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Hey folks, this is kalani as more and more players start to climb into the higher layers of tour ghast, it seems like the fun is already wearing thin. The difficulty curve of the higher layers seems to be more of a spike rather than a slope, and lots of players feel like they just can’t progress anymore, whether it’s the random mobs that pop out from torments stabbing you in the back, the elite monsters killing you In two shots or the end of floor, empowered mobs, just refusing to die tour gast has turned into a slow drudge that you’re pressured into doing due to the legendary crafting system and what’s super confusing about.

The whole thing is that the dev team have been buffing torque asked, making it take longer, making enemies more dangerous and making it harder overall to get your soul ash. Well, i’m here to tell you no more. The dev team have done a complete 180 and they’ve nerfed, almost every aspect of tour gas. To believe me, when i tell you these nerfs are both numerous and hugely impactful. So let’s have a look at exactly what is changing and figure out just how big of a nerf this is going to be before we jump in be sure to pop by our live stream. Sometime over at kalani tv, we stream every tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday, and we always love chatting with you wonderful folks. So i hope to see you soon now.

The first widespread nerf is to the health and damage of every monster in every single layer of torgast. The nerf starts a reduction of six percent for layer one and increases to a reduction of 26 percent at layer, eight, so the higher the layer. The more it’s been nerfed – and this is just a straight up – less health, less damage deal that is already pretty big and will apparently leave layer 8 feeling like layer 6. Previously, there are also some specific nerfs for players who like to run tour guests. As a group, the health of all creatures for players in groups will be reduced by up to 25, so you should be able to get through things quite a bit faster and then there’s also an additional damage. Nerve coming for groups of four or five players, all monsters will have their damage reduced by up to 20. If you run as a group of four or five, these group nerfs also make sense, because tour gast was scaling incredibly quickly, as you added more players into the mix, making it more efficient to solo tour gast for the most part.

And if you want to have some fun with a group of players, that’s obviously not adding to your fun factor if you have to run solo to do it efficiently, so groups should have an easier time in tour gas too. As for the end floor, empowered monsters, if they end up being a spellcaster, which i know i know what a pain right well now, they will cast their basic magic spells less often to give classes without a short cooldown interrupt more of a fighting chance, and perhaps One of the largest general nerfs to talk as something that everyone should get a kick out of all major cooldowns will now reset. When you transition to a new floor, this is more or less every cool down. That is three minutes or longer, if it resets, when you start a mythic plus dungeon or when you wipe in a raid, it’s going to reset on every new floor of tour gust. That means you can pop absolutely everything on empowered ender floor mobs without having to worry about waiting for stuff to come back on the next floor, what a marvelous change and probably something that should have been in from the very start, but it’s not just difficulty nerfs. It’S also buffs to player power like anime powers.

The starting anima cell that you get for free at the start of any tour guest run, will now offer stronger selections of animal powers guaranteed. So you don’t start a run with a piddly little weak animal power. You should get something meaningful at the start of every run, so that’s a nice change too. Any animal cells that drop from rare creatures will now also give you three choices minimum. So you have a greater variety when picking from some of the strongest animal powers in the tower and then the chance for an animus cell to drop from any random creature on any given floor has also been increased. So more overall animal powers to fill out. Your builds and increase your potential power and then there’s also a specific monster power that most of you will have seen by now, while fighting an elite and empowered mob or a boss, you’ve probably seen the stacks of unnatural power that they get. You know the ones if it gets to 10 stacks, they become immune to crowd, control and interrupts, and everything else and they race to your face to smash it to pieces. Yeah that one well, those stacks will no longer grant immunity to crowd control.

This might seem like a small change, but this is actually massive. This allows you to crowd control elites longer to give yourself a break or time to get away. You can change cc or stun lock bosses past 10 stacks. You can interrupt all of these monsters longer. As well, this single nerf will change so much in tour gas and it’s only going to make things easier, and then there are some targeted nerfs to specific monsters. Massive crushes, armor plating cast time has been increased and can be interrupted or dispelled tower. Sentinel’S oppressive aura haste reduction and slow, now scales up to percent down from twenty-five percent. Thank vanari for this one dead, soul, choruses death blast now reduces hitting received by 15 and stacks five times down from 25 and stanking four times. Skeletal remains and lumbering creations explode. Now marks the ground and explodes after two seconds of the mob dying, instead of just blowing up instantly in your face. This gives you time to move out of the effect dead soul. Stalkers now fade away after 15. Melee attacks up from 7 and they stay hidden for 15 seconds down from 30

This gives you more time to dps them unless time just sat there, waiting for them to pop back up and dead soul devil now, reincarnates with 15 health down from 40.. That is a long list of changes that addresses a lot of the issues. Players were having, with some of the stronger elite mobs and some of the pesky small mobs that the elites were summoning, but it doesn’t stop there. Some specific bosses are also getting large nerfs elder longbranch’s, crazy heel has had its cast time doubled. To give you more time to interrupt it, it won’t be cast as often and the hardened shell. Passive now only requires six attacks to remove down from nine attacks decay. Speakers hardened shell received the same treatment. Six attacks down from nine and gox saw the devourer’s health and damage have been decreased by 10 percent and the time between castes of mass devour was also doubled. I know bosses have been a huge problem for a lot of classes, especially if they were melee and didn’t have a great deal of self-sustain. So hopefully, some of these changes will give you more of a chance against those bosses specifically and finally, torments have been nerfed as well.

The fracturing forces an eye of scolders. These are the ones that randomly spawn mobs when you’re out of combat the mobs have had their health and damage reduced by 50 percent and their health now increases by 5 per stack down from 10 percent. Those enemies will also wait longer to spawn if you’ve recently left combat, so hopefully you’ll see less of them overall, if you’re moving fairly quickly through the layer, and this might not be atonement, but the nerf is definitely welcome. The jailer’s directive buff used to increase mob health by 50. That’S been slashed down to just 10, so when you run into any monster on a layer which is increased and buffed by the jailers directive, whoo, it’s not gon na be quite as much of a grind as it used to be what a crazy list of nerfs, Especially right after the most recent changes to torgast were all buffs, it seems very strange. It’S like the dev team has been paying attention to reddit and the forums, because the number of people struggling with tour, gast and just simply not having fun with the system anymore is kinda crazy.

But when it takes you hours to get through a single tour, gassed, run or layer only to be too shocked by the boss at the end and there’s not really anything you can do about it. You kinda see why players aren’t having fun anymore. These nerves are going to change the entire tour gas system and make things much easier overall, but the best part about all of this. All of these changes all of these nerfs that we’ve just gone through over the last seven eight minutes whatever it is. They are hot fixes from what i understand, so they should be active in the game right this very second.

So if tough ass suddenly feels significantly easier – and you had absolutely no idea why these nerfs are – why go and enjoy yourself again, the soul, ash grind doesn’t have to be a gruelling one, and with these nerfs in place, your tour guest adventures have a chance to Be fun once more or at the very least they’re going to be quicker, but that’s all of the nerfs coming to tour gust and that’s it for this video. What do you think of these nerfs to talk ask so far and which nerf do you think will impact you the most, the increased quality and quantity of animal powers, the general nerves to monster power, or maybe the specific torment nerves, leave all your thoughts in the Comment section below, if you want to come chat, hang out, maybe run a couple dungeons with us. You can find us over at kalani tv, we stream every tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday and watching the stream and coming to say.

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