Easy Island Expedition Mounts! Dubloon Loot Box Guide


Hi, I’m hazel and today I’m going to show you how to get the island expedition Mount of your dreams in 8.3, as you may have heard, the patch added in a new vendor selling, basically Island loot boxes for doubloons. Those can contain any of the island mounts which makes them much easier to obtain. This videos got a refresher on exactly which mounts are available, which caches can drop each one and how to farm up doubloons quickly. So here’s how it works. You can buy Salvage, but the blooms from the new vendor located right next to the old doubloon vendor.

Each box is connected to a few types of Island enemies which you can read on the tooltip, a cell which can contain mounts pets, toys or transmog that are tied to the mob types listed in its description. You’Ve got roughly one in five odds of seeing amount out of any given box; they can drop them. Only a few boxes will be up for sale at a time and the available selection changes weekly. It has nothing to do with which islands are up if you’re. After amount, you want to note down to which boxes can drop, it save up your doubloons and wait for those boxes to rotate on to the vendor. You’Ll notice. There are different quality crates for different prices. Most amounts will drop from the epic crates.

A few are available from the cheaper blue crates and the green ones will never have mounts next. Let’S look for the mounts one by one and highlight which crates can drop them. The data on these is still pretty limited, so it’s possible that there are more crate options for each mount than I’m. Showing drop rates may also vary by crate. So what I’m gon na do is just highlight your best bets for each mount based on the info. We have, if it’s the island thunder scale you’re after you will be waiting for jorindel Salvage chin shows, eternal hound is a ground mount and it can drop from the dread chain or snow blossom Salvage boxes. The crag horn chasm leaper is a big one and this can drop from the skittering hollow and dread chain Salvage. The twilight avenger drake mount it’s most likely to drop from the crest fall Salvage squads.

The grain parrot can drop from the crest fall Salvage or the rottenmeier salvage the arisen mayor. Mount is only available from the havens, wood Salvage, the serf jelly is an underwater mount and you can find it in any epic or blue quality Salvage. The blood gorge hunter. Bat is also reportedly from any purple or blue box. Similarly, these don’t hide elder one can drop from any purple or blue box.

I would farm the jelly bat and moose last. We don’t know if the drop rates are better from epic crates compared to blue or green ones, but that wouldn’t surprise me: you’ll need 175 to balloons to buy an epic crate and if you’re after mounts those are the ones I recommend, if you’re catching up on Island mounts no matter how you slice it you’ll need quite a few doubloons to farm those quickly. It’S pretty straightforward step. One is to make sure that you are talented into Island plunderer in your BFA research tree for bonus. Doubloons step two is to chew through mythic islands as fast as you possibly can grab your best gear and best friends group up some big poles and AoE them down having a tank with you helps stay away from the enemy boat. Don’T stress about quests, just pull big and loot stuff finishing mythic islands will reward bags of doubloons and you’ll see anywhere from 10 to 30 ish per run. A good group can clear a mythic Island in six to eight minutes.

If you never dug much into the old doubloon vendor that one is still there, the silt winged albatross mount and cranky crab toys are personal favorites of mine. You can also still see island mounts drop, the old-fashioned way, it’s just a bit of a long shot and it’s tougher to target specific ones. The boxes are way more reliable for getting you that one mount that your heart just wants more than the rest. Happy farming best of luck to you and have a wonderful, wonderful day, bye, [, Music, ]