Council of Blood Raid Guide – Normal/Heroic Council of Blood Castle Nathria Boss Guide


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the The Council of Blood fight in Castle Nathria on Normal and Heroic difficulty. We got three bosses, and when one dies the survivors full heal so pick a kill order and stick to it. Each boss has two bonus abilities- one starts up when another boss dies, and the second one they’ll break out if they’re the last boss standing. When you get a boss to 50% health, we get the Dance intermission. You need to get to your spot, and then use the vehicle buttons as you’re told to do the dance. You’ll get haste if yo u get it right, and you’ll take damage if you mess it up. You’ll have minimum three dances in a fight, but if you make the mistake of cleaving the bosses too much you could trigger more.

Do not drop a boss below half health unless it’s the kill target. Let’s talk about Niklaus first. This guy is the Add Man. His Duelist’s Riposte is a tank debuff that he’ll apply on his target. Start by swapping on two stacks. He’ll summon a Dutiful Attendant to shield the lowest health boss, which makes them immune while the attendant lives. Kill the add so that you can move on with your day. If Nick sees a fellow boss die, he’ll break out the Begrudging Waiters. These will pelt food at you from the sidelines.

CC them and kill them quickly. If Nick’s the last man up, he’ll summon a Veteran Stoneguard add. This needs to be tanked and killed quickly, it’ll hit increasingly hard the longer it’s up. Next let’s look at Frieda, the spell lady. Her Drain Essence is unavoidable damage, and her Dread Volley can be avoided by kicking it, and it’s really important that Dread Volley gets kicked. After another boss dies, Frieda gains Prideful Eruption, which casts a small AOE around everyone. You want a loose spread for that. If she’s the last lady up, Frieda gets Soul Spikes. She’ll channel four spikes at her tank, and each one makes the tank more vulnerable to soul spikes.

You need to tank swap halfway through the cast so that each tank takes two. Our third boss is Lord Stavros, and I dub him Dodge boy. Lots of positioning mechanics. His Evasive Lunge will port him behind his current tank and then do a line attack lunging forward through them. That applies a stacking debuff. The current Stavros tank needs to face their character away from others. The tanks are already trading boys regularly so that takes care of the required swap. For Dark Recital, a pair of players will be marked to dance. If it’s on you you need to find your partner and stay near them while continually moving to avoid the blood pools that you two are spawning beneath you.

As one does. When he sees one boss dead, he’ll start the Waltz of Blood. There will be dancers boogying about to dodge. They may look a little different than this on live but the answer is always going to be get out of their way. If he’s the last man up, Stavros gets Violent Uproar. This has seen some changes but going just by the latest dungeon journal, there will be large patches of AOE to avoid. On Normal, that’s the fight. On Heroic, each boss gets one more ability to use when both of their friends are dead.

If Heroic Niklaus is last, he gets Castellan’s Fury. When an add dies, other adds within 12 yards get a big enrage. Don’t kill adds near the Stoneguard in particular. If Heroic Frieda is last, she gets Twisted Pain. Blood pools will spawn under players any time that they take damage from her abilities. If Heroic Stavros is last, he’ll get Two Left Feet. This is a raidwide aura that lasts for the rest of the fight that stacks up a slow on you while you’re moving.

As you stand still, you’ll drop your stacks. Move only when vitally necessary and stay put otherwise, which is tough because he’s the boss with all the dodgy stuff. The big question here then is what’s the kill order? Short answer is I don’t know. The long answer is I imagine a best order will emerge, but to start I’d pick based on what your group struggles with. If communication is tough, kill Frieda first. If damage and add cleave is tough, kill Niklaus first. If positioning and dodging stuff is tough, kill Stavros first. For a PuG I would say Frieda Stavros Nik, while a guild early in progression I’d guess Nik Stavros Frieda but like I said I don’t know, I’m sorry.

In any case, that is The Council of Blood in Castle Nathria! Come visit me on Twitch sometime, thanks for watching and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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