Mists of Tirna Scithe – Quick Guide – Normal – Shadowlands Alpha


What?s up? It’s Jimfro from Ready Check Pull and this is our Quick Guide to the Mists of Tirna Scithe dungeon in Shadowlands. Also, here?s a list of timestamps on screen and in the description so you can jump to the spot that you need. We?ll start off by showing the bosses and then we?ll talk about notable trash and other things at the end. Okay, so the first boss in Mists of Tirna Scithe is Ingra Maloch. During the whole fight you?ll be killing the giant tree add. When the add dies you?ll switch to Maloch who will be stunned and will also take 200% increased damage for a few seconds after the add dies. When the add respawns, switch back to it. The tank needs to make sure to never have the add facing the group, as it doesEenchanted Pollen, which is a frontal cone that disorients anyone it hits. Stop attacking Maloch after he casts Embrace Darkness on himself. It does increased damage back to the attacker.

Everyone needs to dodge the swirlies that shoot from the add. At the same time make sure to interrupt Maloch to get him away from the swirlies so you can get some damage on him while the add is channeling. Mistcaller is the next boss. To get to the boss you?ll need to go through a puzzle styled maze. The easiest way to explain the maze is that there are always 4 symbol options and you need to find the one symbol that is dissimilar to the other 3. The options are purple flower or green leaf, and they are always with or without a circle. So If there is a green leaf with a circle, 2 purple flowers with a circle, and a green leaf without a Circle, you would choose the Green Leaf without a Circle. You choose your path by attempting to walk through the mist, choose wrong and get sent back to the beginning. This is also a big mechanic in the boss fight. Ok so, Mistcaller?s first ability, Dodgeball, is just a simple frontal cone that needs to be dodged.

The boss will cast Patty Cake on the tank, which only the tank can interrupt. The boss casts Freeze Tag on a target, summoning a little fox that fixates the target. If anyone touches the fox before it expires or if the fox reaches its target it will explode for frost damage and stun anyone in 8 yards for 8 seconds. That?s a long stun. Guessing Game is the same as the maze puzzle. Four adds will spawn. Look at the symbols above their heads and kill the add with a dissimilar icon. Getting it wrong does a ton of damage to everyone, and is probably a wipe. Oh hey! If you like this guide, consider supporting us on Patreon.

It helps us make sweet guides like this one! Tred?ova is the third and final boss. He?s got the ever-unique green swirlies that occasionally ramp up with blue swirlies so the dodge is real on this boss. Three little bug adds will spawn occasionally, some sets fixate players and some need to be picked up by the tank. Fixated players need to run away while everyone else focuses the adds down, cc?ing them if needed. Two players will be targeted with a Mind Link beam. Those players need to quickly run in opposite directions, far enough away to break the beam. So let’s recap the bosses real quick. Ingra Maloch: Kill the add, then kill the boss. Keep the add faced away from the group. Mistcaller: Know the guessing game and never touch the fox. Tanks interrupt the boss. Tred?ova: Players with Mind Link need to run away to break the beam, and make sure to always focus down the adds.

We would also like to mention a few Notable Mobs. Tirnenn Villagers cast a channel that stuns a random dps that does a ton of damage over 5 seconds unless that player is broken out. There are two casts in the mist maze that should be interrupted. ‘Nourish The Forest’ is a heal and ‘Bramblethorn Coat’ is a shield. Spinemaw slugs: These cast an interruptible shield, and their Acid Spray frontal can be dodged or stunned. And that’s our Quick Guide to Mists of Tirna Scithe! If you have any questions at all, leave us a comment, or come check out our Discord, we?re building a pretty awesome community there.

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