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Mists of Tirna Scithe Boss Guide – Mythic Dungeon Boss Guide


Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the boss fights in the Tirna Scithe dungeon in Shadowlands. Or Tirna Scith. Or Sith. Or Scitchy, do I sound like I know? The entrance to this one is over HERE, in Ardenweald. Night Fae players get a bonus in this dungeon- they can clear Overgrown roots near the entrance for a trash skip. Our first boss is Ingra Maloch and a tree friend, Droman. Ingra casts Spirit Bolt, feel free to interrupt that. He can also fear everyone with Repulsive Visage, not much to be done there. Droman has a cone attack called Bewildering Pollen, avoid that lest you be bewildered.

Ingra will also bully him into channeling Tears of the Forest, which you’ll need to dodge. After some time, Ingra will put up his Death Shroud. We’ll take damage and he will take 80% less. Swap to Droman and get him down to 20% health to break him free. He will then stun Ingra with Droman’s Wrath, removing the Death Shroud and making him take big damage for 12 seconds. Save your cooldowns and burst into Ingra during that stun. Once it’s over, he re-controls Droman and it’s rinse and repeat. Our second fight is Mistcaller, and this one’s cute. Dodge Balls will first aim with these blue arrows and then fire outwards. Dodge them. She’ll pick a player for Pattycake, and that player needs to interrupt it. Nobody else can. Freeze Tag summons a Vulpin to fixate and chase players. it’ll disappear after 14 seconds. If it catches you, it’s an AOE and an 8 second stun, so run away. The star mechanic here is Guessing Game, and you also see this in the trash before Mistcaller.

The game happens at 70, 40 and 10% boss health. Illusionary Clones spawn, and you need to kill the clone that does not match the others. A clone can have a leaf or a flower, and it can have a ring or no ring. The one you want will not match the others in terms of either the icon, or ringed-ness. It’s a puzzle. If you kill the wrong one, it’ll explode. While you’re working on it, the clones are blasting out Penalizing Bursts so you don’t have all day. And the last boss is Tred’ova. At 70 and 40% health, she’ll use Consumption. There’s damage, missiles to avoid and an absorb shield. You need to DPS off that absorb before you can kick Consumption and stop it. Mind Link links players, and you’ve got to run away to snap it. We’ve also got Gormling Larva adds that fixate and drop pools when they die. You can control those with slows and knockbacks and stuff while you work on them. Acid Expulsion puts out swirls underneath everyone that you’ve got to run from.

After Tredova’s consumption, she gets smarter and will start trying to predict your movement with those swirls, so good luck with that. Finally, she can cast a variety of Parasites on players. When we tested, that cast was not interruptible but the kick icon was added to the dungeon journal later so I’m really hoping you can just kick this. If not or the cast goes off, you need to kill the parasite to free their target. In the case that it’s a mind control, just damage the MCed player to break them out.

And that’s it, this one only has three fights. Thanks for watching! Check back to my channel for more boss guides and come visit me on Twitch if you like. Good luck in there and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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