De Other Side – Quick Guide – Normal – Shadowlands Alpha


What’s up? It’s Jimfro from Ready Check Pull, and this is our Quick Guide to De Other Side dungeon in Shadowlands. And here’s a list of timestamps on-screen and in the description so you can jump to the spot that you need. We’ll start off by showing the bosses, and then we’ll talk about notable trash and other things at the end. You can do the first three bosses in any order, so we’ll start off with Hakkar the Soulflayer. This boss has some adds in front of it, but eats those as soon as it’s pulled.

The boss will cast a red circle around a player. Keep that circle away from anyone else to avoid it jumping to additional players. Some adds will come in throughout the fight. They do ramping AoE damage the longer they’re alive, so they need to be killed quickly. When they die, they leave a pool on the ground that damages anyone standing in it, and it also resurrects the add after a short time. Some new adds will spawn alongside the resurrected adds, so this can get out of control if this boss takes too long to kill. On top of that, the boss also has two other casts. Blood Barrier, which is a big AoE blast that hits everyone, including any ads that are still alive, forming a protective barrier based on the damage done from the last blast. That means if you’re too slow to kill the adds, the boss gets a bigger shield. And last but certainly not least, Hakkar will rain down Blood Barrage for 14 seconds, that are effectively just a bunch of swirlies that you have to dodge. If you do get hit, you’ll take damage and your damage is reduced by a stacking 10%.

Man this boss is gonna be nuts! However, you can interrupt the cast if you break the shield quick enough. The next encounter is the Manastorms. That’s right, Milhouse and Millificent are back baby! We start on Milhouse, whose first ability is good ol’ Frostbolt, which anyone can interrupt. And Summon Power Crystal is a beam that buffs the boss. This needs to be intercepted by players, which gives the player the buff. The beam does increasing damage the longer a player intercepts it, so make sure everyone is rotating on different beams and waiting until the debuff ends before intercepting a new beam. Every 30-ish seconds, Milhouse will swap with Millificent.

Millificent cast Buzz-Saw on the tank, which is a quick root and stacking bleed. The real annoyance of this encounter is the bombs that run away from the boss and need to be disarmed by clicking them when they’ve stopped moving. If the bombs aren’t disarmed they explode for a ton of party damage. Moving on to Dealer Xy’exa. She constantly throws swirly traps on the ground. These traps are used to propel players into the air. They do some damage to the player, but you’ll need to walk on them when it’s needed. When a player gets a bomb timer on their head, they need to walk over one of these traps when the timer is just about to finish.

That player will be launched in the air and the bomb will explode above the group, nullifying the damage. When the boss casts Explosive Contrivance, everyone needs to make their way to a trap right before the cast goes off. The group needs to step on to their own trap to be launched in the air to avoid the damage. You do take damage from the trap, and you also take a little bit of fall damage, so there’s that. And don’t get hit by the beam that charges up from the boss. And the final boss of the dungeon is Mueh’zala. Before pulling the boss, you’ll need to split the group for the portal phase. Assign two DPS to go left, and the rest of the group to go right, one player per portal. The boss will regularly debuff two players. The healer should quickly dispel one of these debuffs and let the other expire on its own. This will help to stagger the AoE party damage. Just make sure to avoid the purple circles on the ground after the debuff is removed or expires. When the boss starts casting Master of Death, look at his arms to know if you need to dodge left, right, or backwards.

He always does a combination of three attacks. If you get hit by any of these attacks, you take a ton of damage and get a really bad debuff. Shatter Reality is when the group needs to split up and run into their assigned portal. Each side will need to kill an add while dodging purple circles, and then right-click the nearby totem once the add is dead. The boss will then pull everyone to him and Bwonsamdi will damage him for 20% of his health for each of the totems that was clicked. If done correctly, you’ll only have to go through the portal phase twice, leaving you with only 20% of the boss’s health left. And he dies when he reaches 10%, so okay! Oh hey, before we do our boss recap, if you like these videos, consider supporting us on Patreon! It’s what allows us to make sweet guides like this one. So let’s recap the bosses quick. Hakkar: kill adds as fast as possible always.

The Manastorms: intercept the power crystal beams and click the bombs before they explode. Xy’exa: when a player gets the bomb or the boss casts Explosive Contrivance, use the traps to avoid the damage. Mueh’zala: split the group for the portal phase, and watch both of his arms for the Master of Death dance. We also gotta mention a few notable mobs. Death Speaker: don’t worry about interrupting Shadowcore. Interrupt Death’s Embrace, it gives another mob a ton of haste. Atal’ai Devoted: needs to be killed before the cast goes off turning them into an even more difficult mob. Atal’ai Deathwalker: quickly move away from the Bladestorm. When one of these dies, they turn into an untankable spirit that slowly moves towards and attacks whoever is doing the most healing. Defunct Dental Drill: quickly line-of-sight the Haywire cast. Headless Client: these are the beyblade mobs. Everyone but the tank should quickly move away from them when they start channeling Spinning Up, because it does short ranged AoE damage. They’ll bounce off the tank and stop channeling after a couple hits. Weald Shimmermoth: quickly move away from the Sporrific Shimmerdust cast.

If you get hit by it, you’ll have to keep jumping to avoid falling asleep. And that’s our Quick Guide to De Other Side. I really need to take a second to thank all of the subscribers and patrons who support us! You’re the reason we’re able to make these guides. And also, let us know if you like these guides in the comments below or in the Ready Check Pull discord. Links to our streams and everything else in the description. Love you all, peace!.

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