What’s up guy and girl players of World of Warcraft. This is Ryutarou aka Tarou and in this video I’ll be showing you how to defeat Heroic Rotface. For the free complete guide, and many others, go to tarouwowguides.com The Heroic Rotface fight can seem a bit chaotic at times but is pretty simple and in my opinion, one of the easier Heroic modes. In this guide I will only cover what is important to Heroic mode and anything else you should honestly know.

Depending on the class, gear, and players’ abilities you’ll want 2-3 healers, 2 tanks, and the rest dps. As for the positioning, have the range, including all healers, stand spread out around the boss leaving around 10 yards between each other. The biggest differences between normal and heroic are Rotface has increased health, hits harder, Oozes are more deadly, and Professor Putricide casts Vile Gas on random players from the balcony. For heroic mode, you’ll want to keep the same basic strategy and have any raider infected with Mutated Infection run immediately to the Ooze the off-tank is kiting and be dispelled. Unlike like normal mode, dispels need to be done a bit earlier since the Mutated Infection now does more damage and reduces healing by 75%. During the encounter, Professor Putricide will be casting Vile Gas on random players. Everyone in range should be spread out atleast 8-10 yards and away from melee. At around 20%, pop Bloodlust or Heroism and nuke down Rotface. So just to recap the Heroic key points Head to OT if infected by Mutated Infection BL or Heroism at around 20% Dispel Mutated Infection quickly Freedom OT when need be MD loose Oozes to OT Range/Healers spread out 8-10 yards and most importantly, have fun! So there you have it.

A simple walk-through of the fight with Heroic Rotface. Let me know in the comments what your favorite boss is in Icecrown. I really like the Blood Queen fight. Well, I hope this video was helpful to all the WoW players out there and for more FREE guides please subscribe and visit tarouwowguides.com Thanks for watching^^ ‘Now Go PvE or Somethin’ Wait.. PvE, WTF!?.

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