World Of Warcraft (Classic) Step by step guide on how I make 1.5k/week in 15 mins per day By: sucksehh


TSM Gold Graph

Top 20 most profitable items

Graph breakdown:

What the graph doesn’t show (sadly I thought I saved my data and reset TSM because of an issue I had) is Jan-April where I first found out about TSM. It took me about 3 months to go from 10g to 1000g and figuring out my process.


This is where the majority of the gold comes from, basically being AFK and clicking buy if something pops up. It obviously helps to have a second account if you want to actually play the game at the same time. However, if you are doing work, sitting on a conference call or watching a movie it is quite easy. I haven’t found much success with the Bid sniper so I stick to Buyout sniper.

  • This is how you initially set up sniper

  • Be quick but pay attention!

  • Hover over the item icon and find the Regional Market Value Avg

  • Check to see how many of these items you already have in stock

  • Make a macro to buy items quickly

    • Macro: /click TSMSniperBtn

    • This is not the TSM macro, but rather one made in game

    • Bind it to mouse4 or something easily accessible * Click the item once, then click the button assigned to the macro. This way you don’t have to move your mouse all the way down to the Buyout button. One second can be the difference between buying a Freezing band at 32g and missing out (See sniper pic above)!

Selling Sniper Items

I found it less of a headache and still profitable setting up the sniper Operations universally. Reselling vendor items is addressed in a seperate section below.

  • Groups

  • You can make 1 group if you want. I have Green/Blue/Epic just for fun. They all have the same operations in the end (unless selling groups of 5 like Onyxia scales)

  • Operations

  • Hours: 8

    • I try to post around 12pm server time

    • This is early enough for raiding/etc and not wasting time sitting in the AH late at night with nobody looking

    • Early on I posted twice a day to make more sales, but once I was paying over 40g/day to post I switched to once

  • Post cap: 1

  • Bid %: 100%

  • Undercut amount: 1c

  • Min Price: 100% dbregionmarketavg

  • Max Price: 150% dbregionmarketavg

  • Normal Price: 125% dbregionmarketavg

Min/Max/Normal Price

I used to tinker with these but the settings listed are simple and work as long as you have patience. Why lose money undercutting the guy who wants to sell fast and is therefore putting the item up at ultra cheap? Let him lose profit for that day while you get full value the next. I also found that the Regional Market Value Avg is much more reliable, so I trust all my sales to it. I never think twice anymore about why up to 20 items out of 74 are still in my bag after posting. You are reselling for profit, not for quick cash.

15 Minute Daily Process

This is the brainless part of the system, 10 minutes putting up sniper items and 2 mins per 2 vendor scroll alts. The process begins assuming you have items from the previous day that you couldn’t post because there were cheaper on the AH already. Scroll alts just need go straight from mailbox to bank once and log out, that’s why it its so quick. Make sure when you get new items you add them to your group in TSM, otherwise they won’t post.

  • Open bank and click Move to Bags

    • If you don’t see the TSM bank screen, type /tsm bankui * Feel free to make this a macro

    • Make sure your group(s) are selected

  • Open mail and click the Expires button

    • If you have more than 50 items, don’t wait for the mailbox to refresh, click the refresh button right above the count down timer in the upper right or type /reload

  • Once your bag is full, run to the bank

  • Interact with the auctioneer

  • Scan the AH

    • /tsm scan

    • Feel free to make this a macro

    • Pay attention to your system text, sometimes it fails. If it does, just click it a few times until it runs. If it still won’t, try /reload or log out/in.

    • Do this once a day before your first posting

  • Run post scan

  • Spam Post button

    • If any errors, check operations or groups are fully updated

    • Remember, don’t fret items not posting because they are cheaper elsewhere

  • Run back to bank and click Empty Bags

  • Repeat again starting from opening the mailbox

Storing Items

Everything you aren’t putting on the AH will sit in your mailbox as messages from an alt. I currently post about 150 items to the AH and have 150 AH backup items in the mailbox.

Reselling Vendor Scrolls

This requires seperate grouping from sniping and I use 2 alts: 1 for recipes and 1 for patterns/schematics/formulas. Since you can only view 50 items in your mailbox, find which 5 scrolls sell the least and drop them from rotation. This lets you have 5 open slots for newly sold items each day. Buy 12 (or 13 if you want to be fancy and have 1 in the AH and 12 in the mail) of each scroll and send to an alt. Some are unlimited and some are on 2+ hour timers. Just do the same thing like sniping and let it sit in the background. is useful to find the locations of which vendor sells which scroll.

  • Daily Process

  • Open mailbox

  • Click Expired

  • Click the mailbox refresh icon or type /reload

  • Search for scrolls which have sold

  • Restock and take gold

  • Post to AH and log out

  • Quick way to double check you aren’t forgetting a scroll

    • Hover your mouse over each scroll

    • Check to see your inventory says 1 in bags * As long as you do this before you post the AH, don’t not pay attention to the number under AH. This will most likely say 1 and obviously you just logged on to post so there are 0 posted in reality

  • Groups

  • Highlight each scroll to find the Region Market Value Avg and round up

  • Create a group for each price point

    • I use 2/3/5/8/10/15

    • If sales are slow, move to a lower price group

    • If sales are fast, move to a higher price group

Misc Vendor Items

These are items you that sell well besides scrolls. Follow the same group process as scrolls. You might only profit 1-2g but hey, it’s free money.

Manually Finding Deals

If sniping is slow or you just have spare time, a quick way to make some cash is to scan the AH manually. Typically weapons/armor under 10g is the gold mine, but I normally will look at everything. I mad 500g on one item buy manually finding it on the AH (see item #2 on most profitable items picture). Another potential gold mine is recipes. This whole process works because if you recall, we sell for everything for 125% Regional Marget Value Avg. I usually pick up anything that is 50% of the that price point. The Auctionator addon makes this easier to view items/prices.

  • Open AH

  • Select Weapons or Armor (whole group)

  • Search

  • Sort by Price (lowest)

  • Hover your mouse over the item icon

  • Compare AH vs Regional Marget Value Avg

  • Check that you don’t have more than 3 in your possession already

  • …Profit!

Misc Tips

  • Patience and consistency are key

  • If you see people WTB in trade channel, try selling to them to save the 15% AH cut.

  • Keep in mind the more items you list, the more listing cost you pay to the AH

  • Average of 2-5 items sold on each alt per day (sniper alt/scroll 1 alt/scroll 2 alt) for a total of around 10

    • At my stage, this ends up being around 180g (30g scrolls, 150g sniper items) because I have several expensive items listed

  • I always try to have 1 major item that I invest a lot in and can sit on it for a few weeks. Lionheart took about 3 weeks to sell but made me 450g (resale profit – listing cost)


This is a pretty good snapshot of my routine that you can tweak as you like. Of course part of it is timing/luck with sniper. In the beginning I was leaving sniper open several hours a day, stocking up all kinds of items. Nowadays I only snipe once in awhile to keep over 150 unique items on the AH.

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