I heard you like Arcane Crystals and Arcanite Bars, so here’s 18 hours of more data (20k/h) By: ElGoblinoGuides


Who should do this?

If you want to gather and sell what you get on the auction house

If you want to gather and craft stuff to then sell that on the auction house (better, greater profit over time)


1. Get classic Mining and Herbalism. You can train this at your faction’s cities.

2. Use a druid.

3. Get the appropriate addons to make your life easier. See this guide for reference.

4. Get Darkmoon Firewater for faster gathering.


  • This is all about them there Arcane Crystals. Anything else is a bonus

  • Ghost Mushroom is a pretty good bonus, though, that you can turn into Ghost Dye for more goldz

See this sheet for all the items and total values. CLICK IT. DO IT.

Follow instructions to calculate expected value in your server.

Expected per hour value:

  • 20k without Alchemy

  • 16k with Alchemy

That went down a lot for my server, since the last guide QQ

If you’ve not started using TSM yet, you can follow this guide. It will you save you hours of work and you should be using it.



Main city Uldum portal -> Fly North-West -> Talk to Zidormi, to go to pre-BFA Silithus (chat balloon North-East)

Don’t go into the hives, not worth.

Kind of crap, as there always seem to be bots there.



Dreamwalk -> Moonglade -> Fly South

Don’t go into any caves, not worth.

Try to beat my 45 crystals in 1h record ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You won’t.


Un’Goro Crater

Take the Uldum portal from your main city to get here.

Super simple route.

Go into the cave in the North-East and pick up the Ghost Mushroom.


My Arcanite Bar sales, since last guide.

462 total sold for an average of 563g each

Total: 260k in 12 days

Final words

  • The Arcanite Bars sell exceptionally well, just like the Arcane Crystals.

  • Getting classic Alchemy to 300 and getting Transmute Master doesn’t take that much effort. It pays off really quickly.

  • Bars sell for a higher price than Ores. Always smelt them and sell the Bars.

  • Get into crafting! It’s very, very profitable in the long term.

  • I’ve stopped picking any herbs except for Ghost Mushroom. Going for the most possible Crystals per hour is more valuable.

  • If you don’t care about getting gold right now, stockpile the materials and sell later in Shadowlands. There will be fewer people farming and selling this stuff, so supply will shorten while demand will remain decently high. Read: price will go up.

  • These old zones cannot hold many people mining at the same time. Don’t be stubborn and keep on mining while a bunch of other people are there. Wait for a better opportunity.

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