss whats bis for every class, weapons, rings, trinkets and so on. So without further a due, let’s get into the video. Alright starting off with trinkets as that’s usually the hardest pieces to obtain, generally of course.

Starting off with tanks, you’ll see that generally speaking nothing changes in terms of trinkets, what you had in phase 1 will still be what you’ll be using in phase 2. DST is still bis for feral druids, the Badge of Justice trinket and the Eye of Magtheridon are still bis for prot paladins, and being an engineer and rocking two Goblin Rocket Launchers is still your best option as a prot warrior. But there is one interesting exception for feral druid, Badge of Tenacity. This is tied to the Ogri’la reputation, but you actually don’t have to farm a single point of reputation for Ogri’la to obtain this, you just need to kill mobs around the Ogri’la plateau until the depleted badge drops then turn it into the actual badge with 50 Apexis Shards. Or even more simply you could just buy it directly from the auction house, it’s bind on equip.

For healers it’s also very much the same stop, Eye of Gruul and the Ribbon from kara are still bis for Priests, the badge trinket for shamans and druids, and the Scarab for Shamans.

But there’s one new trinket called Earring of Soulful Meditation for priests only which is gonna be bis for you, drops from Lurker Below and it obviously should go straight to priests if it drops, this is quite nice especially with that on use effect which gives 300 Spirit for 20 seconds. It’s comparable to using a using a small mana potion. But that’s pretty much it on the healer front, you’ll be keeping any trinket from phase 1 you already have. Moving on to weapons, this is where things start to get more interesting.

Starting off with tanks, as a feral druid you have Wildfury Greatstaff, this drops off the trash in SSC, not sure how rare this is but if you’re not in a rush, consider joining trash farming groups because this staff is really good albeit oriented more towards mitigation.

As a paladin you’ll want to use Fang of the Leviathan, if you watched our DPS video you’ll know that this is a quite sought after item for a lot of casters, for this reason if you’re your guild’s main tank or even off tank make sure to let your loot council know that this is a big item for you. You’ll use this along with Aldori Legacy Defender from Gruul still, same thing for warriors.

For warriors by the way the best weapon to get is Mallet of the Tides an awesome option for both threat and mitigation, drops off Lurker Below and it should go straight to you because prot warriors are the only ones after this weapon. And then moving on to healers, basically every healer wants on thing, Lightfathom Scepter, whether you’re a druid, shaman, priest or paladin, this mace is awesome for you, it drops off Lady Vashj, it’s quite rare, but this will last you for a very long time.

Along with that druids still use the Badge of Justice off hand, Paladins the shields from Magtheridon, but for Priests and Shamans you have Talisman of the Sun King, really good off hand off Al’ar, it shouldn’t be too hard to obtain and it is a good upgrade from what you previously had. Okay moving on to necks, we got some good options for everyone, for feral druids, there’s a PvP neck called Veteran’s Pendant of Triumph, this is really good but unfortunately, I couldn’t tell what this costs exactly as season 2 hasn’t started either on the live servers or the PTR, best case scenario this only requires honor, and worst case scenario you’ll have to do some arena to buy it, but I don’t think you will.

For prot paladins you have The Darkener’s Grasp, this is a reward from the Kael’Thas quest item, Verdant Sphere, which if you watched the DPS video you’ll know that a lot of classes will be after, so expect some competition before getting this, unless you’re the main tank of course. Then for Prot warriors the best neck for both mitigation and threat is Frayed Tether of the Drowned, this drops off Fathom Lord Karathress and you’re the only class after this necklace so it should go straight to you. If you can’t get this to drop tho the PvP neck we talked about earlier is also a very good alternative in the meantime.

Then for pretty much every healer what you’re after is Lord Sanguinar’s Claim, this is also a neck off the quest from Kael’Thas and at this point 90% of players are after this item so you should expect a lot of competition for this because this quest gives pretty much everyone their bis necklace, so expect to be waiting for quite a while before receiving this.

But at least the good news is KT always drops one of those so eventually you’ll get it. Moving on to rings, as a feral druid, you’ll mostly still be using the same rings, but if you’re after threat you’ll need to compete with a lot of DPSers for Band of the Ranger General, this is a really good ring that a lot of melees and hunters will want. Then for prot paladins you have Ring of the Sundered Souls off Morogrim, good news you’re the only class after this ring so it should go straight to you, keep using the blue ring off the quest from Arcatraz as your second ring.

Then for warriors its complicated because a lot of rings are underwhelming for prot warriors in phase 2, Shapeshifter’s Signet and the Violet Eye ring are still really really solid options, but if you’re good on the hit and defense front of things and you want to squeeze a bit more threat there’s Ancestral Ring of Conquest off Lurker Below, this is quite good but a lot of melees will be competing with you on it.

For healers, one really good ring for Druids, Paladins and priests is Coral Band of the Revived, this drops off Lady Vashj, this isn’t as good as the Kazzak Ring but very very few people can have the chance to kill Kazzak so this ring is your next best option. Then there’s also Phoenix Ring of Rebirth off Al’ar for holy priests, it’s not an overwhelming upgrade off what you already saw in the past but it is worth getting anyways. Okay moving on to cloaks, for feral druids you’ll still be keeping the good old Terestian Cloak for mitigation, but if you’re after threat you should aim for Thalassian Wildercloak, keep in mind however this is contested by a lot of melees and hunters, it’s not very rare according to the many times I killed Kael’Thas on retail for the mount, but it is heavily contested so expect to wait in a long queue for it.

Then for paladins, for both mitigation and threat you have Phoenix Wing Cloak off Al’ar, quite good and also bis for prot warriors if they’re after pure mitigation, but warriors are often after hit so they will be sticking with the Moroes cloak most likely, but yeah this is a really good cloak for prot paladins and prot warriors, get it when you can. As expected for healers everyone is after the same thing, Sunshower Light Cloak off Kael’Thas so you should expect a lot of competition for this, that being said the cloak off malchezaar is still a very solid option for everyone so don’t feel bad if it takes you forever to get this cloak.

Okay now let’s move on to the main gear, that’s the main armor and the off pieces, just like for the DPS, this gets really complicated if we get into the nitty gritty, so we’ll keep it simple. The two set bonus of tier 5 is really good for a lot of tanks and healers, some of you do want to push for the 4 set bonus, and priests even want to go for the full set because of how good those pieces are for them, not to mention how awesome they look so good for them. But what you equip and what you break your set bonuses with highly depends on your class and your gear situation, for this reason check Wowhead to know what you should equip from tier 5 and what off set main pieces you should look for. Sunhawk Leggings is really good for both holy paladins and Resto Shamans for example so they definitely want to equip that. The engineering goggles are awesome for prot warriors making engineering a must have to get the Goblin Rocket Launchers we talked about earlier too.

But yeah as I said it’s complicated to talk about main pieces so let’s move to off pieces now. Belt of One Hundreds Death off Lady Vashj, this is an awesome threat piece for warriors and feral druids but it is super contested, you should definitely aim to get that if you can because it’s a really really good piece with that expertise rating on it, but every melee on earth will make the argument that it shouldn’t go to you, don’t listen to them, expertise is really important for you, get it whenever you can. Prot paladins want Girdle of the Invulnerable off Leotheras instead, good for both threat and mitigation and you’re the only ones after it so do get it. Girdle of the Fallen star is really good for Holy paladins and resto shamans, it drops off the trash in TK so get it when you can, Girdle of Zaetar is also awesome for druids off loot reaver and Belt of the Long Road is made with Nether Vortex, so get this made as soon as you can.

Moving on to boots, Veteran’s Leather Boots for feral druids and Veteran’s Plate Greaves for Prot warriors is also an awesome piece to get, again not sure if this costs honor or arena points, I’m 90% sure it costs honor tho so do get it when season 2 starts, even if you have PvP you won’t regret it.

Boots of the Resilient is what you’re after if you’re a prot paladin, drops off Solarian in Tempest Keep.

For healers, you have Orca Hide Boots which are bis for both resto shamans and resto druids, they drop off Leotheras the Blind. Holy Paladins are after Boots of Courage Unending off the trash in SSC and priests are after Soul Strider Boots off Fathom Lord Karathress, so there’s a good option for everyone when it comes to healing boots and not much overlap. Then for bracers again you have PvP bracers for warriors and druids, Veteran’s Dragonhide and Veteran’s Plate Bracers, so this makes 3 PvP pieces you need to get by doing BGs, PvP is pretty much mandatory for you if you want to be a good tank. Prot Paladins have Wristguards of Determination off loot reaver, those by the way are not an upgrade for warriors at all, because they come with block rating which is a dead stat for them so this should go straight to a paladin.

Healers have Blackfathom Warbands for paladins and shamans, drops off hydross, they are quite solid to have so do get them when you see them. Then Druids have Grobe Bands of Remulous off Lurker Below, this screams druid loot and indeed they’re the only ones after this, and priests are after Wraps of Purification, this drops off Hydross too just like the paladin and shaman ones.

And this marks the end of this video, I tried to cover way more this time around especially when it comes to the off pieces unlike in the DPS video, but I most certainly forgot some things here and there so if you think something should have been on this list that I didn’t mention make sure to tell us about it in the comments to benefit everyone. And with that, I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did, remember to give it a like and subscribe to the Classic WOW Curios channel for more content like this, I will see you guys in the next one very soon, bye for now.

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