Hivemind Raid Guide – Normal/Heroic Tek’ris Ka’zir Ny’alotha Boss Guide


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the Hivemind raid boss in Ny’alotha on Normal and Heroic difficulty. This one’s for the multidotters. In this encounter we’ll be fighting Tek’ris and Ka’zir as well as a handful of smaller adds. Both bosses are active and doing their mechanics for the entire fight, but depending on which one is in control things will have a different flavor. When Tetris is in control, you need to tank the bosses within 20 yards of each other. Smaller adds will have Void Infusion, getting more powerful the longer they live. Keep the bosses together and focus on any high stack adds during Tetris time. When Kazoo is in control, the bosses need to be more than 20 yards apart.

Adds will have Regeneration, giving them a constant heal when under 20% health. Tank the bosses apart and focus down low-health adds during Kazoo time. These two bugs are besties, so we will need to kill them together. You got 10 seconds after one dies to kill the other one before Dark Reconstitution finishes. Tetris will do a frontal cone called Nullification Blast. His tank should face him towards a wall. Once he’s started casting he won’t move, so the tank can then side step out of it. Nobody should ever eat Nullification. He’ll also do Echoing Void, and for that one just spread out.

Now Kazoo is trying to cast Mind Numbing Nova throughout the fight. Key words should be try, since it can be interrupted. Set up a kick rotation and he should never get one of those off. He’ll also summon Acidic A’qir bugs to roll their way through the room. Dodge those, they will explode and it’s not pretty. Kazoo will buff a drone to make it big, CC immune and it’ll start casting Volatile Eruption. Everyone needs to swap to and focus down the empowered add before it finishes it’s cast.

Speaking of adds, these Lesser Aqir will be around throughout the fight, they can be stunned and CC-ed and they always need to die. If you were to wipe, odds are it’s because you fell behind on adds. Remember that they’ll have either Void Infusion or Regeneration depending on which boss has Hive Control. Aqir Drones are threat immune and attacking random targets. Stacking up somewhat as a raid should help bring them together for cleave. Aqir Darters will be porting around pumping out raid damage with Psionic Resonance.

These are more dangerous than the Drones, and should be prioritized first. On Normal, that’s the fight. Getting the hang of the kill priority is going to be key here, since there’s so much going on. Aside from that you’re just dodging mechanics and stacking to group adds. Not so bad. On Heroic and Higher, there’s a few more things to deal with.

Devouring Frenzy is a burst of raid damage every time hive control swaps, and it’ll get worse throughout the fight. Save some cooldowns for later ones. Aqir Drones will get Acidic Blood, dropping poison pools when they die. The pools will despawn after a bit so mostly just don’t trip on them. Finally, Heroic Tetris gets to empower an add with Accelerated Evolution. he’ll turn a drone into a tankable Aqir Ravager that then becomes your top priority.

Pick it up and swap to it. So, that is the Hivemind in Ny’alotha! I’ve got more guides on my channel and I also stream on Twitch if you’re into that sort of thing. Thanks for watching and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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