Hey everyone! The final chapter of Raid Finder is coming out – or, by the time you’re watching this – has perhaps already been released! In this video, I’m going to show you the G’huun fight from a healer’s perspective, more specifically Holy Paladin. This will cover skills from LFR, Normal and his Heroic tactics as well. Please note that the footage I’m using in this video is from normal. Holy Pallys, if you want to see what talents I used, you can pause the video now to check it out. Other than that, let’s get started! G’huun is an interesting fight that has essentially 3 stages to it. In the first one, players will fight agains’t G’huun’s minions and not yet G’huun itself. This phase ends when three Power Matrix orbs – aka basketballs – have been slam dunked into the Reorigination Drive. While in the middle, if you gain Explosive Corruption, as with many mechanics you’ve seen in the past, run to the edge of the room to drop down the debuff away from your group.

Avoid Virulent Corruption orbs – they kinda look like oatmeal balls – because they hurt and can significantly damage raid members hit with them. G’huun will be summoning adds that have to be killed asap. Essentially, healers need to support the group as they take down these adds. A player with Torment debuff will require some heals over time. The Dark Young add will cast Dark Bargain at 100% energy – keep a watchful eye on players affected by that debuff. As for players on the Upper Platforms, they’ll be taking damage over time to be sure to precast HoTs, shields and pay attention to their health as they navigate to the Reorigination Drive.

Once three matrixes have been slam dunked, Reorigination Blast deals high raid damage to all players for 24 seconds. This causes enemies to also be stunned and take more damage. Healers – great time to use your major cooldowns, pre-cast HoTs and defensive abilities to keep your raid alive. After the Reorigination Blast is over, out pops G’huun. Pay attention to the stacks of Growing Corruption on the tanks, the higher the stacks, the more heals they’ll need. Avoid Wave of Corruption cast from G’huun – if you get hit by it, you’ll gain stacks of Putrid Blood which is a stacking debuff. Healers – pay attention to players with higher stacks of Putrid Blood – they’ll need heals and defensives thrown their way. During the wave is another good time to use a major cooldown or defensive ability to help out your raid. If you have stacks of Putrid Blood, you can run next to a player who is afflicted with Blood Feast, which will remove your stacks. By doing so, a Gibbering Horror will spawn which need to be killed or timed with the next Reorigination Blast.

Explosive Corruption continues into this phase, so again, if you get it, run away from the group to drop it off along the edge of the room. Stage Three begins when G’huun reaches 20% health. Growing Corruption on the tanks, Wave of Corruption and Explosive Corruption continue through to the end. Blood Feast does not, so if a player gains stacks of Putrid Blood, they’ll need extra attention as it won’t be able to be removed. Run away from the Collapse ability to reduce the amount of damage taken. When Gaze of G’huun is cast, simply turn your character to face away from him or get feared. On Heroic Mode, avoid Malignant Growths that spawn around the room. .

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