Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a look at what’s happening in WoW’s 2017 Lunar Festival event! Until February 4th, you can visit Elders, collect Coins and purchase three brand new toys! To get started, head to the Lunar Festival display in the capital city nearest you. Look near the flight paths in Orgrimmar or near the City gates of Stormwind. You’ll get a quest to fire off some vendor-bought fireworks in exchange for your Lunar Festival Invitation. That invitation will port you both ways between Moonglade and the capital cities, on a 10 minute cooldown. Stand in the Greater Moonlight to use your invitaiton and off you go. So, for those that have caught up in past years, what’s new in 2017? Well, There are three brand new toys available for Coins of Ancestry at the Moonglade Vendor. Pick up a Dragon Head Costume for 25 coins, a Dragon Body Costume for 10 and a Dragon Tail Costume for 25 coins.

Team up with friends or strangers to make your own Lunar Festival dragon parade! There aren’t any achievements or rewards tied to doing that but what else are you going to do while your raid forms. If you’re not feeling like visiting 60 different ancestors, you can split it up by using a different alt for each toy. The next step is Collecting Coins. Visit the elders across the world and in various dungeons to gather a Coin of Ancestry from each one. Look for the pillar of light to track down the NPCs, or just grab a list of coordinates from Wowhead.. Completing all of the Lunar Festival Achievements, which is 90% visiting the elders, will get you the Elder YourName title. Each one you speak to will give you a coin, which you can find in your bags. Save up coins to spend at the Lunar Festival Vendor in Moonglade. If you’re new to the Lunar Festival, what other rewards can you collect? First, make sure you Kill the Omen Boss in Moonglade for the Elune’s Lantern toy if you haven’t done that before.

The rest of the rewards can be bought with coins at the Moonglade vendor. Get faction specific Everlasting Firework toys for 25 coins each. You can pick up the fully combat-functional Festival Lantern and Lunar Lantern pets for 50 coins each. There’s some Tailoring recipes and Engineering schematics to pick up if you have those professions. Finally, Heirloom upgrade armor casings can be bought for 40 and 75 coins. All in all, we’re looking at two pets, 5 toys, 1 title and no mounts. I’m still holding out hope for a flying, sparkly red envelope mount one day, though. So, that’s Lunar Festival 2017! You have until February 4th to collect the new toys and decide if you prefer being the head, middle or dragon butt. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day.


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