How To FARM STYGIA & Venari Reputation Efficiently In The Maw


Hey folks, this is kalani. You may have heard that the supposed max level only zone of the more was unfinished boring and has absolutely nothing to do. That is outdated information. My friends, the more zone has been fleshed out and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. You’Ll, probably want to spend longer in the more than you’re actually allowed, mainly to farm up some more stigia. There are powerful rewards on offer. So let’s have a look at how the more zone works and how you can collect this strange new currency called stingier and earn reputation with vanari before we jump in be sure to pop by our live stream.

Sometime over at kalani tv, we stream every tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday, and we always love chatting with you, wonderful folks, so i hope to see you soon, all righty, so the more zone. Why do we want to go here? What is there to do, and most important of all, why do we care? What do we get from this max level only zone? There are two rewards that are immediately obvious. First, access to tour gas: do you have to do a few things in the mall zone to unlock the tower of torgast and you need to progress through torgast if you ever want to craft a legendary item, so that’s kind of a requirement. The other main reason to pop down to them all is one of the weakly renowned quests from your covenant. You have to rescue a certain number of souls from the more to get your renown, so that’s something that almost everyone will be doing every week to keep up to date with their renowned progress.

Completing your weekly renown quest is super simple pump down to the more. If you don’t know by now to get down to the more you just need to head into the upper level of oribos, where the flight path is and jump into, the big anima stream in the middle, probably not the safest method of travel. But it gets the job done when you’re down in the zone and while on the renowned soul, hunting quest, you can see souls on your mini-map. They can be locked in cages stuck in the ground, entombed in stone prisons, break them out, collect them into your soul. Keeper and when you’ve got enough for your weekly quest, that’s it done and dusted easy peasy for the more zone. You could stop there if you don’t care about getting sockets on your gear, other ways to upgrade conduits, improving your tour gas experience or even just improving your more zone experience.

The rest of the more zone is technically optional, but there are some amazing rewards. If you stick around for a bit pretty much everything else in the mall revolves around venari you’ll either be earning reputation with venari to unlock new rewards or you’ll, be farming stygia to buy those new rewards. Let’S have a quick look at what kind of things are on offer. There are some random bits and bobs to help you out in the more like a teleport back to venari’s refuge very useful, some speed and invis potions, or some stat buffs for players running around at a party. Then there are also permanent upgrades for the more zone and for tour gas in the more zone. You can unlock additional features to help you move around faster or to remove or reduce some of the effects of the eye of the jailer debuff. The upgrades in tour gas upgrade the vendors to offer more animal powers, upgrade anima power collection, offer you a free death or increase the potency of some of the buffs you can collect in your runs.

There are also character power upgrades like putting sockets on gear of your choice, upgrading your conduits and there’s even a legendary effect to pick up, and on top of all of that, this is also the only place to learn the crafter’s mark ii recipe to increase the Item level of crafted gear, which will probably be very useful later on down the line, so there are plenty of reasons to earn rap with venari and farm up that stitcher, no matter what kind of player you are, as you can see, different rewards require different friendship Or reputation level with venari farming rep is fairly straightforward. Just spend time in the more the weekly quests you get from venari will reward you with 850 reputation. That’S a big chunk right. There so be sure to get those two done. If nothing else, then you can also find daily quests on the map. Those will give you about 75 reputation.

Killing rares will give you a good amount, completing bonus objectives that you can only really see if you get close to them, they’re a bit annoying to find, as you might imagine, but if you complete them they’ll, give you rep too handy notes actually has an add-on Out for shadowlands, so if you get handy notes and then handy notes, shadowlands you’ll see all of the objectives all of the world quests all of the stuff, basically and the more on your map for you to go and check no guarantee that it’s gon na. Be there, but at least you’ll know where they can be. Every monster also has a chance to drop a quest item to hand in to fenari. Rares seem to have a higher chance to drop them, but handing those in will earn your reputation as well as long as you are doing something down in the more and you’re getting eye of the jail of progress for it. Chances are you’re going to get some rep for it.

Farming the stygia currency to buy the norris items is pretty much the same thing. Her weekly quests, give you a huge amount for 25 per quest, so be sure to get those done. The dailies will give you about 140. Rares will drop varying amounts. Bonus objectives will yield a good chunk of stigia too, if you are earning rep, you’re, probably gaining stigia. At the same time, every monster that you killed in the more zone can drop a small amount of stinger too, so be sure to loot everything you kill.

There is also a weekly event that appears on your map as a big star. Completing this event will reward. You with a big chunk of stygia some nice reputation and even has a chance to reward high item level gear 183 right now. I think so make sure you get this one done as well before the weekly reset comes around, while farming studios seems pretty easy. Holding onto it might be a different story: stygia is rather unique when it comes to a pve currency. When you die, you have a chance to drop up to half of the stygia you are currently carrying. Thankfully you can recover it. If you can get back to your body, you don’t turn into a spirit in the mall. You revive fully at venare’s refuge when you die, your old body with its mini horde of stygia remains where you fell and you’ll have to get back to it and loot. It to claim that lost stigia if you die again before you get back to your body, the stygia is lost forever, so don’t die in the more. It really is not in your best interest. It might seem like the more is a grinder’s dream. Come true, kill the crazy number of rares that are available, kill every monster in your path for more stigia run around looking for hidden world quests and objectives, farming, rep endlessly and earning stigia.

While you do it did i mention you can’t stay in the more for too long, the longer you stay and the more activities you complete, the more you will attract the attention of the jailer, the big meter thing at the top of the screen tracks. Just how much attention you’ve gotten so far, there are five stages of this eye of the jailer system. At stage, one previously neutral, mobs called soul seekers become aggressive and attack. You on sight at stage two, the towers will start to bombard your current location, meaning you have to stay on your toes at all times. In all areas of the zone. At stage three assassins will start to hunt you down and spawn as soon as you enter combat at stage four winged more sworn will swoop down and pick you up the longer they hold you, the higher your eye of the jailer will get so you have to Dps them down super quickly, otherwise, they’ll push you to stage five super fast and they might just kill you with some fall damage and at stage five, the jailer has had enough.

You’Ll take constant damage over time until you die. At this point, your stigia and reputation gains will also be reduced by 100. So you cannot progress any further with that until the eye of the jailer resets and with the whole losing your stygia thing when dying being a massive inconvenience. If you ever reach stage five, you will just want to leave them all the eye of the jailer resets every day, so you do have a limit on how much you can do in the more zone per day. There are a few other annoyances in the more zone.

You can’t mount at all, i know worgen can use their racial ability to kind of cheat their way around. This and druids can still use travel form, which seems like cheating, but for the vast majority of us will be relying on good old speed boosts. So you might want to have a talent set ready to go that focuses on mobility and movement, speed to speed up getting around the place. You can eventually unlock a mount that is usable in the more you can get that by completing layer. 8 of the challenge mode style called twisting corridors, that’s locked behind a lot of progress in tour gas, a couple of time, gated quests and the ability to actually clear layer, eight of twisting corridors.

So i wouldn’t expect to get your hands on that too early. There is a rare down in the more zone that is supposed to drop a mount as well, but i’m not too sure if we know exactly where that mob is or when it spawns. So i wouldn’t expect to get your hands on a more mount too early. So we’ll all be stuck running around the mall for a while, unless you’re a worgen or a druid, i guess, but that’s everything about the more zone you need to know to get the most out of your time down here. Prioritize the weekly quests, then. Maybe look at res or daily quests and get out of dodge before the jailer kills you if you want to maximize your daily reputation and stigia earnings for every single day, just stay in the more complete activities until you get to rank five of that eye of The jailer debuff and then leave what do you think about the more zones so far, how about not being able to mount through the entire zone? Is that proving to be a problem, or do you not really care because you’re one of the ones who can still do it anyway, leave all your thoughts in the comment section below?

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