Death’s Rising Week One Quick Start Guide – World of Warcraft: Shadowlands


Hey everyone. My name is Silver and if you’re watching this, the Shadowlands pre-patch event has started. This pre-patch is split into two parts, the first one opened on Tuesday Nov. 10, and the second part will open on the following Tuesday Nov. 17th. Today I’m showing you the introduction questline on Alliance. If you’re horde, the quest line will be different, but they mirror each other. I’ll include a link to the wowhead guide in the description box below. Upon logging in to a level 50 character, you will automatically be given the quest “An Urgent Request”. This takes you to Stormwind where you speak to Genn Greymane to find out what happened.

You’ll get a pretty nifty cinematic explaining what went on and we totally get an explanation on why Genn wasn’t in his goodest boy form and why he didn’t leap at the demon angels… okay we don’t actually get an explanation for that…. But anyways. You’ll then be sent over to Commander Gregor of the Argent Crusade… if you can see him. He’s under there… somewhere… He asks you to follow the road and speak to the field agents along the path. Each report you pick up makes the situation seem more and more dire, until you reach Duskwood. Duskwood is being overrun by the scourge, and your next quest is to thin some of them out. If you’re like me and did this on day one, I hope you have an instant-cast ability to tag these things! When you’ve had your fill of scourge slaying, turn in your quest and head back to Stormwind. The follow up quest will send you to Icecrown, so get your warmest mogs on and head on over.

The fastest way for me was to use the portal from Stormwind to Old Dalaran and then fly the rest of the way. It’s very important to use the Azure Drake mount that you just farmed from Malygos so that you’re thematically appropriate…. Alright it’s not that important but let me pretend it is okay?? This is where both parts of the story match up, so if you’re Horde, this video is relevant now! Upon speaking to Justicar Mariel Trueheart, we’re asked to kill some more scourey wourgey and to also heal up some sleepy boys and girls around the grounds. Once you’re finished with that, you’ll then be sent off to investigate what’s going on. You’ll need to fly over to the quest marker and click on the glowing telescope thing that has a… lever? You’ll be given a short cut scene showing the scourge forces, and you’ll repeat that process one more time to see some spooky magic ritual stuff. Turn those both and in and we’ll grab our last quest of week one, Advancing the Effort.

Go kill the Bone Giant elite and you unlock the Icecrown Dailies. You’ll unlock a total of four daily quests around Icecrown that award 3 Argent Commendations each. I don’t think all are available at the same time. You’ll be tasked with killing mobs, rescuing allies, and farming for drops. Pretty standard stuff. You can also unlock repeatable quests to turn in either 25 Darkened Scourgestones for 1 Argent Commendation, or 25 Pitch Black scourgestones for 3 Argent Commendations. Both of these items seem to drop from the undead mobs in Icecrown, the Pitchblack Scourgestone being a bit more rare than the Darkened Scrougestones. These are repeatable, so farm as many as you’d like! When all is said and done, you can spend your hard earned Argent Commendations on a “toy”, a pet, and some ilvl 100 gear. Talk to either Crusader Adevald Ironbeard or Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard in Icecrown, Quartermaster Renick in Stormwind, or Quartermaster Lungren in Orgrimmar to check out the wares.

The gear is just a slight variation on the Dread Gladiator sets, but as someone who avoids PvP whenever possible, I’m pretty happy with the easy to farm transmog. Plus I look like a cool priest guy when I’m wearing them. I mean, come on, look at that handsome stud. Don’t forget to head back to Stormwind and pick up the quest “Nathanos Blightcaller” from Commander Gregor. This takes you to a new world quest in the Eastern Plaguelands to almost kill Nathanos. It’s okay that we don’t get the killing blow though because he leaves us an ilvl 115 weapon. There’s also a decent list of rare bosses that drop ilvl 110 gear. According to WoWhead, many items dropped by these bosses are callbacks to their original drops back when they were first introduced. WoWhead also says they spawn roughly every 20 minutes, so it’s a pretty nice way to get some catchup gear. You might want to look out for the rare boss Bronjahm.

Bronja…ham… Broham… Uh, he drops a 34 slot bag, one of the only ones in the game! In addition to that, all bosses have a chance to drop a good number of Pitch Black Scourgestones for the repeatable quest, and the Accursed Keepsake, which is an updated version of the Haunted Memento. I tried going after one of these bosses the second the skull appeared on the map, and it died before I got there.

I wasn’t willing to stand around for another 20 minutes, so light’s speed to all of you who try to farm these on a high pop server! All in all, the introduction questline and the dailies should take you about an hour to complete. There’s lots of little things included in this pre-patch event, so if it isn’t mentioned here, definitely check out WoWhead to see what’s up. Thank you so much for watching, and if you enjoyed it, feel free to leave a comment telling me what you liked. And if you hated it, please be nice to me I’m sensitive. Once again, I’m Silver, and I hope you have an awesome pre-patch event.

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