LADY INERVA DARKVEIN FULL Boss Guide – Normal & Heroic Castle Nathria Raid Guide


Hey folks, this is kalani. Welcome back to the castle nathria raid guide for normal and heroic in this video, we’ll be taking down lady and nervous dark vein. The main thing to watch out for in this fight are the four anima containers along one side of the boss, room that fill with anime and they empower different abilities as they reach 33 and 66 on their meter. You should be able to see on your screen somewhere a meter that actually tracks the current level of anima in all four containers, so pay close attention to that. You can open these anime containers to release the anime and reduce it, but this deals raid wide aoe damage.

You will want to open a container after the boss has finished, focusing it and before the boss focuses a container if it already has a high amount of anima. While the boss focuses on a container, it will gain anima rapidly and you won’t be able to open it. This forces you to deal with empowered abilities. She starts with a leftmost container as you face the boss and goes from left to right. The container changes every 25 of her health that you take off, so the second container is focused at 75, the third at 50 and the fourth and final container is focused when the boss gets to 25 health. If a container ever gets to 100 animal, it will deal crazy raid wide damage. So you have to deal 25 percent of her health before the focus container fills up after the boss.

Changes to a new container be sure to drain the anime out of the one. She was just focusing so it doesn’t get to 100. The first ability the boss will empower is exposed desires. This deals a lot of damage to the tank and leaves a large damage over time effect on them. You need to tank swap every time this ability is cast when this ability’s anime container goes above 33. Several raid members will be marked with shared cognition, which copies any damage. The tank with a debuff takes so tanks should avoid all extra damage to reduce the copied damage to your raid when the anime container goes above 66. When that tank debuff expires, it will explode for fall off damage, so the tank needs to run away from the raid before their debuff explodes.

The second ability that gets empowered is bottled. Anime little red circles appear around the room. They need to be soaked by a single player if they aren’t soaked. They deal raid wide damage. When this second container gets to 33, the bottled anima ability will leave a pool of anima on the floor where it lands. You still need to soak it. Just don’t stand in the puddle, it leaves when the container gets to 66. The bottle will bounce and have to be soaked twice. Just keep soaking any red circles. You see the third ability to be empowered is sins and suffering. Three red orbs will appear in the room, and three players will be connected by red lines. You need to position yourself, so the lines pass through every red orb and they will disappear both the orbs and the lines connecting you deal constant damage. So you have to be quick with this ability.

If you ignore the red holes for too long, they explode and wipe you when the container is above 33. The three red orbs are also linked with red lines. If you run through those lines, you take a bunch of damage so avoid them at all costs. When the container is above 66, the red lines attached to the orbs will rotate, so everyone needs to avoid them, and you have to get rid of these orbs as fast as possible. Otherwise, everyone’s gon na die and then the last ability to be empowered is concentrated.

Anime, this will mark a few raid members with big red circles that explode after 10 seconds and spawn an ad. You want to try and get these circles close to the tank, so the ads can be picked up and cleaved down, but no one else should be in your big red circle, so don’t hit anyone else with it if a conjured manifestation spawns. This is the small ad they chaincast condemn that has to be interrupted. Nuke down, these adds asap. If a harnessed specter spawns a tank has to be in melee range of them at all times. Otherwise they will cast condemn, which will deal massive raid wide damage adds.

Should be your top priority whenever they are up when the last container is above 33, this ability also roots the target so try to get closer to the boss before this ability is cast and pick up the adds as quickly as possible when they spawn when the Container gets to 66. The big red circle also sends out a bunch of projectiles when it explodes dealing massive damage to anyone who gets hit just avoid the projectiles and you’ll be fine. Bear in mind, you will have to deal with all four base abilities at the same time with one of the abilities being empowered as the boss focuses a container and that’s all.

You should need to take down lady and nerva dark vane on normal and heroic stay tuned for more boss guides, covering the rest of the raid, a big thank you to all of our supporters over on patreon and to everyone who subscribed on twitch. You can see their names floating by on screen if you want to catch us live pop on over to kalani tv, we do a bunch of stuff as well as stream, our mythic progression raids, thanks for watching folks, good luck and have fun, and as always, I will see you next time.

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