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Il’gynoth, Corruption Reborn Raid Guide – Normal/Heroic Il’gynoth Ny’alotha Boss Guide


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the Il’gynoth raid boss in Ny’alotha on Normal and Heroic difficulty. He’s back, and he’s got a helmet this time. I don’t know how that makes me feel. In phase one, we fight Illy G himself in the big room. Eye of N’zoth is his tank ability, and it’s a big ole care bear beam right out of his front. Nobody else should be in front of the boss, and you can swap after two stacks.

Corruptor’s Gaze will fixate players and laser down a Morass of Corruption trail behind them. Kite that along the edges of the room if you can, or just overlap it into nice contained puddles. Finish off the boss’s health bar the first time and we move into Phase Two. Three cute little alcoves will open along the sides of the room, with an Organ of Corruption in each. You need to kill one of them to end the phase.

Cursed Blood is an eight second dot with an explosion at the end, and most of the raid gets it at once. Spread out as best you can during this phase. It’s tough in the little organ cubbies but you can make it work. All three organs will be casting Pumping Blood. That can be interrupted, and ideally every cast gets kicked. That’s easy enough for the organ you’re working on, but you’ll need to send kick teams out to the other two. Any Pumping Blood casts that do get off will spawn a Blood of Ny’alotha add.

Bloods will fixate players and stack up a dispellabe dot with their melee attacks. They can be stunned and slowed so kite them if they’re on you. When a blood dies it’ll explode for a solid chunk of raid damage. Check the raid health before killing them, and don’t pop a bunch of them at once. After you kill an organ, Illy G revives and it’s back to Phase one.

Defeated organs will occasionally spawn more Blood adds, so even if you have perfect interrupts you’ll still need to deal with some Bloods. The two phases repeat until all three organs and the boss are dead. On Normal, that is the fight. On Heroic, there’s one more mechanic that really spices things up. Touch of the Corruptor is a contagious mind control. MC-ed players will run around trying to attack their friends, and it’s like the zombie virus, one bite and you’re turned, too. This can very quickly get out of hand.

Damaging Mind-Controlled players down to 30% health will snap them out of it so stun them, burst them and kite them if necessary. Melee should be really careful about helping. And, that is Il’gynoth in Ny’alotha! I’ve got more guides on my channel and I also stream on Twitch. Thanks for watching and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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