Hey folks, this is kalani, there’s one secret that has been plaguing the secret finder community for a very long time. Now the mysterious case of the void kitty cat jennifer but she’s been found. Her secret has been solved and i’m here to walk you through the fastest and easiest way of making this cute little chubby kitty yours to own.

So she can devour your soul while you’re not looking. This secret is actually relatively easy and quick compared to some of the others. So, let’s get started, i would recommend doing this with war mode off just so, no one can hamper your progress as you try to work through it. The first thing that you need to do is go see an npc in ashenvale called amara lunastar. She can be found at around 1749 on the map and i’ll show you on screen exactly where it is just in case you don’t have coordinates pop on over. There talk to amara and tell her you’ll keep an eye out for her cat after you’ve done that you need to go to elwyn forest to the crazy cat lady’s house.

She can be found around about 44-53 if you have coordinates, but here’s a map, just in case you don’t head inside her house and to the right you’ll, find an empty cat bowl that you can interact with click on it and that’s this step done now. You need to go to karazhan. If you don’t know where this is it’s in deadwind pass, which is in the eastern kingdoms, you need to enter the legion dungeon version of karazhan and not the burning crusade raid version so use the side entrance again. I’Ll show you on a map to help you, along the way when you enter karazhan head to the right and then go up the stairs, you need to get past the opera event. So turn right at the top of these stairs, go to the end of the hallway drop down one level and then go all the way around until you reach the stage some opera bosses can bug out if you kill them too quickly, so be wary of that.

If the boss does bug – and you can’t progress just run out and reset the dungeon, i would recommend clearing the opera audience area the dance floor in the next room. All the way up to this room on the map and clear out the dining area near morrow’s. One level down you don’t necessarily have to, but it makes everything much cleaner for the actual secret part, we’re going to start in this room on the map and then head down into the dining hall, collecting eight very specific pieces of food along the way before you Start i would clean out your inventory and ensure you have eight spaces free and try to make sure that eight new items you’ll be acquiring will be next to each other in order nice and neatly.

This will make the second part of the secret much easier before we run through here’s, exactly what we’ll be picking up and where a juicy drumstick a marbled steak, a fishy bits, a meaty morsel another marbled steak, a slathered rib, another juicy drumstick and another fishy bits. If you pick up the items in this order, placing them later becomes significantly easier, and then that should look something like this. So we’re going to start in the top right in this room of karazhan turn to the left, you’ll see a juicy drumstick on the floor.

That’S our first thing to pick up grab that now we’re going to stay in this room, but in the next section turn right and just behind this chair in the corner. We can find our marbled steak sneaky on that, so don’t miss it then we’re gon na go outside the next one is in this hallway just past this second bust statue on the floor. That is our first fishy bits pick that one up and then here on the left on this little table stool thing a little hard to see. But we have a meaty morsel grab that one and then we’re going to head forward and we’re going to turn left into the next room. This next one is pretty annoying to see we actually took a while to find it because it’s on this rug here, but you can see it kind of blends in so right here we have a marbled steak, don’t miss that one pick it up and then we’re Going to jump over the balcony we’re going to go downstairs for the next three you’ll notice. We have five so far, so we’ve got three more to pick up in the dining hall room.

The first one is on this table just here right in front of us hop on you can see our first slathered rib pick that one up and then on the floor. Don’T know why it’s on the floor, they’re monsters here, but our second juicy drumstick grab that head on over to the table just on the floor again is a fishy bits. So as long as you follow that as long as you pick up all of these items in order, that’s all eight that we need. If it’s in order in your inventory, this is going to be so much easier to actually place them because they do need to be placed in a specific order.

We’Ll get to that in just a moment and the second part of this secret takes place in the opera audience space so head back up the stairs and into that area. Bear in mind that each of the food items has a five minute duration. So you have five minutes to complete the secret, starting from where you pick up that first piece of food, you need to place all eight pieces of food in a specific order on specific tiles in this room. Here is a big picture of the room with raid markers set down on the squares you have to place food on going from left to right. You can place the items in the order that you picked them up, but just in case you didn’t or just want to make sure a juicy drumstick should go on skull.

A marbled steak should go on cross. A fishy [ __ ] should go on square. A meaty morsel should go on moon, a marbled steak should go on triangle. A slathered rib should go on diamond a juicy, drumstick should go on circle and the fishy bits should go on star. We actually set up these raid markers before we gathered the food. Just so, we didn’t have to figure out where to start and how to progress when we had the food just to make sure we got that five minute timer done, so that might be a good idea for you as well. If you place any of the food in the wrong place, the secret won’t trigger and you’ll have to get that piece of food again, which means the rest will probably time out and you’ll just have to start again, so be careful so again, here’s what that would Look like in real time, starting from the bottom left of the room like this starting on school, a juicy drumstick on skull, just right, click it and left click on the space.

Then a marble stake on cross we’re going diagonally for for most of these, a fishy bits onto square diagonal again for a meaty morsel onto moon. Diagonal again for a marble to take on triangle, then go up three spaces and then one to the right for a slathered rib on diamond diagonal up again for the juicy drumstick on orange and then down and right for that last fishy bits on star. If you did this correctly, you should see an emo in your chat window. Jennifer meows loudly. That means jennifer has spawned she’s somewhere in the room to quickly find her. You can type out slash target jennifer then put a marker on her and run on over click.

On her to pat her and boom you’re done, jennifer will join your ever expanding menagerie of pets. Just be careful, she seems to be hungry for more than just kitty kibbles, if you log into wow one day and several of your pets are missing. You know where to look. This is one scary, kitty cat. If you click on her enough times, you’ll find that out for yourself check out some of these sound bites. [ Applause, ], don’t tell me, i didn’t warn you go collect jennifer at your own risk, but i hope this video helped smooth out what could be a complicated puzzle, a big thank you to the secret finder community for getting most of this solved and to paul Over on reddit, who figured out the last puzzle i’ll give you a link in the comments below to his google doc, explaining exactly how he did it.

It’S worth a read because it’s pretty crazy, but that’s everything you need to do to get your hands on jennifer. Is this a secret you’re going to go after? Are you not too interested in having a hungry void cat sharing space with your beloved pets? Leave all your thoughts in the comments section below. We are currently running a beta key giveaway that ends very soon. But if you want a chance at some of those beta keys, be sure to hop by our twitter you’ll find a link in the comments and in the description straight to the giveaway, and if that’s not enough for you, there are a few more up for grabs On our stream, if that’s of interest, you can find us over at kalani tv, we stream every tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday at 12 pm pst and watching the stream and coming to say hi, it’s one of the best ways you can support the channel right Now and if you ever wanted to be included in the long list of names at the end of every video, a subscription on twitch is the easiest way to make that happen.

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