For some people this could be their first expansion, others it could be their first time getting into PvE or raiding and for the rest, well you might just learn how to gear up faster or more efficiently. Gearing up can sometime feel like an impossible task, for sometimes you may feel like you hit a wall and can’t seem to get past a certain item level, hopefully this guide will shed some light on your situation, if not leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do, also feel free to like this video if it helped or was at least informative for you.

Now before I go too far ahead I should say that this guide is relevant as of Patch 7.1, according to a Q&A with Ion Hazzitiohas the item level of gear that drops in Dungeons and Raids might go up as more patches come out in order to keep them relevant. If this does happen it should have no effect on this guide, however some of the item level numbers might be different. For example in this guide I will say that Heroic dungeons drop 825 gear, but in a later patch that might be boosted to something like 835 or something, so just keep that in mind. I will also be listing on how to acquire gear in order from lowest to highest, since in some cases there are tariffs in place to prevent someone heavily under geared from doing content they cannot be viable in. At the bottom of the list we have World quests.

World Quests will reward players with gear between 805-850, now on paper this sounds like it should be the main source of your gear however it does not work that way. The item level of the gear that you get from world quests is determined by your current item level. It will never reward gear that is higher than your current overall item level. For this reason world quests will sometimes give you upgrades, should you have large item level spikes between pieces of gear. For example if you have a chest piece with an item level of 870 and all your other gear is about 850 except your gloves which has an item level of 805 then your overall item level will be about 845.

Due to this, the gear rewards from world quests will be roughly 835 or 840, which means that the world quests would be a good option should any of them offer gloves, once you get the gloves, world quest gear will become obsolete for your spec. So you might be asking, why do these world quests continue to be there. Well according to a Q&A with Ion hazzitihas: once your reach this point, the gear from world quests should be looked at as a viable way to gear up off specs since the rewards don’t change when you change specs. So if you’re looking to gear up an off spec then World quests is one of the best methods. Next up is your order hall gear. In order to unlock your 3rd relic slot in your weapon you need to complete your order hall campaign which also unlocks most of the gear you can get from your quartermaster, It is very crucial that you get your 3rd relic slot so you may as well complete the campaign as soon as possible and get some half decent starting gear along the way, its win win.

Your order hall quartermaster will reward you gear varying from 810-840 depending on your progress with your order hall. The helm and wrists are 810 and the only requirement to unlock them is to reach 110 and recruit all 6 of your followers which is dead easy. The gloves are 820 and are unlocked by reaching Honoured with the nightfallen, this is a very easy task and a necessary one to unlock world quests so you may as well do it. The legs are also 820 and only require you to defeat the final boss’ of 8 out of the 11 dungeons currently in Legion, the dungeons you don’t need are The court of stars, The archway and Return to Karazhan, all of which require attunment, are only on mythic difficulty and out gear the damn boots anyway making it pointless, expect for transmog reasons. You can compete the dungeons on any difficulty, so assuming you’ve done the relevant quests for them in each zone and are doing them for gear, you can unlock these boots before reaching 110.

The chest is 830 and is rewarded for completing your order hall campaign which is quick and easy enough. The other gear and upgrades I don’t really recommend unless you really need to boost your item level for whatever reason since they have serve diminishing returns. All the previous gear I’ve mentioned is very easy to acquire and you need to do these tasks anyway to progress. However with the remaining gear I found I normally out gear it in the process of trying to earn it, so I wouldn’t try too hard for it unless you want it for transmog. The next Best Method is World bosses which drop 860 gear. There are 11 world boss’ but one 1 is up each week. Before heading out and killing this week’s boss I highly recommend going to dalaran and buying some [Seal’s of broken fate] from the vendor, you can buy up to 3 a week and hold a max of 6.

When you defeat a world, Raid or dungeon boss, you can use of these coins to give you a second chance at loot. If you’re trying to gear up for raiding, then using these coins on World bosses and Mythic Dungeons is best, if you’re already geared for raiding save them for higher tier raids or Heroic raids. Anyway, although they are world bosses they are by no means difficult, there will always be a large group of people waiting to kill the boss and it requires minuscule coordination. You don’t have to be in a raid group either just can just tag along and hit the boss a few times, as long as it dies in that pull you’ll have a chance at your potential loot. I should also note that this is a great opportunity of getting 860 gear however there is only a chance a piece of gear will drop and there is only 1 boss a week, so I would not rely on this as your main source of gear acquisition.

Otherwise you won’t be raiding for a long time. Next up is actual dungeons which rewards different item level gear depending on the difficulty. Normal dungeons drop 805 gear. Heroic dungeons have a requirement of at least at an item level of 810 and drops 825 gear, you can do a Heroic of each dungeon per day. Mythic dungeons drop 840 gear, you can do a Mythic of each dungeon once per week. The recommend item level of players entering a mythic is 835. Heroics and mythic’s will be your primary source of gear to bring you up to raiding standards. Next up is LFR This is where people normally get stuck, there seems to be a big bridge between Heroic dungeons which drops 825 gear, and mythic dungeons which drops 840 gear and normally requires at least 835 gear to do.

To fill the void we have LFR. LFR Emerald Nightmare has a gear requirement of 825, so at least full dungeon heroic gear, and it drops 835 gear, essentially making you ready for Mythics. Once you have an item level of at least 835 you can proceed to Mythic dungeons and Trial of Valor LFR which drops 845 gear. At this point you should be able to do Mythic plus and Emerald nightmare normal which drops 850 gear. Mythic plus offers gear depending on the difficultly, the item level of the gear that drops off mythic plus increases by 5-10 per increase in difficultly. For example regular mythic dungeons or mythic plus 1 as it’s sometimes called drops 840 gear. Mythic plus level 2 drops 845 gear, mythic plus level 3 drops 850 gear, and so on and so forth.

It should also be noted that if you complete a mythic plus dungeon, at the start of the next week, which is after the weekly maintenance there will be a chest in your order hall with gear and a new keystone. The gear you get from the chest will be 5-10 item levels higher than the gear that dropped off your highest keystone run that week. So for example, let’s say you did a mythic plus 3 run which rewards 850 gear, next week when you open your chest in the order hall you will be guaranteed a 855 piece of gear from it. Due to this it is advised that you do at least 1 mythic plus a week, and try to strive for as high a number as possible given your current gear.

At this point you’ve reaches near the end tier of gearing with only Return to karazhan to cover which drops 855 to 895 gear, Trial of Valor normal which drops 860 gear and Heroic Emerald nightmare which drops 865. I’d recommend starting with Return to Karazhan, the recommended minimum item level to enter is generally accepted at about 845. I should also note that any gear that drops bosses from either raids or dungeons has a chance to be war forged or titan forged.

War Forged gear is gear with an increased item level of a max of 15 from the original item level. So for example, if you do a heroic dungeon most of the gear that drops will be 825, however when it drops there is a chance it could go up to 835 and be label war forged underneath its name. Titan forged operates in the same way however this title is only given to gear that is more than 15 item levels higher than the original item level. So once again say in that heroic which drops 825 gear, it drops a titan forged piece of gear for you which will be at least 840. This system gives people a reason to do content they have mostly out geared and gives people gearing up a chance at a huge upgrade, keep in mind that war forged and titan forged are pretty rare, so don’t hope to just only run heroics hunting for extremely rare 840 gear in hopes of skipping LFR and dive straight into mythic plus. It should be looked at as more of a big bonus reward rather than a grindy way to farm better gear. Before I go I should also mention that I have not listed every possible way of getting gear on this list, just the most efficient path in my opinion, for example you can craft gear with professions, however I find the cost, time and requirements of the materials and schematics greatly outweigh the benefits, same applies for rep grinding for factions to reach exalted which rewards 820-850 gear and using the obliterum forge.

Acquiring gear through these means requires hours upon hours for just 1 piece of gear, when you can just run a Mythic or something which can give you up to 4 pieces of gear in 30 minutes if your lucky, on top of that doing one run of karazhan or Emerald nightmare might earn you a piece of gear that replaces the one you’ve spent hours making, which might feel like less of an upgrade and more of a kick in the balls.

I find that these avenues of getting gear were designed for people who wanted to be raid ready before the raids came out, that time has since past, however if you want said gear for whatever reason like transmog then by all means go for it. Hope this helps, have a good one..

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