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Lovely Charm Farming – Level 6 Hack (WoW Gold Guide)


Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today I wanted to show you a trick I’ve figured out for Lovely Charm farming for the Love is in the Air event that I haven’t really seen anyone else do a guide on, so I might as well do one myself, right? So, this I’m gonna call it the Level 6 Hack. It’s never gonna get nerfed even though it might not be quite as amazing as some of the other 3000 charm per hour guides.

So, what you’re going to do. Start a new toon, preferably a priest, because smite spam is amazing for this. But, get it up to level 6 then go to Stormwind, and there’s a rogue in the map room. An invisible NPC that, if you click on him, and pay 10 gold, you can stop your XP generation. Then you go back to whatever starting zone you like. I just like the humonoid starting zone, and you kill all the level 1 and level 2 wolves and Blackrock Spies that you can and they drop lovely charms because you can get XP from them. So, you do that, kill a whole bunch of things. It only takes a couple minutes to set this up, and you get anywhere between…about 10 lovely charms per minute. Something like that. So, over the course of an hour, let’s say 500 to 1000. Somewhere in that range. You know, it depends on how dedicated you are and how optimized your little laps are. So, that’s really it. Run around in circles around Northshire Valley and you’ll get 500-1000 lovely charms per hour. The only other thing I’d add though, is that since they changed how lovely charms work, so they only drop off lootable mobs, is that the Deeprun Tram farm for Deeprun Rats, doesn’t work.

But you can still farm Ethereal credits there which is fantastic if you want to get the transmog and the potions and things from the Ethereal Soul Trader. So, that’s it. That’s my guide. Thanks for watching! Subscribe if you haven’t. Share this with anyone and everyone in the world, and remember to Search. Craft. Post. Every day..

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