Golden Rule to the Best Farming Amount (WoW Gold Guides)


Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and I?ve been doing a series on material farming recently. One question y?all asked in the comments was ?How do I know how much to farm?? It also sounds like you?re worried about losing money on posting fees from posting more ore than you need to, so I thought I?d put out a guide explaining my thought process when it comes to posting items. There?s a couple ways to figure out how much you should post on the Auction House, but I?ll just show you an easy one and then a little bit more in depth. First things first though. For any gathering profession you want to keep materials on the auction house from every expansion you can. So, let’s take mining for example. Have the different tiers of vanilla mats, get fel iron and adamantium from the Burning Crusade, the Cobalt Ore and Titansteel Bars from Wrath of the Lich King, get all the Cataclysm stuff, get Ghost Iron Ore from Pandaria, all the Warlords stuff, and in the future, Legion. And specifically I?m talking about ore from Mining, herbs (or Herbs if you?re from one of those weird contries), Leather from Skinning, cloth from Tailoring, and in the same vein, ink from Inscription.

Kindof. Works the same way. So, long story short, keep all these different tiers to maximize your income if you?re planning on making gold from farming materials. DON?T JUST STICK TO CURRENT CONTENT. So, let’s figure out how much we?re going to post, and in the same vein, how much we need to farm. And let’s use Fel Iron as an example, since we already brought that up. For the first example, we’re going to go to WoWUction. Steps are pretty basic. Find Your Realm. Click on the professions tab and go to whichever one you?re interested in. Here we’re going to go to mining. It defaults to the Quick Advice panel, but we want to be looking at the Product Analysis tab.

It shows you more information and doesn’t just show you a few of the items. Sort by Sold Per Day so that the highest volume is up top and find your item. Looks like Fel Iron Ore sells 118 per day and we have a normal amount of competition with 350 ore posted. Now, the key to this, I recommend posting ? of the sold per day amount each time you post, but anywhere from ? to ? of the sold per day. It depends on how often you’re going to be reposting. Put more up if you’re going to be reposting for 48 hoursl And put a little less up if you’re posting for 12. amount. I don’t like to babysit my material posts so I’ve recently just been throwing up everything for 48 hoursk so I’d probably just go out and get 2 or 3 times of the sold per day amount, 200 to 300 ore, and just keep what I don’t post in my bank until the next week when I go out and farm again. So, with materials, you might an artificially inflated sold per day amount because prices on your server were awkwardly low the past couple weeks and people have just been buying up for resale.

Well, in that case we move on to technique numberr on your server and people are buying it for resale. Head over to theunderminejournal and search for your product. There?s a cool new graph that shows the number of new auctions posted recently and then how many of them ended up expired. Now,you can have an auction of any size, so take this information with a grain of salt, but if you set the candlestick graph above it to a one month timeframe, you can compare the two and interpret some information. For instance, on April 26, when prices maxed out at 15,000 gold per fel iron ore, there were a few auctions that didn?t get bought, so you might not want to post your Fel Iron that high.

But that?s it, guys, I hope this helped. If any addon developers are watching this, it would be awesome to have a recommended amount in the tooltips in game. But you know, that’s it! Have a good one guys, I will see you tomorrow. Thanks for watching, Bye..

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