Essential Addons for the WoW Goldmaker By: ElGoblinoGuides


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In this guide, we’ll be going over the addons for World of Warcraft I use for all my farming and auctioning endeavors. You could make do without any of them, but they’re here to make everything easier for you.

Some will be a 1 minute setup, others will take longer. But, in the long run, you’ll be saving countless hours by using them.


Auctioning, crafting, mailing, shopping, warehousing. For each of these things, I consider this addon to be the best there is. The learning curve is steep, but it pays off the time you put into it very quickly.

Follow this guide for installation and setting up instructions for the auctioning portion.

Faster Loot

Makes looting instant. That’s it.

Scrap (Junk Seller)

With this, you can setup any item in your bags to be classified as junk. When you get to a vendor, you can sell all of the junk with the press of 1 button, instead of individually picking what you want to sell every single time. One of my favorite addons.

You can setup keybinds for selling junk and setting mouseover items as junk in the WoW keybinds menu -> addons.

image 1


I use this addon for 3 reasons: to have an idea of how much a farm is worth, to automatically delete junk items as I farm and to reset instances at the press of a button and know how close to instance lockout I am.

This can be as precise as it gets for knowing the value of some farms and for others it will be completely useless (because of items such as Mote of Air, which transform into Primal Air or because of items whose price is largely inflated, such as WoD and other expansion transmog). It’s up to you to learn how to read the information it gives you.

image 2


This addon toggles on and off a replacement for the minimap to make tracking objects easier, such as herbs and ores, in the middle of the screen. You won’t have to look where you’re going and to the top right, all the time, anymore.

This is how I prefer mine to look:

image 3


This makes it easier to come up with routes for gathering. It will visually record herb, ore and other gathers on your map and minimap. You can individually toggle each herb, ore or other on or off (Copper, Peacebloom, for example).

Leatrix Maps

Maps as they should have been:

image 4

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