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MoP Leveling Guide (Elemental Shaman) WoW


Hey, what’s up barking, you again, I really didn’t want to do it, but I did it anyways. I did for you guys i leveled my shaman up to 90 on the beta service. To be honest, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. The games really polished and it really does seem pretty fun until you at level 90 at level 90. I hit a brick wall. No literally, I hit a brick wall. Well, actually, I’ll just come back to that later plate yeah as I was leveling, I did learn a few things and I thought it was an excellent occasion for a mop leveling guide. So here are some pro tips that will make you level a lot faster by not making the same mistakes that I made well. First, before the xpack actually goes live well, you can definitely prepare a few things like clean up your bags you’re going to need a ridiculous amount of space can also get all the glist. It’S always handy to have them.

When you need them, you can also get mods that will quickly help you vendor great items like selim, attic and loot filter. You can also create a low level out and as you’re leveling, you can mail all your random loot to them. Instead of ending it, you can then take the time to sort it in auction it. What’S your level negi, your alt doesn’t really have a mailbox size limit, so you can really mail everything to them now for the actual leveling part. Well, first, if you’re an engineer make sure you have rocket boots and parachute cloak, I promise you they will save you. So many times and try to keep both your belt and your cloak all the way up to level 90. These two insurance are worth way more than any other look you’ll find if you’re on a pvp server until level 88. Don’T even worry about gear upgrades resilience and pvp power on cataclysmic gear is way more important than any other staff level 86 tune in full cataclysmic.

Pvp gear can easily take on level 89 or even 90, without PvP armor, but once you’re at level 88 start looking for gear upgrades mods get a lot stronger and you need full item level. 400 costs for level 89 content. If you’re planning on using a cunning trinket well, don’t do it because when it procs, it also pulls additional nearby mobs. It’S not a problem at first, but fighting multiple mobs at level. 89 is actually really hard, so get a good PVE trinket, but not the cunning. One any trinket you’ll find in des is better than a quest Trickett, so you’ll use them all the way up to level 90. Now, let’s put gear side for a second. If you remember, with the recent changes to CC spells, you can now see see a mob without actually pulling him. So remember you can do this for quest. You can hex them up and then go loot thing right next to them. It comes in really handy. So do it whenever hex is off cooldown about glyphs well for minor glyphs, get glyph of ghosal water-walking, which is really useful.

You’Ll actually use the trust me and for major glyphs get freedom wolf, which will help you when getting ganked and unleash lightning, which is pretty much mandatory and for the last slot. Well, I’ve tried a bunch and I’d say: use telluric currents but level 85. 287 around level 87. Your manifold is already at 200 case, so your mana returns are really high, so go ahead and switch to flame shock or something and that the new totem system is kind of confusing at first just remember: all the good totems are air totems. So you can’t overlap them so grounding storm, lash and capacitor to them when you’re getting ganked, you kind of want to have all three down at once, but just make sure you only drop one at a time. Speaking of getting ganked well when it happens. The first thing you want to check is the terrain around you and look for a good Thunder.

Strong, cliff it’ll, save you so much in world PvP, it’s so game-changing. I actually had a lot of fun. Ganking people while leveling but remember you, don’t always have to kill your fellow wards. You can actually make friends with them and complete your quest faster. If you have that good old reflex of dropping your totem set every time you pull a mob, well forget about it. Totems are dropped one at a time now the only totem worth spamming, brain leslie. Every time it comes off. Cooldown is healing stream, totem from level 85 289 so replace whatever totem set, keep buying. You have with healing stream totem one should level 88. Like I said, look for gear upgrades and remember to look for a lot of spirit, because you’re hit rating will drop so yeah. You want to stay hit, capped or else you’re gon na miss, and it’s going to be really annoying. From my experience, the last two zones are a lot harder, so i’d recommend clearing the quest in the level 87 plus zone completely, which is called kunle summit. By doing that, you will be able to hit level 90 before you even step into the dread wastes, which is the hardest song unless you’re a blood dk, of course, about your spec.

Well, this is the spec I use. Then let me explain the general idea behind it: well nature’s guardian for the first talent, while leveling your only really going to die when you’re not paying attention, so you want something that will automatically activate when needed. So that’s why I pick nature’s guardian because you’re not really going to need ass shift second-tier. I got earth gram, it’s actually the best one. Just take it 30 years same thing, just get it fourth gear. You can pretty much pick whichever you want, but, to be honest, the five percent haze from astral swiftness is actually really nice. That’S why I picked it. Fourth, here do not underestimate conductivity, it’s actually the best one for leveling, it has the highest uptime and the highest healing output. You just drop it, it’s always up, and it does so much healing to actually really good get it.

That’S like the most mandatory talent out of all the talent. You can also use conductivity for AOE pulling, and the AoE loot system really makes it smooth. So it works out pretty well until level 89 @ level, 89 mobs get a lot stronger and you really have to single target, but the talent is still really good, even for single target and chain. Lightning. Just gets really expensive at level 89 and 90. Even on three targets, you don’t have enough: mana returns, you’ll eventually go home just by spamming it before the mobs even die, and then I hit level 90. Well. When I hit level 90, I was kind of lost at first. It took me like over an hour to figure out everything so yeah the game is still like being tuned for level 90.

Nothing is really like polished at the moment, but I can tell you that some stuff about roms are pretty hope. You, like purge, is really cheap and really opie. With the cliff don’t tell Blizzard, it’s actually really Opie CL is really expensive. Super nerve. You can barely ever use it. You might want to replace that keybind actually and the stab budget on gear is super. I you can get like like fifty percent mastery and twenty percent haste altogether. It’S actually ridiculous, like nothing. We’Ve ever seen, but yeah stay tuned. Next, video is going to be about the possible level. 90 specs I’ll, be showing some new spells. Some big numbers, some big crits, so thanks a lot for watching, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button for more and peace out.

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