Fury Warrior Mage Tower Guide ( World of Warcraft )


I posted a video a guide a while ago on how I did the arms warrior, means tower challenge and a few people found it quite useful. So I thought I would post a guide on how I did the fury warrior one as well. I am NOT an expert on the warrior class, but did manage to do both the arms and the fury challenges back-to-back and I have to sear the fury. One was very difficult for me as of right now you mere algea the content, so you might not have as much trouble as I did at the time. I was around 915 and had gayyem Europe from relinquished items and loot from invasion bosses. I had Norte Ageha and just two legendaries, the legendaries I had with the ring I all’s Stoneheart and the braces manna Roth’s bloodletting manacles. The legendary braces really helped during this fight. Again, this fight was not perfect by any means, and this was the second most difficult.

Mage tower that I had done, I had over fifty attempts. So if I can do this, then so can you so first make sure that you use and bring with you an augment rune, a flask of countless armies, a portion of all dois for the extra DPS boost if needed and drums of fury to use when needed. The food I used Mia seem strange, but it did make a big difference and that was the spiced Falco saw omelet. This boosts your movement and attack speed after killing a target, so it procs quite often during this fight. Due to the number of ads. You are constantly killing now the macro on screen will make your heroic leap jump to where your cursor is pointed at on the screen. This can help speed up your positioning and movement for when the boss transitions or whenever you use this ability. So, moving on to the talents for the level 15 talent, you need to be taking Warmachine as the 30 % hissed and 30 % movement speed.

It gives you from killing an enemy is super important. This will be propping a lot due to just how many ads you will be killing for the level 30 talent. I recommend you take double time. I tried this fight, multiple, I’m using shockwave installed and whilst it can be helpful to stun the add, sticky and a bit of control over them, I just found to both time to be the most useful due to how much it helps you move around, and there Was a lot of movement in this fight for the level 45 talent you can choose between either avatar or wrecking ball, as they are both very effective in this fight. I chose the wrecking ball talent since it was a passive ability, so it was just one less thing to manage and think about, but I also found it a lot more useful on helping to DPS down the groups of ads that continuously spawned throughout this encounter. Avatar will, however, give you better single target DPS. I tried to fight multiple times with avatar, but I found I had better success when using the wrecking ball talent for the level 60 Talent.

I chose furious charge. This is important as it increases the healing dawn from your next blood thirst by 300 %. It works well when, combined with the level 30 talent double charge. This means you can get more frequent healing and since staying alive in this fight can be difficult, especially for me, as my gear was not the best, so this can be a lifesaver at times, if you’re, not finding it hard to stay alive, then warp he and Mia proved to be a more effective choice for the level 75 talent. Frothing berserker is just the best talent, as the increased damage and movement it provides is crucial for this challenge. For the level 90 talent you need to pick in a ridge since Raging blue is an ability you will be using often having the increased damage from this ability makes it very effective. And, finally, the level 100 talent should be reckless abundant.

As increasing the duration of your battle, cry is very important, especially for the ad sections of this fight. So just before the fight takes place, I just want to mention that imps will spawn continuously during this encounter. Each set of imps have a certain set of abilities, which I will address during the fight and whilst on their own, they are not particularly difficult or dangerous to deal with. But if you start with these imps mount up, you can very quickly become overwhelmed with their mechanics and you will eventually end up dying. This fight is basically an ad management encounter. So, at the start of the fight, don’t forget to pre pot like I did jump in and start to go through your rotation on the boss quite quickly. The first set of smouldering imps will spawn. Now. These don’t do a lot of damage at first, but the more they’re cast their fire portability, the more damage it does. So if they are left alive for too long, it will become a problem. If you pre pot it, then your portion will be active to allow you to DPS down. These adds quite quickly, as you can see, a fuming imp has also spawned, and these target you and when they hit you or explore their drop a plague Zone on the floor which soars you down and does damage to you. If you stand on it, this will remain for the duration of the encounter.

The next adds that spawn are the IMP servants and their channel a small hail into the boss. So I used battle cry and Odin’s fury to nuke them down fast, just move out of the purple circles that spawn at your feet and continue to DPS the boss. The boss will cast an ability, called dark fury and will put a shield around herself, so dps is down as soon as possible. However, don’t use battle cry or Auden’s fury on this. Another fuming imp will no doubt spawn. Whilst your attacking the shield, you use your intro to stop dark fury again, the process of ads will continue and, as you can see, three Umbra imps have spawned along with two in servant, a fury. Imp will also a spawn not long after now. You need to make sure that both your battle cry and Odin’s fury are off cooldown. It’S all care to wait a little bit until they become available use these to increase your chances of quickly nuking down the adds. Sometimes there will be people and will go down fast. Sometimes you won’t be so lucky, so you will just have to deal and adapt to it.

I didn’t do so great here and, as you can see how quickly things can get out of control. In that short space of time, the boss was pure from 69 % to 72 %. She will once again reform her shield, so rinse and repeat the processes before DPS it down the intro of dark fury again, keep battlecry and Ornstein for when a number of ads are open. This time around things went a lot smoother and the ads went down a lot faster, meaning I got more DPS into the boss at 50 % health. The boss will go into the second fears and will teleport to the top of the care that you’re in now.

This to me is the most dangerous part of the fight, as you will still have to deal with all of the ads and the bosses abilities, whilst dodging boulders that are falling from the board, and if these ballers hit you they will both damage and stun you. I always used hero in this part of the fight, as you want to try and make the boss teleport away from here as soon as possible. You may also want to use your second DPS portion, but that’s your decision now. As you can see, I made a right mess of this section as I used Auden’s flurry in error without casting battlecry, which caused me a massive problem in getting the in style. I was trying not to use battle cry, as the clowns would now be out of. Sync, but I had to, as I was falling behind again see how quickly things can get out of control. If you make a mistake, however, they did manage to regain control and DPS our shield down and take her health to 40 %, which she then teleported to the far end of the room.

Again, you just have to repeat the process of killing ads and dodging the borders, and it should be easier at this end of the room, since you can see the borders a little bit, but you ignore me. Instead, I decide to moon, walk right into a border and almost get one shot, so I popped in raged, regeneration and commanding shout to try and just survive, and I was lucky enough to get a blood thirst off, whilst anyways regeneration was active which boosted my health, A lot so, once again, I was looking to get things under control. They got her shield down, interrupted the cast and at around 30 percent. She goes back to the other side to servants at spawn, so I partially damaged them whilst heading towards the boss.

Thankfully, things went a lot smoother this time around. We ads were dealt with a lot better. She then teleports back over to the other side. For the final time again, I got the ads down fast and the boss only had 5 % health, so I could probably have just nuked her down, but I did not want to risk it. So I killed the final healing ad instead and then just ignored the next set of healing ads that were approaching and finished her off afterwards, just teleport back to Dalaran and pick up your skin from inside the violet citadel. This was a super, difficult challenge for me and it felt great to get it done if you have managed to do it all so then congratulations, I hope your kill went a lot smoother than mine. So thanks for watching, let me know how you get on so please comment like share and subscribe and I’ll see you next time: [, Music, ], [, Music, ],