How to Make Gold in WoW [5800 g in 23 minutes] Zul’Farrak Guide


Welcome to WTBGold, this is Reckles here coming to you live from Tanaris on my bear, my Druid. I am really excited to bring you the first gold guide of my YouTube channel. I am coming from the desert sands to bring you a guide I promised to the Convert to Raid channel. Their podcast is something I love and listen to almost every week. Umm, this guide is something that surprises a lot of people because the Zul’Farrak dungeon is a lowbie dungeon. But uh, without further ado, let’s head out down the yellow brick road into the desert sands! Alright, what you’re gonna do is head out down this, uh, loop here.

The Zul’Farrak dungeon is in Tanaris in the top left corner. We’re going to start the timer here and what you’re going to do is just run straight. It’s pretty much a straightforward path. You’re just going to pull all the mobs. Now the reason why I like this dungeon, it’s not because the bosses drop fantastic loot. It’s not because there’s epic drops…Well there’s some pretty good drops; there’s great transmog. The transmog is, it’s nothing superfantastic it’s just red and people tend to pay more for red transmog for some reason or other because it’s awesome and red looks GREAT.

But the reason why I like this dungeon, is because it’s a loop. It starts in one area, you run around a loop, and then you come back to where you started, so it’s a fast run. And also you can do this dungeon without pulling any of the bosses so you can run it and all of the mobs follow you, the mobs pull other mobs so you don’t actually have to, if you notice I’m not actually…I’m skipping some of the mobs here. If you don’t actually touch that guy on the left, don’t worry this HUGE train of mobs following behind you I promise will pick him up. So, this pack of mobs following behind you will grab everyone, will come behind you, and…I’ll speed up the video here for you.

And, you just run around in a loop, you don’t pull any of the bosses, and then you kill em all, and then you’re done. and really that’s it. You don’t pull any bosses, you get some decent gear, it’s super quick, you end up back where you started, you rinse-repeat, and that’s what you want to make money: fast, repeatable, easy. And that’s gold farming right there. So, um, tips for this dungeon. Spec into speed boosts. So, as you see in this video, I’m in travel form as a druid. I know you may be thinking to yourself, but Reckles, I’m not a druid. Well you know what, if you’re a warrior, go heroic leap. Go, your major glyph: the “Berserker Rage” you know, the “Enraged Speed?” Where you pop berserker rage on cooldown. Intervene to your banner. Charge your enemies on cooldown. Umm, do your priest bubble or your feather thing. Do your monk roll cheating thing.

If you’ve got rocket boots, for heaven’s sake, USE THEM. Warlocks are super quick. Every class has speed boosts. So use them! Um, one thing I would say, don’t use…if you do kill a boss, you can mount up in this dungeon. Don’t do that, because they will dismount you. But that’s pretty much it. As you can see here, I’m already almost done with the dungeon. Run behind the corner here annnd AoE. The basilisks do have a stun and a polymorph so just watch out for that try to run ahead of them.

And let’s see what I got. I did four runs. I got about 20 stacks of cloth, and let’s see. I got an epic sword (Bloodrazor) worth about 1700 gold. I got pants worth about 800 gold. Boots worth about 600. Shoulders worth 500. Let’s see, that was something else worth 600. Chest worth 500. Blue spear is that? And then something worth 400 and 400 and 200 and 100 and then some 50 gold 50 gold junk that I should probably just vendor. All in all you should probably make four thousand to ten thousand gold for five runs, but that’s it guys. I really hope you enjoyed my first gold guide. Go ahead and subscribe to the channel, follow me on Twitter, do all that “subscribe social media mumbo jumbo.” And uhh, I really hope you enjoyed.Other than that, I had a lot of fun filming for you, and have a little surprise for you. One of my test films did not turn out very well, and I had a little bit of a lag glitch, so enjoy this little glitch video..

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