Huntsman Altimor – Castle Nathria – Guide Preview – Shadowlands Beta


Hey, it’s Zax and Jimfro from Ready Check Pull! We got to test one of the bosses of the first raid in Shadowlands, so we’re here to break it down for you real quick. The full guide will be out later on, but for now here’s a little preview. Huntsman Altimor was the fifth boss we got to test. It seems like he’s intended to be the second boss in the raid, so he shouldn’t be too difficult. The idea of the fight is that you have to deal with Altimor and one of his three dogs at the same time. And by dogs I mean gargons, but let’s be honest everyone’s gonna call them dogs. Any damage done to Altimor or his dogs is shared between them, so all damage is good damage.

Altimor casts the same two abilities throughout the whole fight, but each dog has a couple unique mechanics that change things up. So let’s start with Altimor. He frequently cast a wide cone of shots at a random player. The raid should stay spread out near the boss to reduce the number of players hit by the shots. Altimor also occasionally puts three arrows above players heads.

He then casts a piercing shot at those players hitting any other players in that direction. The targeted players need to make sure that they aren’t standing in the same direction as one another, while everyone else in the raid just needs to stay out of the direction of the arrows. Now the first dog you have to deal with is Margore. You can keep this dog stacked with the boss at all times. It frequently casts a stacking bleed on its target so the tanks will need to taunt swap whenever the bleed debuff falls off. Margore also occasionally marks a random player with a circle. It’ll jump to that player after a few seconds, doing a ton of split damage and applying a bleed to any players in the circle. A few players will need to help the targeted player soak the damage and then spread back out.

The second dog, Bargast, comes out once Margore dies. Bargast’s main ability is a big magic hit on the tank that spawns a friendly soul. The healers need to heal the soul up before it gets to Altimor, wiping the raid. You can get the soul to spawn with more health by having the tanks use defensives before the magic hit. So if the tanks take less damage you can heal the soul faster so the raid doesn’t die. Simple. Bargast also occasionally spawns two adds near itself. The adds repeatedly try to cast a raid wiping debuff that can only be stopped by crowd control abilities like stuns, knockbacks, fears, and things like that. You should assign an order of CC’s to be used on each cast and focus kill these adds.

By the way, they get a stacking damage taken increase every time you stop one of their casts, so that’s good! When Bargast dies, the last dog, Hecutis, will come out. You can keep this dog near the boss the entire time. Hecutis gets a stacking buff every time it melees, increasing its physical damage done and slowing its movement speed. The only way to reduce its stacks is by moving it around, but each stack removed does damage to the entire raid. So the tank with Hecutis should only move it when the raid is healthy and safe from other mechanics.

Hecutis also occasionally casts a howl that does damage to everyone in the raid and applies an increasing slow every second. After a few seconds, every player will shatter, doing damage to any other player within 10 yards and spawning a zone of rocks that also does damage. Everyone needs to spread out by the time the shatter happens and stay out of the rocks. Then that’s the fight! This fight seems to need a ton of coordination from the tanks and healers, which is awesome to see. There’s also specific CC jobs so I guess everyone has a role in this fight, and you know how much I love fights that reward the guilds that are prepared. Yeah, and for a second boss this fight is actually no joke. The CC assignments are super important, and the tanks and healers really have to know what’s going on.

Also most of the fight involves stacked two-target cleave, so we’re probably going to see some crazy things from certain specs. This one’s definitely going to be fun. Thank you so much for checking out this guide preview of Huntsman Altimor! We’re always looking for more people to test with, so after you’ve liked the video make sure you join our discord and message us in Shadowlands to get an invite to the Ready Check Pull guild. Hope to see you in beta! Peace..

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