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Hard Mode Tazavesh Guide – Get Your Gearglider Mount!


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to Hard Mode Tazavesh,  the Veiled Market. We’ll look at what you get for doing hardmode,  how to unlock and activate it, and what changes with the boss fights. Doing Tazavesh on Hard Mode offers two main benefits over a standard run.  You’re gonna get item level 233 loot up from 226, and your first successful hard mode clear  will get you an Achievement and the Tazavesh Gearglider mount.

This thing flies and it’s got  a really cool mounting up animation along with a fun mount special. The only other mount like this  is the Cartel Master’s gear glider which is a rare drop of So’leah.

The hard mode one is guaranteed,  though, so if you can finish hard mode tazavesh you for sure get this mount. To unlock Hard Mode, at least one person in the group needs to have a Forged Credentials neck.  You get this once, and then you can turn on hard mode with it whenever you like.

To get your neck, in a fresh lockout of regular tazavesh, start by beating the first boss.  Then, find the Questionable Trader over HERE and buy some Fraudulent Credentials.  Next, do the trading event to get into Myza’s Oasis and talk to Au’manal here inside the  club.

Trade your Fraudulent Credentials to him for Passable ones and you can now turn on Hard  Mode anytime you like. You can only activate hard mode at the beginning of a run so you  will need a fresh lockout if you want to do it in the same week as getting your neck.

At the beginning of a fresh lockout, equip and activate your neck to turn into a Broker  and talk to Fe’tajid.

Don’t aggro anything before you do that. Click through all of  his dialogue and hard mode will now activate, which adds new complications to each boss fight.  Once this is done you can switch your neck back,  so no worries if you have a better one or a legendary in that slot. If you’ve never seen the Tazavesh fights before,  I recommend watching my boss guides for them first, should be a link in the corner for ya.

  Here, I’m going to highlight how Hard Mode changes each fight.

For Zo’phex, you fight the boss and a Portalmancer add at the same time.  More importantly, you cannot clear trash before the fight and it WILL become hostile once you  pull, so you need to do the whole fight shoved into this tiny slice of room at the very back.  On a fight with lots of ground AOE to avoid, this is genuinely really difficult.

The add will do party damage, kickable casts and big line attacks on the floor to avoid.

  In particular kick Glyph of Restraint, since that’s a slow.  Use cooldowns and burn that add ASAP to make the fight doable. After the add is down, do your best to stay out of the spinning blades and break people  out of containment cells immediately. It can also be tough to see where your weapon went  when he yoinks it, so keep an eye on your character model before that cast so you can  watch it fly out. This was nearly the hardest fight of the whole  place on hard mode so if you can get past this one, you’re in good shape.

For Menagerie, the only change is that new bosses activate every thirty seconds instead  of after a health threshold, making this fight a strict DPS check if you want to not  fight all three at once. There’s no new mechanics, though, and in current gear this should be fine. For Hard Mode Mailroom, the unstable goods packages root you when you pick them up,  meaning in theory you have to hot potato them between players to pass them into the chutes.  In practice, what you do is just use every cooldown and consumable you have and burn  the boss down before the first set of packages explodes.

If you don’t have a  lust class in the group, then use drums.

 It makes this fight dramatically easier. For the Myza’s Oasis fight, you get fancier adds in the second wave2. Make sure that the healer  is playing drums and the tank guitar. Vilt, on the tank, has a frontal cone called Rip Chord  to sidestep out of. Also, kick the Discordant Song cast from Evaile and you should be all set.

For So’azmi, it starts to get spicy again. She has Triple technique instead of double,  meaning you need to interrupt her three times up from two. Having one player watch the teleporter  positions and call out which ones to use for Shuri and technique helped a lot =here.  You can’t hesitate with picking your teleports and this fight does not give you much time to think.  This was the second actually hard fight on Hard Mode, after the first boss.

Moving along, Hylbrande gets some new adds, these Stormbound Breakers.  Tanks can pick those up. Kick their Lightning Nova, kill them, problem solved.  There is a bit of extra damage to heal through also but this fight should be fine.

Harde mode Hooktail gets these big blue Slowed Time Bubbles, and those will stack a slow on  anyone in them.

That makes it spicier to kite adds into the breath while avoiding getting tagged  by the breath or the tail yourself. Avoid the bubbles as best you can, those will ruin your day. Last, So’leah. On Hardmode, poking the Collapsing Star will debuff the poker  with Star Vulnerability, making them take more damage from the star AOE DoT.

Tanks  and a few other survivable players should do the staggered poking, preferably with defensives up.

To make it harder, when a star is poked, it’ll suck everyone towards it for a few seconds.  Don’t be too close to it unless you’re about to poke and careful not to get pulled in and  poke again too soon. Refreshing and stacking the DoT before it falls off is really ugly to heal,  so fight the pull and don’t doublepoke. That’s what’s probably going to wipe people here. Also, on Hard Mode all five relics must be hit with the same hyperlight jolt.

  Put each player behind one relic and the beams should thread through them.

You should be doing  it like this anyways, it’s much faster. So’leah was the third difficult boss of hard mode, mostly  just because healing through the star damage, but once you survive this you get your mount! After finishing the dungeon, you should have completed your ‘Tazavesh:  A Hard Bargain’ quest. Go back to Myza’s Oasis to exchange your neck for a better one-  the new one will still work to turn on hard mode but it’s item level 226.

Hard Mode is definitely worth doing at least once for the mount, and spending time in  Tazavesh is good practice for later on when they split it in half to add to Mythic Plus.  Thanks for watching, good luck in there and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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