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Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and yah, I know, based on the title and thumbnail, this guide better be friggin awesome. So, let?s rock. Back in the day, Shadowfang keep was considered kind of a joke for gold farmers. There?s transmog farming, which is filled with RNG and the broken hearts that brings, and then there?s twink farming, which is running a specific dungeon sometimes hundreds of times just so you can get a specific 1 or 2 pieces of gear that sell for 50-100k gold. Now, that?s what Shadowfang Keep is, and now that’ we’re all kindof used to that style, we’re ready for the Shadowfang Keep twink farm on steroids. For new players, a twink is someone who turns off XP at level 19, 29, or 59 in order to PVP in a specific bracket.

Then they get the absolute best stats on their gear possible and proceed to crush people?s souls like it?s a goldfish cracker they accidentally step on. In this guide we are going to Gnomeregan. This dungeon has 9 pieces of BoE gear that sell for obscene gold on the Auction House. And you need to learn how to do this quick, because in Legion, PvP scaling may be changing so this stuff could possibly be worthless soon if Blizz stays the course. But really, people have bought server transfers, paid 800,000 gold, and and then paid another $25 just to transfer back to their original server, just to get this gear. The two items main we?re hoping for out of the 9 Gnomeregan BoEs are the Hotshot Pilots Gloves and the Caverndeep Trudgers, both of which sell for 250k gold at the moment, at the low end! Now, if you wait, you better believe that this guide will get popular and these prices will fall as competition rises, so do this now. Also, if you get one of those two pieces, let me know in the comments. If you haven’t ever been to Gnomeregan, you want to take a portal to Ironforge, then head to the Northwestern most part of Dun Morogh. There?s an elevator there that can kill you as you go in, so watch your step. For Horde, the best way to get here is to, as usual, delete your toons you filthy savages, and roll Alliance.

There are two entrances to this dungeon, the main entrance and the back entrance at the Workshop. You need a key to unlock and open the back entrance so do one full run to start off, before you do speed runs. Also, this dungeon is notoriously confusing with it?s multiple levels, so I pieced together a full dungeon map and route for running the dungeon forward and backwards, if you want to do the full run.

You can follow my map boards on Pinterest to get all my maps. Most of the blues have between a 0.03% and 0.05% drop rate, and the Caverndeep Trudgers and Hotshot Pilot Gloves are lower, possibly even only dropping off the Crowd Pummeler 9-60 boss, so we?re going to focus on him in our speed runs. Start at the Workshop entrance, head down the main path, and take a left when you get to the Engineering Labs. Wait for all the slowpoke mechs to catch up after you kill the boss.

And do a little AoE. These guys are level 29, so they have no health. You could probably solo this on a level 40 character no problem. It’s great for new toons, new servers. Now, the ilvl of these BoEs has changed a few times over the years to their current ilvl 29, and when Deathwing came in during Cataclysm, the normal lvl 29 elites were removed from the dungeon. This speed run has 1 boss, 8 elites level 27 & 28, and 21 non elites. The way vanilla drops work is that a lvl 29 item has the normal drop rate off a lvl 29 elite, and then level 28 and 30 elites have ? the drop rate. 27 and 31 elites have ? the drop rate and so on. So, it?s still worth farming these level 27 and 28 elites, but the drop rate is ridiculously low. Get to the boss as fast as possible. I averaged 1 of the BoEs every 10 runs, every lockout, which is probably a little high, but it’s still reasonable. We?re killing 300 mobs every 10 speed runs, so if we?re working with a .05% drop rate, you have a 65% chance to get a blue every 20 minute session. Let’s talk gold value.

Worst case scenario, If you?re on a bad server, only get the lowest price on the Auction House, and never get the Hotshot Pilot gloves or Caverndeep Trudgers, you?re still looking at a 5000 gold expected value every 20 minutes. Best case is over 200k per 20 minutes, which is just ridiculous, but while I want you to be excited about this, I don?t want to mislead you. We?re talking about very low drop rates and very specific buyers. So much so that, if you get the Hotshot Pilot Gloves, it would be worth putting up a WTS post in the Battle.Net forums.

People all across WoW would be interested. And finally, there actually is a trick to doing this on Horde, but I’ll just put this in the description so read there. I?m putting out new dungeon farming guide every Monday at noon and Material farming guides every Wednesday, so subscribe if you haven’t to make sure you see the next one. Other than that, I hope you have a great day, make a ton of gold. Let me know how much gold you make, and I’ll talk to you later. Bye!.

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