Here’s why YOU should be farming Arcane Crystals and Thorium (over 30k/h) By: ElGoblinoGuides


Who is this for?

Everyone! Both crafters and non-crafters.

Doing this will save you several thousands of gold or make you several thousands of gold per hour.

Alchemists will make the most gold with crafting Arcanite Bars, but selling the Arcane Crystals directly is also really good.


1. Get classic Mining and Herbalism. You can train this at your faction’s cities.

2. Use a druid.

3. Get the appropriate addons to make your life easier. See this guide for reference.

4. Get Darkmoon Firewater for faster gathering.


  • The most important material is the Arcane Crystal, but all the ores and herbs are also significant.

  • You can get Ghost Mushroom in a cave in Un’Goro.

  • Note that 2 hours is not enough data to accurately determine what the best zone is – but 8 hours is a very good indicator that farming for Thorium/Arcane Crystal is very, very good.

See this sheet for all the items and gold values.

Expected per hour value:

  • 32k without Alchemy

  • 38k with Alchemy

If you’ve not started using TSM yet, you can follow this guide. It will you save you hours of work and you should be using it.

Un’Goro Crater

Take the Uldum portal from your main city to get here.

Super simple route.

Go into the cave in the North-East and pick up the Ghost Mushroom. Each gives you 70g (or 1k, if you craft Ghost Dye).


Dreamwalk -> Moonglade -> Fly South

Don’t go into any caves, not worth.

Swamp of Sorrows

Dreamwalk -> Duskwood -> Fly East


Main city portal room -> Blasted Lands -> Fly North

The cave in the South-East is definitely worth going in to.


Main city Uldum portal -> Fly North-West -> Talk to Zidormi, to go to pre-BFA Silithus (chat balloon North-East)

Don’t go into the hives, not worth.

Final words

  • The Arcanite Bars sell exceptionally well, just like the Arcane Crystals.

  • Everything but the Dense Stone is worth selling, as well.

  • Getting classic Alchemy to 300 and getting Transmute Master doesn’t take that much effort. It pays off really quickly.

  • Bars sell for a higher price than Ores. Always smelt them and sell the Bars.

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