Goroth is the first boss you’ll encounter in Tomb of Sargeras. In this video, I’m going to assume you’ve already seen an overview of the fight through guides such as FatBossTV, which I will link in the description. This is basically a TL;DR version for healers. If you get targeted by Infernal Spike, you have a few seconds to run away to avoid getting hit by it. You’ll know you are targeted because you’ll see discolored, unstable ground appear underneath your feet.g Now that the spikes are up, hide behind them Infernal Spikes to avoid being hit by Infernal Burning – his 6 second cast.

This should give you plenty of time to stop what you are doing and run behind a pillar. Crashing Comment will mark 3 players and after 4 seconds, have a comet crash down on them. You must isolate yourself by standing away from both players and pillars as to not destroy them. Make sure pillars are not in your radius or else you will destroy them. His ability, Shattering Star, will target a player using a large arrow. Hide behind the spawned pillars so that the ball goes through the pillars to avoid max damage. You ideally want it to soak through at least 2 pillars, but not all of them because you’ll still need the pillars for other mechanics. Shattering Star will destroy the pillars it hits, so be wary of where you stand. So those are the 4 main mechanics to worry about. Now as for healer specifics, be wary of your tanks getting the debuff called Burning Armor which is a DoT that lasts 6 seconds, does a ton of damage and when it expires, will explode in a 25 yard radius as well as destroy any pillars.

Their damage taken will also increase by 100% for 20 seconds after, so be sure to pay attention to the tank it’s on and keep them alive. In Heroic Mode, Goroth will gain an ability called Fel Eruption which which cause a quarter of the room to be filled with fire and destroy any pillars in that radius. Range needs to be spread out so that pillars can spawn evenly throughout the chamber and not just in one single stacked area. This way the Fel Eruption won’t be able to completely destroy all pillars since they’ll be spread out. All in all, he only has this 1 phase, so once your raid group can get these mechanics down, it should be a pretty straightforward fight. Good luck and have fun! Thank you for watching guys if you like the video, give it a thumbs up, if you have any questions, feel free to sound off in the comments below and if you enjoy my channel I would love if you subscribed! Have a great day!.

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