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Guardian of the First Ones Raid Guide – Sanctum of Domination Boss Guide


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the Guardian of the First Ones fight in the Sanctum of Domination on Normal and Heroic difficulty. The thing that really drives this fight is the boss’ energy. He starts with some, and it drains over time. When he’s out, he’ll repeatedly cast Purging Protocol, which hits the raid like a truck and gets stronger every time it’s cast.

That will wipe you if you just let it happen.

To recharge the boss and stop that, you need to move him over to an Energy Core. While he’s on it, he’ll juice back up, and there will be a shield on the ground that the entire raid needs to stay in if they wanna live. The raid should already be on the core when you’re bringing the boss over to it. After 20 seconds of charging, the core starts to melt down, and the raid needs to get at least 15 yards away from it to survive that.

Even after moving out, Meltdown still hurts a lot and it’s a good place for a healer cooldown. So there’s your timer, so to speak. You can’t let the boss stay empty, you consume cores to charge him up, you have three cores.

Makes sense. While you’re managing his battery, there are also mechanics to do.

All of these are fine and good when you’re just letting his energy dwindle out in the open, and kinda tight when you’re doing them with the whole raid sitting in the core bubble. Sentries will form and wander around. Their little zone is very bad and you do not want it on you. Now, that Purging Protocol that he does on empty will clear sentries.

Later in the fight if they’re getting out of hand, you can let the boss run dry for ONE cast before moving him to the next core, and that’ll clear the field of sentries.

The tank swap is Sunder, and it applies it’s debuff in a 6 yard AOE. Only the current tank should be in that, and the other tank can take the boss after Sunder. Disintegration is a large beam that you should move out of. Threat Neutralization is a big ring AOE that targets players, they need to get some space. If you’re on a core, the players with these can kind of fan out along the back edge of the shield to leave as much room as they can.

On Normal, that’s the fight. On Heroic, the tank life gets a bit spicer with the addition of Obliterate. This goes out after Sunder, hitting his target and doing a big pile of damage shared among players within 8 yards.

So one tank, standing alone, takes sunder. The other tank, with the raid stacked on them, taunts and takes the Obliterate.

Problem solved. Aside from the AOE rings and the sunder tank, the raid should be pretty stacked for this whole fight. And that is Guardian of the First Ones in the Sanctum of Domination! Thanks for watching, I’ve got more videos like this if you like and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!


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