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Fury Warrior Shadowlands Best in Slot Trinkets


Hey guys clear, so the raid is just better come out and with that we do have some updated news from blizzard on how they’re going to lose whether it’s in pvp or midi, plus uh, the pvp one, is whatever right. You’Re gon na get like 550 conquest. That’S the cap. You can get essentially any of the off pieces or like bracers trinket any of the small stuff. There’S like a conduit in there, whatever right there’s that nobody really cares. I think, for the first week of what you can do in pvp, i mean you could get an off piece if you really need to, or you can actually save it up for a piece that actually matters now for mythic plus. This is where i think kind of the big change really came in is that in previous, i think couple of like patches or whatever in the nas expansion.

It’S been plus. Six was like the limit for that first week, right of the rate being out in the first week of the season. This has now changed uh to plus ten, so you can farm all the way until plus ten to get better end of dungeon awards. Now, what plus ten means is that you’re gon na have to do the seasonal fix, which is prideful, which i actually think makes a dungeon easier. It’S one of those buffs and seasonal affixes uh, just like the previous one. We had where there’s a negative component. Is that every twenty percent right you’re going to hit an ad and you’re going to have to kill an ad and they add those like taking aoe damage? But once you kill the ad, you get a pretty good damage buff and it gives you movement speed and it gives you mana regen um and i actually think doing a dungeon and plus 10 is probably faster than plus 9, because the buff you get is actually Pretty powerful once you kill the prideful that, but that aside, as far as for our gear right, you’re going to be getting 203 eye level gear, if you can complete plus 10 eye level, mythic plus, which is actually huge because right 203, that’s better than normal right. Normal a normal boss, like the first eight bosses, it’s gon na drop 200 eye level loot.

Now, when you get to the last two bosses, they drop 207. So the last two bosses are still gon na be better than normal, but it’s pretty crazy because you can essentially farm mythic plus and one either build a trade loot or just get better loot than the majority of the raid gear itself. So it gives you, i think, a little more things to do next week. You know farming, mythic plus, isn’t completely like as wasteful as it maybe was previously. But if you do want maximum rewards like when you go to your vault next week, you still want to be doing plus 14s. Now you don’t have to like spam them like at the max you’re, only doing 10 plus 14s, or you can do four plus 14s or you can just do one plus 14, depending on like kind of what bracket you want to be in for the vault. So so, essentially, like you, don’t have to do that many plus 14s, but i think you should do at least one uh. If you just want a better reward. That’S the goal i think by end of the week is do plus 14s, but as far as our farming is considered, you want to farm plus tens. Now, if plus, tens is too difficult, whether you guys don’t have the damage, the healing or you just can’t find a group doing plus sevens is just fine. Doing plus sevens will get you 200 eye level. Loot – and you know, that’s only three less eye levels than a plus 10 and much much easier, much much faster.

It’S possible that people might start off with plus sevens as they get geared up a little bit and then they can do a plus tens uh. Just to farm a little bit more after that, so with that being said, that means items from mythic plus next week are gon na be pretty important right. Obviously you wan na farm the two dungeons that have weapons right, because you want as big of weapons as you can get. So as far as for the two dungeons farms, you get weapons in mist, right, there’s a two-hander. I mean there’s a one-hander too, but there’s a 200 with high haste on it right, that’s one of the dungeons you want to farm. The other one you want to farm is aquatic wake which, right, if you haven’t, had the legendary yet right, you can go and farm it, but once again, another two-hander with high haste and a little bit of burst. These are the two dungeons right, necrotic, wake and mist that you really want to do a lot just to make sure you get a better eye level weapon right if you can get a two or three out of open great right, you’re you’re pumping. Obviously, if you can do hero rating and get the weapon from the last boss to serve the narrators, that’s even better, but at least for a start you can get really good weapons.

Now, that’s obvious right. The weapon stuff is obvious. Now, maybe what’s not obvious is trinkets right, so i’ve added to kind of my this guide from yesterday. I’Ve added a new tab for all shadowlands trinkets um, just simming the mythic plus trinkets, the inscription trinket, the darkmoon faire trinket the two pvp trinkets, and then you know i put in the ray trinkets in there. Essentially, you guys can go in and click on. Each of these raid bots uh and it’ll kind of show you right, so i did one for single target sim for five minutes. One for hectic at cleve for one minute hectic actually just means the ad spawn. I think it’s like 40 of the time, there’s ads. Other time it’s a single target, and then i also did a one minute: five targets they never die just full only for for one minute right and you guys can kind of like scroll down here, see what the trinkets are. What the best strings are at this time now, you’re gon na see some things that pop up, like all the time like you’re gon na see inscribable quantum device pop up all the time.

You’Re gon na see the mccomb ray sheet music pop up all the time. Right like so when you, when you think about like trinkets, that you want obviously there’s drinkers that are really good in single target like the file putrification at the same eye level right. So this is only comparing all trinkets at 200 eye level. The file pressurification is the absolute best single target trinket. Now it’s not the best aoe trinket. Now the effect is horrible. If the ad dies, because you essentially need it to last 30 seconds right to get the full value out, but if the ads actually survive for a while, it’s not as bad right, it can kind of get up there and how high it sims and but stuff. Like stats, especially haste as even better value like you, can see all the trinkets that can proc haste in some way or even crit um, but even this one specifically like there’s so much haste going on right. Even this trinket that you just stand there, you build enemy field, you get haze for aoe, that’s probably the best bet single target.

There’S all this stuff. You guys can obviously take a look at this um. I’Ve also listed, i think, some priorities to get uh. It’S just based upon the results of those sims, so for a single target. You really want to be farming for the file precipitation. You want to be farming for the quantum device and then, of course, when the raid comes out, you want the sheet music spare hook. If you can whatever i, i might actually question about this – i don’t know if this one is actually that great. So i would, i would tentatively put that there, of course, there’s the dreadfire vessel, that’s from the last boss of the raid and then for aoe right. You can see the micromachine music come in um, the dark moon deck actually does okay, mythic plus. So if you guys are kind of on the fence about whether or not you want to be, you know using dark moon deck or buying it, you don’t have to right.

You can see there’s a lot of trinkets on my hair, where you don’t have to buy darkwing deck. But if you wanted like a little bit of boost, so you can kind of farm mythic plus easier next week. You can definitely pick that up and then you know use it for mythic plus the other thing. Of course, this is only comparing it at the same eye level right so like the stuff here realistically is only going to be applicable for next week and also later on, if you somehow find trinkets with similar eye levels, the best way, of course, is always to Just actually sim the trinkets against each other see how that work. Now, unfortunately, it might not work perfectly because to even get some of these trinkets to work. I have to edit the apl in sims, which is like the action priority list to actually use the trinkets.

So that’s one thing: hopefully that gets updated so that way it’s easier for everybody to send trinkets, but just know that, like if you sim some active trinkets, they might not work in sims because there’s no command to use the trinket right. Just just heads up on that when you’re thinking about like simming active trinkets, but hopefully this gives you guys a good idea of like what potential mythic plus to be going for. Obviously you want, like 203 eye level, at least in all of your gear right. So you can do all these mythic pluses and get all the gear great, but you really want to be focusing primarily first on getting your weapons ready and then getting your trinkets. And then you can worry about the rest of the gear right.

Those are not as important as the four slots for the two weapons and two trinkets so focus on these four items. First, and i hope you guys have a great raid launch um. Hopefully there isn’t anything too crazy. I know that the current maintenance is like planned for eight hours on n a we’ll see how that works. I don’t even know if we’re gon na rate on the first day, but if not we’ll wait on the second day for sure, and i can get you guys, some more like boss, videos and kind of what that’s like, but as always thanks for checking out the Video guys feel free to subscribe, to see more see ya.

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