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Mana-Tombs farm – 100 runs data and guide (5500 raw gold per hour with speed set) By: ElGoblinoGuides


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Why farm Mana-Tombs?

3,220 Netherweave Cloth per hour is really good for a solo farm.

Some transmog and some recipes.

In total, everything is expected to be valued at 34k gold per hour.


1. Use your fastest moving class, preferably a speed twink. See this guide for reference.

2. Get the appropriate addons to make your life easier. See this guide for reference.


This is what I got from 100 runs:

See this sheet for all the items and gold values.

Expected per hour value:

Raw gold: 5500g

Medium sell rate (1 week to 1 month): 6k

Long sell rate (several months up to over a year): 23k (50% of the price for transmog, non-mog gear and recipes)

Total: 34k

If you’re unsure how to go about selling transmog, you can follow this guide. By using the strings and operations I provide, you will eventually sell it.

Don’t sell the cloth, right now. If you’re not doing the Relic of the Past vendor shuffle (guide Soon (TM)), save the cloth until a few weeks into the pre-patch. The price will rise significantly.

Entrance <— click for image

Getting there:

Your faction’s main city -> Shattrath portal ->Fly over

The route:

Kill everything. I needed to sell every 4 or 5 runs. Keep an eye on inventory space. Don’t auto delete grey items with LootAppraiser – vendor them instead.

On my speed set druid, I took me 24 minutes to complete each 10 runs.

Final words

– Check your server’s item values to see if the farm is worth your time. Anything around or above 30k per hour is ideal. Although, this farm became better with the upcoming Relic of the Past vendor shuffle.

– Don’t farm this too many times. Better to diversity than to endlessly farm the same thing, to prevent getting too many duplicate items.

– I’ll be trying out other TBC farms. I was really impressed with how much Netherweave I got here and the raw gold is pretty good, too. Great to farm now that the economy is in shambles, and while waiting for pre-patch.

I’ve started streaming! Follow me and watch the farms live and come hang out! I’m looking for buddies to farm with!

Happy farming 🙂


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