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HUNTSMAN ALTIMOR FULL Boss Guide – Normal & Heroic Castle Nathria Raid Guide


Hey folks, this is kalani. Welcome back to the castle, natalia raid guide for normal and heroic in this video we’ll be taking down huntsman altimore. Your entire rage should be loosely spread to minimize the damage from spreadshot. This ability fights a cone of damage towards random raid members, just heal it up and spread out. Another reason to be spread out is sin seeker. This will mark three players and, after a short delay, fire a straight line out towards them.

This deals a lot of damage and applies a very nasty damage over time effect. So marked players have to spread out and everyone else should move away from them. Only the marked players should ever get hit by sin seeker players with the sin seeker debuff should use defensives or immunities if they can, because this dot is no joke. As the fight progresses, you’ll have to deal with different dog ads the boss and the ad share health, so you can deal damage to either or preferably both stacking. The ad on the boss to allow for easy cleave will speed up the encounter significantly each ad will. Last for about 30 percent of the boss’s health, and then, when an ad dies you have to deal with a new one. There are three ads total.

The first one is ma gore. You start the fight with this one in play. The tank with aggro on the ad will get stacks of jagged claws that deals damage over time. Tanks swap on about 6 stacks or when the debuff falls off margot will also use vicious lunge. They mark a random player and, after a short delay, they will jump to them and deal a large amount of damage. The damage needs to be split by about four players, so make sure two or three extra players hop in the red circle, so your raiders don’t die on heroic mode. This lunge applies a dot to everyone who gets hit, so you want to use immunities where possible and make sure only a few extra players are helping to soak after margaux dies. Bargast will join the fray.

The main ability to watch out for here is rip soul. This deals damage to the tank with aggro and spawns a soul at their location. This soul will try to reach altimo, and if it does, it’s almost a guaranteed wipe to prevent this. The soul needs to be healed up, and the starting health of the soul is dependent on the tank’s health when rip soul is used. So keep the tank topped off make sure the max health and the tank should also use a big cooldown as the rip soul. Is cast and then the healers need to hyper focus the soul before it gets to the boss. You should also take the at away from the boss before rip soul is cast to give your healers plenty of time to heal up the soul on heroic mode. The soul will also deal constant aoe damage to the raid, making it even more important to heal it up as quickly as possible.

Then you also have the shades of bargast ability to deal with several shades will appear around the room that you’ll need to crowd control. Any hard crowd control will work, and while these ads are crowd control, they gain stacks of destabilize, which increases the damage they take massively. You can’t crowd control them forever, though, at 100 energy they become immune to crowd control. So the play here is to cc them until they have really high stacks and then blow them up with some strong dps cooldowns. While the shades are not cc’d, they will chain cast deathly raw. This has to be stunned, otherwise you will probably wipe when bargas dies. The last add hercutus will join the battle whenever hikutis may lays a tank. He gains stacks of crushing stone.

This increases his damage done and reduces his movement speed, but while moving hekutis will lose stacks of crushing stone and deal aoe damage to the raid for the most part, you want to keep these stacks low. So have your tank save up two to three stacks and then start kiting make sure your healers are ready for it and your raid is topped off and you probably want to use some healing cooldowns, while the aoe damage is going out in this last phase. You’Ll. Also have to deal with petrifying howl random players will be targeted with a large yellowish circle which deals, damage and slows their movement speed when the effect expires.

You drop a big aoe on the floor and this persists for the rest of the fight. So take this to the edge of the room to maximize your available space, and that’s all you should need to take down huntsman altamore on normal and heroic stay tuned for more boss guides covering the rest of the raid. A big thank you to all of our supporters over on patreon and to everyone who subscribed on twitch. You can see their names floating by on screen. If you want to catch us, live pop it over to twitch.tv kalani tv. We do a bunch of stuff as well as stream, our mythic progression raids, thanks for watching folks, good luck and have fun and, as always i’ll see you next time.

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